Wounded Eagle:

No matter how successful you’ve been, almost everyone, whether they admit it or not, has fallen from the sky in pursuit of their own dream.

Some have fallen from great heights while others have had their fair share of disappointments in the smaller falls.

To get back up and fly again requires healing, new learning, and a rekindling of passion, depending on how long you’ve been grounded.

In this program, I share the encouragement, insights, and life & business hacks that are working today to get you healed so you can get back up in the sky and fly again, even if it’s For for one last time.

Vision Quest:

On your journey, you caught a glimpse of a bigger picture, a vision, if you will. You now have a greater clarity and passion to embarked on a quest to fulfill that great vision. To be successful, you want to assemble the right team, have the right plan, and be adequately supplied so when you embark, you’llhave the best possible chance to succeed.

In this program, I’ll share with you all the wisdom I’ve gathered when I embarked on my own quest from pitfall to success.


You know there’s more to life and you have a desire to make a difference but just don’t know where to begin because starting any journey is both exciting and scary as you have lots to think about. You want to reach your goals and desires but do so safely and without breaking the bank.

In this do-it-yourself course and membership, I’ve laid out a simple and easy to follow plan that lays out step by step exactly what you need to do to begin your journey.

Strategic Freedom Understood

So welcome to Module # 1 of Strategic Freedom called The Matrix’s of Freedom.


In today’s post were going to talk about how to understand Strategic Freedom.


There is so much going on in our world today that our freedom feels threatened. Be it politics, the economy, and the current world affairs. But despite what is going on freedom is not something that you just have, it’s not something you fall into. It has to be strategically planned. But it has to be planned with the proper understanding and foundation. Allow me to elaborate….


Many have the idea that freedom is being able to do what you want when you want with whom you want. That is includes having an unlimited amount of money, maybe unlimited travel and all the accoutrements that go with our idea of freedom.


While that is the idea that our society has created let me ask you this then. If you lost everything today, your job, your money, your family and were then placed into indentured servitude would you feel or be free?


Most people would respond No.


While it certainly may not feel good on the emotions there is a freedom that we can experience internally no matter what is going on, where we are, or what our circumstances may dictate.


It is based on living our lives according to a foundational standard upon which we build our life. If we do that, no matter where we are we will begin to experience a sense of freedom and internal prosperity that then, over time, begins to affect our external environment. It begins to influence the people around us as they see the hope, the joy and the peace we have despite our circumstances. It produces favor in our lives and slowly begins to promote us to higher and higher places.


So what is that foundation or as we say that Matrix of Freedom?


Well, watch today’s video and let us ponder the significance of it. However allow me to encourage you to be open-minded and listen with the ears of your heart, not your emotions. Then I’ll give you about a week to ponder the meaning and allow it to soak into your heart.


We’ll connect with you next week!


Upward & Onward.