People Of Value

In life we meet all kinds of people but ocassionally some cross our path that make a diffrence in many ways. Those people are people of true value and if we are wise we will sourround ourselves with them and let them add value when ever it is needed and when it is not needed.¬†During […]


The Power of Persistence

If you have been reading our posts for some time I believe you would discover that I write about what we ourselves are either going through or already have gone through. This weeks article will shed some light on why this post has been such a long time coming. It’s obvious that the world is […]


The Hardest Truth To Accept

What would you do if you found out everything you knew was a lie? That you had been deceived and were living in a darkened understanding? Would you want to know or would you just continue to live in darkness? As hard as it may be to believe, and receive, we all live in a […]


I Told You So Syndrome (Don’t Let It Happen To You)

Have you ever wondered why it is that nobody listens to your advice when you actually do have the answer? You could tell some one 20 times and they still don’t listen or act on what you have been sharing with them. That is until their life get’s into a place where they become desperate. […]


Champions of Adversity – From Ordinary Into The Extraordinary

Life can have it’s ups and it’s downs but one thing is for certain you will have both. But what many people don’t know is that there is a way you can make even the downs an up thereby shortening the amount of time you stay in a down period! It’s relatively simple and understanding […]

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My Left Foot!

Hello again fellow Success Traveler! If you are like many people today who are tapped for time and maybe even energy and money stick around as I share with you how a guy who only had one good foot changed the world during a dark period in history! I’ll try and get right to the […]


Helping One Another!

How often have you heard it said that you should give and you will receive? Well recently a good friend of mine, who has given of herself for years teaching a revolutionary breakthrough strategy for weight loss and reverse aging, has recently had a life challenge. Instead of receiving she has had many take from […]