Are You Ready to See Your Life, Business or Ministry Make The Impact You Know It Should Be Making?

Are You Fed Up With Feeling Frustrated, Discouraged, or Disappointed With The Results You've Gotten?

Have You Felt Like Giving Up &
Throwing In The Towel At Times?


Have You Lost All Hope Because
That Dream You Had, Has Died?

Well if that's the case, then pay close attention for the next few few minutes as I share key insights that were revealed to me that can breath new life and hope like a doctor who brings back a corpse with a defibrillator.

With a new hope you can finally unlock the prison doors that have kept your vision and dream captive and finally see it come to pass.

The Problem!

You've probably know this for some time but chances are you just couldn't put your finger on it. The hard cold truth is that your failure has been purposefully engineered!

BUT The Plot Thickens!

To make matters more difficult, there has been a quiet, sneaky, but subtle underhanded campaign going on to suppress and hide the information and knowledge you need to learn in order to be free.

Sites like Google, YouTube and others are altering their algorithms to dish out ONLY what THEY want you to know and the internet is aggressively moving towards being heavily regulated and controlled so you have to pay for what you want.

The System
Has Been Rigged!

The system that is all around us has been built to both keep us down and subconsciously oppress us by influencing our thinking process and training our minds to develop poor habits that keep us focused on fear, misery, and ourselves so that we would be obedient workers who would do their jobs.

Some domain companies are quietly deleting sites that challenge the status quo or provide content they deem inappropriate.

In June of 2019 Goggle announced it would change the Chrome browser so that it would no longer be able to access information about GMO's, Cancer, or other natural solutions and would direct you to only the sites that are supported by Big Corps.

Universities are watering down their training and have almost completely removed life critical skills you need to thrive so you depend on the "Big Brother State" to support you.

Opticians are now being asked to not teach the up and coming students all the formulas for designing lenses.

One goes, on average, to school for 14,000 hours before leaving, and not once are they taught about finances, health, parenting, communication, relationships.

Then we get out into life and where do we have the greatest problems? Finances, health, parenting, and effective communication.



How Do We Fight Back, What'sThe Solution?

Let's Begin With My Own Story

I know for myself that most of my young adult life was met with frustration galore.

Never making more than $19,000 a year, I slaved away like everybody else buying into the lie that if I worked hard, got good grades, got a job, got married, have children,  I'd be happy.

Well, you and I both know by now that was a big lie wasn't it? (If you're still young and believe that, then keep reading so you won't suffer the trauma I did)

We all know the story too well of not having enough money to pay the bill's, to have the food that would really support health, to take care of our children like we want to, to fix the busted things around the house.

We wring our hands while we watch our cars deteriorate, as the floor rusts out of the bottom, and the handles & locks break on our car doors.

We go without eating at times so our children can have food, and we replace being able to go on a date night with your spouse, with sitting on the sofa watching another stupid episode of some TV re-run.

The only hope most people have to enjoy the finer things of life is if they use credit and go into debt.

By the time my mentor rescued me I was barely making $19,000 a year, was living as a single man, back at home with my parents, because I could not qualify for an apartment on my own and was more than $60,000 in debt.

My life was a mess, and I felt like giving up. My heart lost hope as I saw the dreams of my youth vanish before my eyes.


Because I lacked both the simple understanding of what was happening in the world, the forces that were at work against me, and the skills that would enable me to realize the dream, vision, and goals I was called to steward.

What's even more grievous is that I was faced with the reality that if I continued on this course, I would experience tremendous suffering and the total loss of all hope.

When that happens life becomes almost unbearable. You just do what you can to exist. To make it through each day.

Man I knew could no longer stand it and, they resorted to either drinking, drugs or some other way to numb the pain and suffering.

Some I knew even ended their life because of the pain.

That is no way to live.

But I was living this way for way too long.

Believing the lies the traditional society tells us about how life is supposed to be, and how to live it, kept me trapped in an inescapable prison of frustration and failure.

Maybe you have heard these lies as well???

"Go to school, obey your teachers, get good grades, work hard, save your money, then retire and die".

Maybe you tried your hand at building a business, reading all the so called success books, going to ALL the seminars and workshops, investing in all the opportunities...

I know I did and I spent lots of money to no avail.

I was miserable...

That's when my heart cried out..."There Has Got To Be A Better

The Teachers Arrive

The old adage when the student is ready the teacher will appear could not have been more true.

Just when I was loosing all hope, two remarkable men took me under their wings and mentored me.

One was a man by the name of Jim Rohn, who I traveled with and promoted across the United States of America.

He was a multimillionaire who was gifted with the ability to articulate so well that he inspired millions around the world.

While under His employ He taught me that my life did not have to be the way that it was. That I was not a tree, I could change. That my life would turn out based on how I set my mental sail.

With his words, He painted a better picture for my life than I had. But his genuine concern for my life touched and inspired my heart to do better than I had been.


The other was his best student Larry Thompson who had amassed millions of dollars both for himself and the multitude of companies he consulted for.

He taught me about wealth, how to be consistent, how to employ myself and how to stay seriously excited and so many other things that I've actually begun building an online wealth building training academy based on what He taught me.

What is interesting is that it has nothing to do with money but more with who you become in the process.

What I did not realize, is that these two men had aligned themselves with the principles of Liberty found in the book of antiquity.

As they began to teach, mentor and guide me, my life began to turn around.

I went from making $19,000 a year, to $30,000 to $60,000, then to making $120,000 a year.

Eventually I was earning an absurd sum that I hesitate to share because most people look at me, from their reality and experience, and think it's not possible, that I am lying.

The Truth Dawned on Me!

But the whole truth being told is that as I studied and applied these ideas and concepts my life was radically changed, not just financially but in every area that could change.

In my attitude, my love life, my finances, my leadership, my influence, my impact, you name it, it all changed.

As I researched and observed others, the truth began to dawn on me that those who followed those principles correctly did very well, and those who neglected to understand this ancient wisdom suffered tremendous loss.

And some significant loss, like I had twice before I finally embraced it.

Everything changed for me when I changed and aligned my life with these principles.

My relational life went from being unable to keep a girlfriend to finally marrying the woman of my dreams.

I was finally able to buy a nice home, begin traveling the world with a career I rather enjoyed, enjoy the love of a family I longed for, experienced emotional healing, and finally felt content and happy.

While it did not happen overnight, and making plenty of mistakes & reversals along the way, I began to see real, sustained, and lasting progress.

The Stories of Lives Changed!


As I traveled with Jim and shared his wisdom to sales teams in every conceivable market from media, real estate, investment houses, churches, car dealerships, to funeral homes, life insurance, and network marketing companies, (If they had a team and were concerned about performance I spoke there.) I began to see other people's lives turn around.

What made me realize just how powerful these ideas were was when people began to come up to me and say that what I shared with them that day changed their lives and gave them that touch of life right when they needed it.

I not only saw frustrated entrepreneurs who had read every book, gone to all the seminars, subscribed to all the magazines finally gaining traction, but I also saw people living on welfare, homeless people living on the streets, and those just sick and tired of being broke, finally get out of the rate race and live incredible lives.

People who did not want to go on, finally were encouraged to fight the good fight of faith again and climb out of their hole and go on to make a huge impact around the world.

The stories of lives changed, filled the pages of my life book. As a result, my heart burned with passion to get these truths out to those who were sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Like a Lighting Bolt

It broke my heart to see good people with dreams and ideas they had been given by our CREATOR, to bring life to the hurting, health to the sick, and solve all the problems in the world in order to make it a better place, never be able to realize their dreams.

After Jim & Larry taught me how to break out of the system and pushed me out of the nest, they guided me to apply this wisdom to entrepreneurship and education. But the educational institution wanted nothing to do with it. But the business world was hungry for it.

That's when it hit me like a bolt of lighting.

The only way we could fight back, the only solution, was to use the internet and create an online tribe, a clan if you will, that supports, encourages, and holds people accountable while we teach people with a super easy modular drip fed course and a coaching program on a massive scale.

This way we could reach millions in minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Thus we set off to lay framework to begin teaching, training and coaching people these truths.

28 Days to Freedom Was Born!

After 30 years in the entrepreneurial space per Jim's recommendation I learned first hand how to take a dream in your heart, and walk it through the 12 stages of an idea and launch it into reality.

So we launched our prototype Precision Life Coaching back in April of 2008 and within 90 days we were generating $45,500 a week!

At this point the stories began to roll in.

David, a frustrated broke entrepreneur from San Diego, went from living in a rented room in a home, working off his bed barely making ends meet to finally earning more money in a month than he could all year.

Joanne M in Santa Anna Cal who was divorced, working multiple jobs, was finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel because she got a hold of these keys, aligned her life with them and worked them into her life.

She too went from struggling mother to a superstar hero in 3 months after applying what she learned.

Rick, who owned a Self Defense School in a small town in Connecticut, struggled to grow his membership base. But after 90 days, he had more students than his facility could handle. He learned how to use strategies to bring in people from other towns so his business was not dependent on just local foot traffic.

That's when we realized we were onto something.

Then we began bumping into others who had been touched by Jim Rohn's Philosophy who's lives were changed.

People like Kandee G who went from living on the street with a daughter to living in a beautiful home in Florida and jet-setting around in a Lear jet with the man of her dreams.

But something was still missing.

Not everyone was meeting with success.

After loosing everything for the second time the big "Ah ah" hit me.

There was an entire component that was outright neglected, either out of ignorance, stupidity or blatantly on purpose.

That's when 28 Days to Freedom Was Birthed!

Welcome to
28 Days to Freedom

Your 12 Week Online, Interactive Course & Community, That Will Reveal the Forces that Are Holding You Back, Teach You the Skills to Break Through Them, and How To Walk in The Dream You've have held onto for so long.

The 28 Days To Freedom
Coaching Program

12 Modules Over 12 Weeks

The 28 Days to Freedom Online Training and Coaching Program is a 12 week Assisted drip fed week by week modular course and support community to teach you the principles that will enable to overcome the hurdles in your way and accelerate your journey to Freedom all the while holding you accountable to get the results you desire.

Success in any area of life is built just like a home. Each stage is dependent on the preceding stage or block. Each module covers a critical component that will lay the foundation for the next level.

After the webinar you'll download the materials and go to work on the home work before the next class. You can then jump into private communication group and ask questions and connect with other like minded dream builders.

And then twice a month you'll have a Live Q&A Call with myself to answer any questions and help you laser focus your energy to get the most out of this life altering masters course.

Recently, I, shared in a live webinar the keys to finally unlock your destiny.

During this webinar I revealed:

  • How to demolish the chains that keep you stuck
  • 7 pillars you must have in place to realize any goal
  • 4 keys every person must master to realize their destiny
  • 7 core needs that must be fulfilled the right way to prevent you from falling back to being chained and enslaved in your old patterns & habits
  • How to identify what has been stopping you
  • How to realize more of your goals in the next 365 days using this simple method

My goal was to help people catch a glimpse of the subtle thinking that keeps people going around the mountains of life and to understand the forces that are dead set against your freedom and are fighting to keep you stuck in a way of thinking.

It's ALMOST the perfect prison that keeps you enslaved by convincing you your are on the path to freedom and you're almost there when your not.

This is why I designed the 28 Days to Freedom Course & Coaching Program!

To help you...

Discover The Forces Holding You Back &
Learn the Skills to Realize Any Dream,
Even If You Have Given Up.

During this 12 week program we offer you a full meal that will reveal things few ever do. We not only inspire you to tie your shoes, we show you HOW to tie your shoes (We shared this story in our live webinar)

During this online master class we unpack and help you discover the forces holding you back & learn the critical skills to realize any dream, even if you have given up.

For Starters, You'll learn how to:

  • Break the negative influences & forces that are keeping you & your dream hostage from being realized.
  • Overcome any emotional obstacles that tries to paralize you from conquring your mountains
  • Create the Space for You to Dream & Be Inspired by life again allowing your heart to soar like that of a child who truly believes all things are possible
  • Look at your dreams & the business world with 3 powerful mindsets that will crush every obstacle, challenge and roadblock standing between you and the vision you've been asked to steward
  • Finalize your plans and get underway so that you can finish really strong in 2019 & be ready for 2020
  • Plus You'll learn stealth productivity hacks that will ensure you get stuff done and prevent you from being overwhelmed.

By now I'm sure you have had some questions run through your mind. Questions like..."Is this guy for real?". "Does this really help people?", "Can it work for me?", "Is it easy?", "Will it be fun?"

Well let me share with you just a few unsolicited testimonials of others who have already taken this class.

Here's Just a Few Unsolicited Testimonials

I sense that at this point you may be wondering if it really works, or is this just some sales pitch? Well I'm just going to share with you a handful of people that have already taken this course so you can hear first hand what has happened to them.


  • Nancy Slocum
    Thank you, Roger for all of the fabulous resources you are providing! This is probably one of the "meatiest" and most meaningful webinar programs I have had the honor and privilege of participating in because it reaches deep into the core of my heart and dreams!
    Nancy Slocum
  • Linda Maratas
    Roger, I loved this course. You are a gifted teacher. I am planning to go back over each session to glean more. There so much to think about and apply.
    Linda Maratas
  • Marla Van
    I do want you to know how much I appreciated this series.  There was SO much valuable information.  I could tell you are interested in sharing what God has given you to others for our growth.  Thank you.  I will be 'chewing' on this for quite some time.  I can not say which session was the most enlightening, as they were all.  I did especially like the bonus session, "Escape from Alcatraz" and would like to review it. Thank you so very much for offering this to us.  Blessings to you, and may I take this information and share with others, as you have, to educate and empower them as we march on in this spiritual war we are engaged in. Thank you.
    Marla Van

There's A Life That Is More Incredible Than Anything The World Can Offer, But It Requires Understanding Some Key Insights That The Church Is Not Willing To Teach You, That Will Do More In One Year Than Sitting In The Pews For A Lifetime.

Will It Work for You?

Obviously at this point you may be asking...will it work for me? Correct?


In my experience, in dealing with more than 1/2 million people over the last 30 years, I can say with absolute certainty, that those who are

  1. Willing to let GOD move in their lives,
  2. Are teachable, and
  3. Will keep moving forward with whatever steps they can, even if they are small,

That person will grow and walk on the path to their destiny and have more chances of accomplishing the purpose for which they were created, than if they did nothing, or stayed on their current path.

And it really works well for those men and women who are 34 to 65 years or age and have some frustration life results under their belt, that have attended or read the success books of the likes of Tony Robbins, Less Brown, Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland, Crefflow Dollar, Darren Hardy, T-Harv Eker, and all the others.

They have even read the books like the Slight Edge, The Compound Effect, Purpose Driven Life, The Dream Giver, and all those other books that inspire you to believe you can achieve your dreams.

And for those who have received the messages from the movies like "The Matrix", "The Hunger Games", "The Giver", "Tangled", "Creed II", "Aqua-man", "Frozen", "Superman" and countless  other movies that witness the deeper truth to your heart.

These people thrive because the soil of their hearts are ready to come bursting forth and all they need is that final key to go from being hidden to exploding on the scene.

Of course you can't quit along the way either.

I've seen people who lost everything, even their hope, living on the streets, get back up and live out their GOD given dreams.

I know of one woman in Hawaii, who lost it all and was homeless. She was touched by the hand of faith and just began hanging out in book stores reading the right books that we share.

By divine providence, she overcame all the obstacles and rose back up to be the number one Real-Estate sales person in her office.

So even if your reading this from the public library because you are broke and lost everything, you can move your life forward if you just employee the 3 keys I shared moments ago.

I am not promising fast get rich stuff here.

I am sharing with you the wisdom that is needed that can enable anyone who will apply themselves to get different results then they currently have.

As long as you are willing to put one foot in front of the other, learn from your mistakes, listen to those who've gone on before you, apply yourself, you'll move across the floor and eventually down the road.

If that sounds like you and you are beginning to feel a glimmer of hope that maybe things can change and improve for you, then let me share with you what the 28 Days To Freedom Course and Coaching Program Looks like.

Week/Module 1: Demolishing the Dark Forces

Failing to understand the forces in operation can lead to real tragedy, If you don't know how to deal with forces up front and learn how to deal with them on an ongoing basis, then you will be constantly derailed and will remain locked into patterns that are keeping you from realizing your dreams.

In this session you will:

  • Identify what dark forces are and which ones are affecting your decision making process and keeping you from doing the activity
  • Discover exactly how to break the strongholds that are keeping you from moving ahead
  • Learn about the 7 core needs that must be fulfilled the right way so you will not fall back into your old patterns, habits & chains

What to Expect:
After you go through this module you'll experience a burst in energy as the emotional drain from the bondage's in your life will be gone, you'll find your creativity soar, you'll experience beautiful freedom and a genuine joy and happiness return to your life. I remember after going through it I called my friend and I told Him, "This is the 1st time I really feel Born Again" It was so amazing and wonderful.

Week/Module 2: Dream Architecture

Dream Architecture is a process I learned over the years that seeks to discover what you have been created to do by tapping into the heart of the GRAND ARCHITECT. This session comes with specific music to listen to ignite your passion and awaken your imagination so you can begin dreaming. We’ll go over some strategies to elicit your dream sequence and help you get into "The MOOD".

In this session you will:

  • Create the space for you to dream again and allow your heart to soar
  • Discover how to flesh out your dreams and plans
  • Enhance your dreaming and creative juices using some beautiful reflective music that will enable you to get into that space where you hear from Heaven
  • Receive accountability templates and team identifiers
  • Use a very clear filter process so you can focus your energies on the most critical goals you need to accomplish

What to Expect:
Once you're done with this module you'll finally begin to experience a real confidence and peace of mind that you finally know what the LORD is asking you to do for HIM. You'll know longer wonder and doubt because you have begun to learn with practical experience how the LORD works with you and is guiding you. There is something amazing that happens when you can shut down the voices of doubt and questioning and finally just trust enough to walk by faith, even if you can't see everything, you'll have the confidence to step out in faith.

One of my own experiences was when I finally learned how to step out in huge faith. We were putting on a seminar and had invested about $30,000 dollars. I remember having to make a decision about how big a conference room to book and we were down to the wire and I was praying asking what to do, and I sensed the SPIRIT of GOD say, "If you want to walk in extreme success, you have to walk in extreme faith." This dream architecture approach was birthed out of that experience.

Week/Module 3: Reverse Planning

Reverse Planning is learning to begin with the end in mind. In this module you;ll learn a secret strategy that is used by the most elite military force in the world to deliver their secret clients any where in the world +- 30 from their targeted time. How would you like to be that capable of realizing your dreams? Here is where I’ll teach you how to use the reverse planning system that is unpacked in the  e-Book Pilot Vision. I will also answer any questions you have to get you clear on what you need to do.

In this session you will:

  • Learn the exact process the most elite helecopter team in the world uses to deliver their secret "warrior clients" anywhere in the world +, - 15 seconds of their targeted time.
  • A revelutionary mindset to adopt that will transform everything you do in your life and business.
  • A Mission Criical Skill that when masterd will navigate you and the vision you have successfully to your desired end.

What to Expect:
You're confidence will absolutely soar after completing this module. You'll develop an understanding, a skill set that will empower you like nothing else you have ever imagined. Many of today's most successful leaders attribute their own results to these simple principles revealed in this module. You're thinking is going to take a huge shift that will enable you to accomplish what seemed impossible now is easy once you understand how to think. This skill is so valuable that it has built one of the most successful airlines in the world. Just think of what it could do for your life.

The insights in this module are so powerful that leaders such as

  • Dr. Buzz Aldrin Astronaut on Gemini 12 & Apollo 11, moon-walker Colonel, and CEO of Starcraft Enterprises,
  • Barron Hilton Chairman of Hilton Hotels Corporation,
  • Frank Borman Chaimand of ghe Board, Database Technologies,
  • Tom Hopkins, Master Sales Trainer,
  • Ross Perot Jr. Chariman, Hillwood Development Corp.,
  • T. Allan McArtor Former member of U.S. Air Force Thunderbird's and CEO & Founder of Legend Airlines

all give praise to the wisdom found in this module. When you've completed this module you'll not only know how to become the CEO of your life but you'll begin your transformation in to the leader GOD needs you to be to bring that dream in your heart to pass.

The lessons I learned in the module have be instrumental in helping us build a $45,500 a week coaching business and it's one of the most exciting modules that I love going through with each class again and again.

Week/Module 4: The Strategy

Few people discuss how to take an idea from inception to reality. In this module were going to unlock the simple and easy way to create a road map/ flight plan which is really what strategy is with the added element of understanding how to navigate around the challenges that will present themselves along the way. We’ll break down the reverse planning into a Strategy Form and flesh it out into your calendar, but we’re going to discuss something that few people even discuss and almost no one will show you.

In this session you will:

  • Receive a detailed process map that gives you laser like focus & understanding as to how to pull all this together
  • Walk through my own planning sheets so you can see how they have come together
  • Learn stealth productivity hacks that will ensure you get stuff done
  • Obtain my planning templates so you can see how your vision, purpose, mission, goals, strategy, tasks all come together to create your CLEAR step-by-step plan

What to Expect:
As strange as this may seem, at the end of this module you'll know how to look at every obstacle, every problem or challenge and quickly develop a powerful strategy to overcome it. You'll no longer get stuck and overwhelmed but rather become eager to embrace challenges. You'll also develop a passion for planning, even if in the past you hated it, or just felt like it was not for you. You'll see not only why it was so hard, but how to make it easy and once you come to realize how much time, money and effort you will save in using this approach, you'll kick yourself for not learning this sooner.

My life took on new heights and dimensions once I grasped this skill. This skill was the foundational piece that enabled me to build our coaching division from Zero to $45,500 a week in under 90 Days.

Week/Module 5: The Wrap Up

This is a live Q&A where I’ll answer as many questions as I possibly can before we all get frizzled out so you can finalize your plans and get underway. Here we’ll have you submit your work and I’ll review as many as I can to give you tips and insights to help you get clear on exactly what you need to do. I will help you get a good solid plan in place so you can begin working now and position yourself really strong for 2020.

In this session you will:

  • Submit your work and I'll review your plan and make suggestions on how to refine it.
  • Anser any questions you have
  • How to optimize your efforts and improve your chances of success.

What to Expect:
In this final module you'll not only walk away with the confidence that you know how to assemble a powerful system to realize any vision, goal or objective, but you'll also have the beginnings of your own master plan that is synchronized with GOD's that you will build upon year after year.

To this day I still have my master vision book that I review each year or when I'm feeling scattered, confused, or I've lost my umph and passion and feel defeated. After reviewing it, I am encouraged, strengthened and laser focused again on what my life's vision is and the confidence returns as I can clearly see the next steps.

Life Changing Bonuses

When you invest in the 28 Days to Freedom Program we want to not only make sure that you get the most value out of your training but we also want to insure that you are going to implement it. So we have assembled a powerful combination of bonuses to do just that

Bonus 1: Escape The Alcatraz Mind

He Who Controls One’s Attention Controls Their Destiny

What would you say if I told you that you were put into an invisible prison the day you were born and for all the years of your life you were brought up under that enslavement?

Would you know what to do???

From the beginning of time man has always tried to control or dominate one another. Due to our lack of understanding of spiritual growth we have used our abilities for the wrong purposes and motivations.

As a result, systems were designed and put in place to keep people trapped and suppressed from the time they are born until they die. Systems that keep individuals imprisoned in a way of thinking so that they cannot rise up and fulfill their greatest calling. It is this system I call The Alcatraz Mind.

In this session you will discover:

  • What The Controlling Governor of Life is and How to Control It
  • What Are The Forces Controlling You
  • 3 Keys to Grasp to Be Free
  • The Power of Attention and How to Direct It.
  • How to Develop your own Sense of Self
  • How to Program Your Own Mind for Breakthrough!
  • Much, Much More

What to Expect:
This bonus module is an eye opening exposé that uncovers how the wealthy elite designed a education based program that was designed to keep you trapped in a way of thinking that holds you prisoner and prevents you from rising up and competing for their wealth and threatening their power base.

Just like Alcatraz was the perfect prison, this method of education creates a perfect prison in your mind that keeps it form thinking and taping into the creative power of GOD.

You can expect to free your mind so you can begin see opportunity just as the wealthy do, renew your mind to think like GOD things, overcome fear and worry, and finally walk in the stability of mind that ensures you can enjoy all that the LORD has for you.


Bonus 2: Xtreme Productivity Hacks

How to Legally Steal 9 Weeks Back Out of Your Year
& Enjoy Your Greatest Dreams

Time is our most valuable asset and what separates those who are enjoying their dreams from those who are still frustrated can also be tracked down to how they use their time. In this mini webinar we share some really cool Life or Time Hacks that help you crank out your normal life tasks much more quickly while ensuring you have the time you need to pursue your dreams.

  • How to Shut Out Interruptions.

    Distractions are plentiful and always present. You’ve got to have an effective strategy to stay focused.

  • Unlock Your Drive Time

    Discover this simple little hack to make leaps and bounds.

  • Tweak Your Task Strategy

    We all have things to do but this master strategy will drastically improve your effectiveness.

What to Expect:
This bonus will enable you to 5x your results as you develop the skills and habits that have been used by some of the most elite super achievers of our time and enable you to steal back 9 weeks of your life.

Just think what you could do with 9 Extra Weeks at the end of the year?

Once you get a handle on this strategy you'll find yourself more focused, less stressed and at peace knowing you are making consistent daily progress towards the goals and dreams that are most important to you and your divine purpose.


Bonus 3: Breaking Free From Disappointments

Cut Your Ties From The Past & Set Sail Into Your Glorious New Future.

Often times our past can serve like an anchor keeping us from being able to set sail into the new future that GOD has in store for you. In this module Dr. Cheryl-Ann reveals practical hands on steps you need to take to lift anchor once and for all and set sail into your glorious new future.

Bonus 4: Rewiring Your Brain For Success

Creating New Neural Pathways For Success.

Every experience we have creates a neural pathway to in order to speed up the brain so the next time around it's easier to to perform. But when we have negative experiences those pathways allow the negative results to keep manifesting. In this groundbreaking module Dr. Cheryl-Ann opens up the biblical truths and reveals how to create new neural pathways that can take you in the direction your heart longs for and empower you to realize your dream.

Bonus 5: One-on-one Coaching
Session with Roger Gauthier

No One Ever Achieves Their Destiny Without the Help of a Coach or Mentor

After the regular course is finished (i.e. in August 2021), I will schedule a private (one-on-one) coaching sessions with those who sign up early to help apply what you have learned and answers personal questions.

Each private coaching session will last 20 minutes. Those who qualify will be asked to submit three of their most important questions 24-48 hours in advance of the coaching session.

To receive this bonus, you must sign up by 11:59 pm AST on May 29th 2021.

In this session we will:

  • Review your strategy to fine tune it for better results
  • Answer your biggest question
  • Help you develop a strategy to overcome your biggest challenge.
  • Get you pointed in the right direction
  • Make sure you walk away the confidence you need to proceed in executing your strategy.

Bonus 6: 2 For 1 Special

Touch Another Persons Life

Often there are others who are unhappy with the results in life but they need the help of a friend to get out from under the burden they feel. Sometimes their friend gives them the courage to do it when they normally would be afraid to do it on their own, or it may be the added accountability of someone they respect.

With this bonus you can both join for the price of one which will reduce the investment to help you to  move ahead in your dreams now.

Bonus 7: Holiday FOCUS Special

Tools for Rapid Progress

Realizing a vision is one of the most rewarding things you can experience as it represents a huge milestone of lives touched, dreams fulfilled and challenges finally overcome. But to do so requires the use of powerful tools.

To many go through life thinking it's just "going" to happen without realizing that it requires a well architectected laid out plan that is easy to follow.

Our Holiday FOCUS Special I'm going to give you some truly powerful resources that will empower you to focus your attention like a powerful laser beam so you can finally get stuff done.

This special Holiday Bonus includes:

  • Free Michael Hyatt's Full Focus Planner
  • 1 Mid Year Acceleration Workshop - VALUE $3,500.00
  • 12 Monthly MM&GC Accountability Infusion Calls - VALUE $14,400.00
  • 1, 30 Min, Personal Coaching Session - VALUE $1,200
  • TOTAL VALUE $19,135.00

Bonus 8: $400 Discount for
the 12-session Online Course
With John 11:44 Coupon

I like to reward those who are first movers!

When you see what this course goes for online as you will see below, you'll begin to see the value!

30 Days Ultimate Freedom Bonus!
5 Week Training Modules
Escape the Alcatraz Mind
Productivity Time Hacks
One (1) 20 Minute Coaching Session
2 For 1 Special
Face Book Support Group
Three (3) 60 Min Group Coaching Sessions
One (1) 20 Minute Private 1-On-1 Coaching With Roger

Online Self Paced Training Package


  • 5 Week Training Modules
  • Escape the Alcatraz Mind
  • Productivity Time Hacks
  • One (1) 20 Minute Coaching Session
  • 2 For 1 Special
  • Face Book Support Group
  • Three (3) 60 Min Group Coaching Sessions
  • One (1) 20 Minute Private 1-On-1 Coaching With Roger

Online Training w 1-On-1 Coaching


  • 5 Week Training Modules
  • Escape the Alcatraz Mind
  • Productivity Time Hacks
  • One (1) 20 Minute Coaching Session
  • 2 For 1 Special
  • Face Book Support Group
  • Three (3) 60 Min Group Coaching Sessions
  • One (1) 20 Minute Private 1-On-1 Coaching With Roger


The normal price for the 12-session Assisted & Self Paced Online Training is $899.97

However, as a "SPRING Special", we're going to not only offer the 10 sessions, but 2 Brand New Modules and all the NEW bonuses.

But if you sign up by 23:59:59, HST on May 29th 2021 you will receive all the bonuses of the Online Training with Group Coaching, a $1997 program, the SPRING Special FOCUS Bonuses plus a $400 John 11:44 Discount and an additional $100 SPRING discount, a VALUE of more than $20,000 for a one time Unbelievable investment of only:

$399.97 USD
30 Day Ultimate Freedom GUARANTEE!
12 Week Training Modules
Escape the Alcatraz Mind
Productivity Time Hacks
One (1) 20 Minute Coaching Session
2 For 1 Special
Private Online Support Group
Three (3) 60 Min Group Coaching Sessions
One (1) 20 Minute Private 1-On-1 Coaching With Roger
Two Brand New Never Before Revealed Modules

But Wait!

Limited Special Offer

Beginning in Apri 2020 we launched a Brand New membership based training Portal called The Heaven's Dream Builders Academy for $997.97/year where we began teaching how to get free from the habits holding you back, the skills you need to accomplish GOD's plan and the mindsets, philosophy strategies and tactics on how to leverage your income to generate wealth more quickly than you can in your 9-to-5 job. The same things Jim & Larry taught me. These weekly 5 to 10 minute videos will give you the insights you need to leverage your income so you can begin funding your dreams. And the skills you need to make that dream a reality. But....


As a 28 Days to Freedom Member you will get a 97% discount for only $29.97 per month for life. And if you register before 11:59 AST June 1st 2021 you'll get an additional SPRING Special 🙂 Bonus of ONLY $19.97/month for life.

That means when the membership price goes back up you'll only pay $9.97 a month.

BUT There's Even MORE!

As one of our Charter Members You'll also be able to share this membership based program and earn a 50% affiliate commission per month on every person you share this with who becomes part of this freedom tribe.

Just think about how good you'll feel by helping others finally break free from poverty and lack.

Plus when the monthly membership goes up, you'll stay at the special charter membership level of $19.97 but will be earning 50% per month of every member you share this with who signs up at $49.97 and stays part of the tribe.

In short you'll be paid to learn, share and help the world break free from the grips of poverty and lack!

Imagine helping 100 people get free. You'd be making 50% of 49.97, which is $29.97 x 100. That's $2,997.00 per month going into your pocket per month for helping us empower others to get free from the shackles of economic slavery.

And if you keep helping us, that number will climb.

How This Training Program Works

Starting Monday June 1st, you will begin your 1st class sessions to prepare you to embark on the journey to help you realize your dreams in 2021-2022.

Then some time after the first week, I (Roger Gauthier) will do a live group coaching session to answer any questions and help you get through the materials.

The goal of this course is to help you walk out from under the cloud of frustration and loss and embrace the joy, peace and confidence that comes from knowing how to realize your true dreams.

The live group training sessions are hosted online via a Meeting Room. If you miss a live session (or all of them for that matter), that is OK because we have replays for each session, in a membership area. After each class, you will be provided with a coaching guide to help you process and apply what you are learning.

The dates and times for the live group coaching sessions (webinars) are:

  • Friday Jun. 7th 2021 @ 2:00p EST
  • To Be Determined Based on Class Progress
  • To Be Determined Based on Class Progress
  • To Be Determined Based on Class Progress
  • To Be Determined Based on Class Progress

The live classes are interactive, allowing participants to learn from one another, grow, and build COMMUNITY in a safe and trusting environment.

As a member, you will have access to a private member site with video and audio replays, executive summaries, coaching guides, and relevant bonus resources to reinforce and supplement what you are learning during the live weekly coaching/training sessions.

When you enroll, you will be invited to the live sessions and have 12 months access to the replays and other resources.

You will also have access to a private collaboration group to let you interact and build relationships with other like-minded team members globally.

It's great to know you can easily participate in this training from the comfort of your own home, your office, or wherever you happen to be in the world. All you need is a phone, tablet, or computer with a reasonably fast internet connection.

My Ultimate Freedom

My passion and life's work is to help people realize and walk into their GOD given destiny.

While we need the resources to do so in-order to reach the millions we want to help, I'm not interested in receiving your money if you are not absolutely delighted with what you have learned.

I want you to take the course for a full test drive if you will. Go off road into the mud, over the hills and through the woods. Drive it down the freeway.

Go through the materials, participate in the webinars, listen to the videos, the audios, go through the work books and do the exercises, join us in the Face Book group and experience the breakthroughs.

Then at the end of 28 days if you are not touched by the materials and feel it was not worth the value then you are welcome to ask for a full, NO QUESTIONS, NO HASSLES, NO SHENANIGANS, NO RESELL GUARANTEE!

I don't want anybody going around on the internet dissatisfied and spreading negativity about my life's work that has helped so many others.

I want you CONFIDENT, HAPPY, & EMPOWERED to  complete your life's destiny. So if you're not happy just ask for a refund by emailing m team at or call Me directly at (904) 887-6836


There's Just One Question Left

Will The Monsters Rob You Of Your Destiny?

We've come to the end of our journey in this brief time together and I've got to to present you with one more deep truth of reality.

Before we part let me ask you to imagine with me what your life would be like if you were finally living your dream? Imagine the joy and peace of mind that comes when you are doing what you love and being properly rewarded from it.

I'd like you to realize the lives you will touch and the impact you will make when you follow your heart. Can you just hear the stories of people coming to you saying how grateful they are that you followed your dream? The smiles on their faces, the love in their hugs?

Imagine going to bed that night with your head gently laying down on the pillow and the peace of mind in both heart and head that floods your being.

All because you followed your dream.

But the deep truth of reality, the rude wake up call, is that none of that will happen if you choose to remain doing the things that have created the reality you experience right now.

My experience is that when you fail to follow your dream you slowly begin to die on the inside.

The monsters of the grave rob you of all the life you have, the the purpose you have been created for and the lives of all those you are supposed to touch with that dream.

But life does not get better, it only gets worse.

We try to live our lives as comfortable as we can but things happen that cause it to get worse.

The debt piles up higher, we find ourselves drowning in sorrow, fears and worries, that cause us to make even worse decisions, and we nourish the choices that cause the results.

We end up going to the grave with dream unfulfilled, hopes never realized.

The reason the grave yard is the richest place in earth is because many people die with their dream of making the world a better place still in their hearts.

The graveyard is filled with inventions of incredible magnitude, books to change lives, movies to touch the world and on and on...


Because most people let those monsters of the grave like fear that grips their hearts, doubt rob them their destiny, distractions steal their time and worry choke out their lives.

If you made it to the end of this page you have already conquered one of those monsters of the grave.

The question then is will you let the other monsters conquer you or will you take a step of faith and join us on this incredible adventure of realizing your dream?

It's time to choose!

Embark On Your Journey To Freedom & Impact By Demolishing the Negative Influences Trying to Stop You, Creating The Space You Need To Dream Again, Discovering Your Map, & Developing Powerful Skills You Need to Finally Walk In Your Big Dream!

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