The Importance Of Your Dream!

The Importance Of Your Dream Few people realize the importance of their dream. They often let it go or fail to pursue it to the end, especially when they meet with opposition. But it’s so important to realize that the dream you have is not really yours to do or not do. Rather it is […]


Global Shift Crashes: Bad News For Us – Good News For You!

Hello Fellow Success Traveler! Have some very interesting story that happened to Me and it was the power of GOD that pulled me through it! On Saturday April 12 the Global Shift program launch button was pushed and what was hoped to be a beautiful explosion of thrust and flames that arched over the digital […]


Global Shift Unveiled!

Greetings Fellow Success Travelers! How are you doing? Just wanted to let you know that the results are in for the Global Shifts seminar. Looks as if July will be the date! July 10th, 11th, and12th 2008! I have some great things lined up for this global shifts event and I am working with the […]


Shift Happens – Global Shift Feed Back

Hello Friend! Wanted to ask you for your help real quick! As you know we are working on putting on an event here in April and some feed back has come that is suggesting to push the event to a later date in and so I wanted to ask you what date would work best […]


When Life Get’s Tough!

We all have things in life that have been thrown at us. Some are hard and some are easy. Some can be so hard you want to throw in the towel.That is what the In-Fligth Motivator is for. You pull in and get the much needed help you need during your journey through life. Fuel […]

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