A strategic optimization company that utilizes a holistic approach to integrate key market sectors &
technologies to optimize performance and maximize results.

With the market place growing at an alarming pace it’s getting harder and harder to sort through all the information available today and find people you can trust to do the job right and at a price that is fair an equitable for all.

Tri-Vision Global is an online resource of trusted advisors dedicated to helping both individuals and organizations of all types achieve optimal results for maximum success. You could say we are an oasis of hope! We’ve changed names over the years but have been in operation now for almost 20 years.

We believe that every person has the potential to accomplish great things but only when their specific purpose is identified and their skills are fully developed, in line with that purpose, will they be ready to achieve the vision they have been given and enjoy life the way it was intended to be enjoyed. Only then will they be ready to be the great people they were destined to be. We also believe that great companies are made of of great people and only when great people are living up to their full potential can true miracles of extraordinary results take place. But for great people to perform at the top of their game they need exceptional training and access to critical resources so they can perform consistently in today’s hyper competitive market place.

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Tri-Vision Global has assembled a suite of services that are designed to be customized for a holistic approach in order to optimize performance. By adopting this methodology changes made usually result in long term performance enhancement. Approaches usually adopted via old model thinking, have proven futile and result in short term gains which are lost through increased expenses. If you wish to arrange and assessment, please contact us at our home office in  Florida by calling 888.367.9461, or emailing us at















Tri-Vision Global’s team is hand picked because of each member’s unique talent and experience. But what is not seen as to why they are picked is the potential of what each person will become and the relentless pursuit with which they go about improving their skills, abilities and refinement of heart. Each member has a deep compassion for the well being of others. If we focus on helping others, then profits are a result.


In September of 1966, on the Naval Base in Naples Italy, Roger Gauthier made news in all the local newspapers as they announced his birth. Since then he has created positive and inspiring news every where he has gone. But it was not easy and at times others thought he was just plan nuts or a hyper active person who was just a dreamer.

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Jim McKie is an Executive Management Professional with strong sales, training and consulting background for diversified industries from corporate America, to serving the needs of others in the world of non-profits. While working with non profits, Jim consulted to State and National Government officials throughout …

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Born in Jackson, Mississippi John Wells perused a musical career with 5 years of voice training, 7 years of piano lessons, 8 years of trumpet lessons. But as life would have it John had to peruse another route to reach the top of his mountain.

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