The Five Drivers of Change

Initially published in July of 2017 I wrote this article with my colleauges to share about the enormous changes that were going to impact the United States and the world at large. Much of it is already taking place as you will see and there are now several other factors we’ll be writing about in […]


How Can Boeing Take Your Dream To Flight?

Greetings again Fellow Freedom Warrior! We just got back from taking my family up to Seattle this last weekend to tour the Boeing factory on their Future of Flight tour to inspire my children to new heights. The site was beyond amazing.   To see how Mr. Boeing took an experience that inspired him to […]


Do You Have A Joseph Calling???

My life came to a screeching halt. Everything that I had worked so hard for, in an instant was gone. A simple part in my toilet near my office broke off while I was away on a road trip allowing ? of my house to be destroyed by water. But the impact was huge because […]


The Power of Concentration

(Image by http://www.psypost.org/2017/02/neural-reactivity-angry-faces-predicts-youth-respond-treatment-anxiety-47686) So you know the story… You are focused on a powerful life changing outcome, your working hard to learn, develop skills, and do whatever it takes to change the course and direction of your life or business. But then it happens. Something comes along in life and pulls you off track. Maybe […]


Who’s Depending On Your Dream?

Did you know that you were given a dream before you we’re even born? That’s right. You were given a specific purpose to accomplish here on the earth that in doing so would touch millions of peoples lives. But the sad truth is that dream was stolen from you before you could begin to pursue it. […]


The Secret to Getting Things Done

Well the New Year is now underway and we look towards the year with anticipation, excitement, and some dread, and fear. We can often be overwhelmed with all the tasks that lay before us wondering how can we make it happen. Well in today’s Vlog I share a little secret that has enabled me to […]


Realize Your Dream in 2017

As we draw to an end on this year and enjoy the holiday season it’s usually a tradition to begin focusing on the year to come and what we hope to accomplish or change in the New Year. But for many the hopes are quickly dashed or those resolutions pass in the night like a […]

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