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Ready to Be Loosed & Set Free? Unlock Your Prison Door


Are You Finally Ready To Be Free To Enjoy The Life You Have Always Envisioned But Just Can't Seem To Enjoy?

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Shut Out The Distractions!

Hello Fellow Freedom Warrior!

At least that's how I see you because if you,  like me,  are sick and tired of seeing everyone else enjoy an amazing life and wondering "What's wrong with me?", "Why am I stuck?", "Why can't I enjoy an incredible life?" then you're about to experience an amazing transformation if you'll but block out the distractions and remain focused for the next few moments.

In the next few moments I'm going to share with you my life story of how I came to discover that there were negative forces, that I was not even aware of, that were holding me back from realizing the dream that I had in my heart of having a successful business and life.

These forces were holding my destiny hostage, if you will, but as soon as I was taught how to find them and remove them, everything radically changed for me as it will for you if you stick to the end.

So if you are a faith based entrepreneur, who has stepped out in faith multiple times and still can't seem to get the results you know are possible, if you're tired of struggling in your business, wondering why you can never get ahead, then keep reading so you too can finally walk in the freedom that was paid for you to enjoy!

It's NOT Your Fault!

Let's be honest, shall we?

For most of us life has not turned out how we envisioned it, would you agree?

The dreams and goals we had when we were younger and alive with the hope that anything was possible, for most of us, have been dashed upon the shores of disappointment.

Life happened and before we knew it, if we're honest, we found ourselves living a life that we are not truly happy with.

Most are in debt and struggling to squeak out a meager existence with some resemblance of happiness.

We aim for an occasional vacation every couple of years, and live in, maybe an apartment, or the luckier ones, a home that we have settled for, and work a job that...well...it pays the bills "kind of life".

If we get ahead financially then something happens like the children get sick, or the car breaks down or needs a new set of tires, or the roof needs to be repaired.

The money you were going to spend on date night, went to fixing the toilet that keeps on leaking all through the night.

And for those who are a little bit more ambitious, those who set goals, they get distracted, drift off course and never seem to realize them.

They buy all the courses, the books, and go to the seminars, and even buy into the so called "opportunities" and find themselves never implementing them or following through.

No matter how good our intentions are, be it get up early to pray, have a devotional life, be there for our children, give our spouse the love that would be sowed back into our lives, try and save our money, lose weight and get in shape, we still find our lives in shambles or less than desirable.

A mere shadow of what could be, only a dream that never seems to materialize.


Because the system we were raised in sold us a bill of goods, but then failed to teach us what we really needed to know to be free and enjoy this amazing life.

And to make matters more frustrating the media machine holds a so called "Good Life" story before our eyes, like a carrot on a stick, to keep us running on the treadmill of working hard but never able to reach that life.

The thing is, that is NOT the good life.

You see it's not your fault..., your parents got sold the same bill of goods that their parents before them did and their parents before them and so on.

And worse, those who were supposed to be our spiritual shepherds, they neglected, either out of ignorance, or outright willingly, to teach us the full truth.

Instead they followed the "Religious" program of the day and kept doing what they have always been doing, playing that card that we like to call "Church"!

You know the deal...

you show up on Sunday, hear some usual announcements, listen to a little worship music, pass the offering plate, hear a 45 min. sermon about something that really won't fix your situation, and then wrap up with some kind of closing statement they ask everyone to repeat.

Then it's off to lunch at the local restaurant of choice. (Usually some cheap buffet because that's all you can afford, if that!)

By the time you get home, you can't even remember what the sermon was about.

And you do this week after week, month after month, year after year, never stopping to wonder why nothing really changes.

Sure, you feel good till about Monday late afternoon, but by Wed. you're stressed out.

But if the church did a good job of selling you, they get you hooked you into their bible study or home group, and they boost you up again on a feel good emotion hoping you'll make it to Sunday to toss another check into the offering so they can build some fancy building and new parking lot.

Meanwhile you are wondering how in the world are you going to be able to pay for a new transmission so you can get to work, or a pair of pants your child needs so they don't throw your child out of school.

So, tell me, I know it's a bit dramatic, and not every single church is like that, there are be a few pools of refuge, but for the most part it's pretty much like that in some form or fashion isn't it?

Come on be honest...we can't get free unless we are honest right???

Of course!

And school...you go through 14,000 hours of education, roughly, by the time you leave High School, and not once are you taught about Finance, Health, Parenting, Communications, and Relationships. (Okay maybe you carried an egg around to simulate a child...REALLY?)

And then we get into "REAL" life and where do we have all the problems in our society?

Finance, Health, Parenting, Communications, and Relationships!

Go figure...

So again it's not your fault. It was designed that way...

The powers that run society did not want you to amount to much. What they wanted was to keep you down and oppressed in thought, and habit.

Now I know it may sound a bit depressing but if we're going to get free, we have to shine the light of truth and begin to peel back the curtain to see where all the cockroaches have been hiding right!

But It Gets Worse!

Those who were supposed to be our spiritual leaders... (We're going to sacrifice the sacred cow here on the altar of truth so get ready!)

They kept the “real” truth hidden!

What they did not really tell you, in full detail, was how the spiritual world worked, how it affects you and how to navigate it successfully.

Oh, they told you about JESUS and if you believed on HIM you would be saved and go to heaven, and they laid out some rules you're supposed to follow but can never seem to.

BUT what they kept you unaware of was how the spiritual world really works, and the forces that operate in that world.

Just like in school you were taught the basics to just get by, but not the full truth so you could flourish!

Beginning to see a pattern here?

Imagine me telling you that you could fly, and showing you people who were doing it, and getting you all excited and inspired by selling you on the benefits, but then never teaching you how?

Can you imagine the frustration?

The suffering?

The agony & pain?

Well that's what's happening in the spiritual world.

You know in your heart of hearts, anything is possible, and that with GOD all things are possible, but for some reason, you can't experience it.

It seems at every turn you meet with failure and setback...

And then you have pastors that have the audacity to tell you it's spiritual to be broke and sick...

Okay let me stop less I digress...

So, what they are not telling you, is that there are actual forces at work that keep you stuck in life.

They influence your mind, and emotions and put pressure on your will to persuade you to make decisions that are in their favor, which in the end, cause you to form a habit that then keeps you stuck and enslaved to a way of life that leads to destruction.

What they also kept from you is that there is a way to break free and render these dark forces inoperative, no longer able to enslave you to their ways and enable you to walk in REAL FREEDOM!

My Life's Story

As far back as I can remember I wanted to live a better life than I was experiencing. It seemed that I could never please my dad and win the approval of the cool kids.

I felt like I never fit in to any crowd. Not the cool kids, not the dorks, or nerds, or even the losers.

I felt different...

Where I found my place was as an entrepreneur.

Here I seemed to really get stuff quickly. Be it a compensation plan in network marketing, or picking up the skills I needed for sales, video editing, website building, sales funnels, auto-responders, anything that was needed I could pick it up quickly.

So I embarked on a journey of building businesses. But the path was not easy and plenty frustrating...

My life's journey led me to sell Tony Robbins Franchises and eventually led me to travel the USA with the legendary Jim Rohn.

I was hungry for success.

I'd read all the books Jim told me to, went to the seminars, and joined and started many different network marketing businesses like NSA, Omnitrition, Equinox, TPN and many others, but found that I still wasn't finding my place.

Then I started my own businesses and that's where I thrived. I loved the challenge of trying to figure it out so that I could experience the big "Home Run"

But year after year I found myself struggling, never able to really get ahead.

I'd have a modest win, like a $45,500 a week win, but it would never last.

Those around me began to complain that I was wasting my time, that the results were only trickling in and I would never make it. They kept telling me to just quit.

I felt like a total failure.

Having lost my business twice and more than $300,000 in debt the idea of giving up and going to a normal "job" began to take root as I just could not seem to get the results I could clearly see others had.

I kept thinking, "I'm not stupid, and can pretty much learn anything, then what's wrong with me?" "Why can they have success but not me?", "What's my problem?"

After investing more than $250,000 in personal development over the last 25+ years, from reading ALL the classic and so called "Must read" success books, to attending hundreds of seminars, listening to thousands of hours of training's and teachings on tape, CD's, DVD's, and online workshops & webinars...

NOTHING seemed to work for me.

All that happened, like I said, was that I ended up deeper in debt, frustrated and living a miserable habit filled life.

It was like I was on a bike peddling as fast and hard as I could but going nowhere.

Finally, after all the stress and pressure, I had a complete mental and emotional breakdown.

It was during this quiet down time where I slowly began to hear and cry out for the answers...What was I doing wrong?

Thus, the real journey began...the journey that led me to discover not only the real truth of life, the truth that REALLY sets people free...

Free to live a life that is FULL of life!

A life where you are at peace...

no matter what is going on...

one in which you can’t be manipulated by others…

one filled with hope...

one that finally has a deep abiding joy...

and surprising wonder.

A life full of love!

A life unimaginable!

But also the real truth that there were actually negative influences or what I now call "Dark Forces" at work in my mind and emotions that were literally holding me hostage, keeping me from realizing the dream in my heart.

These forces showed up as behavior patterns and habits that prevented me from following through on my goals, having confidence, clarity and the needed power to execute on simple daily tasks, responding kindly, having patience...

My thoughts were constantly being bombarded with distractions that would pull me off of focus and get me racing off in some other direction, only to regret it later and beat myself up for not remaining focused and committed.

"Why can't I achieve these goals?" was a constant thought.

I could achieve incredible success with skiing, sailing, water skiing, mountain climbing, driving any kind of vehicle, build a house, you name it I could do it...

but build a business, why was a having such an issue?

I was perplexed, that these so called "Guru's" were not willing to tell me about these negative influences and worse, how to overcome them.

It was not until a wonderful friend gave me the secret. A booklet that led me to discover exactly what was happening and how to get free.

After going through that booklet something changed in me...

I had to call a friend and tell him, "in all these years of being a Christian this is the first time that I feeling truly "Born Again"

This was when my life took on a new direction...


In an instant I had a new passion and energy.

I was no longer plagued with thoughts that distracted me...

I could finally focus and follow through to get things done...

I was able to finally set goals and realize them.

I was able to finally make consistent regular progress.

And that's when the call came.

I knew in my heart that there was something significant GOD wanted me to do, but so many people were trying to pull me off course.

They could see my passion and they wanted it to be in vested in their dreams and goals...

I finally hid myself away in the mountains of Lake Tahoe away from all contact.

No cell phones...

no internet...,

no TV...,


my Bible...


I hid myself away and just asked the LORD…

"What do you desire of me LORD? What do YOU want me to do?"

And that's when HE spoke..."John 11:44"

When I turned and read the scripture...

"And he that was dead came forth, bound hand and foot with graveclothes: and his face was bound about with a napkin. Jesus saith unto them, loose him, and let him go.
John 11:44 King James Version (KJV)

Those words "Loose him and let him go."  was my call to a new adventure.

An adventure that led me to create:

After years of struggling and trying to get my life and business to work out, I had no idea that it was these negative forces that were at work in my own life.

They were affecting my ability to make good decisions, pressuring me to work out of fear, causing me to get easily distracted, and basically stopping me at every turn.

But what I also learned was that these forces where at work in my family, in my church members and in those that I did business with.

I could see these so called "Negative" Influences affecting their lives and influencing their decisions.

Everything from investing in programs and courses that they could not complete, making poor business decisions, bringing the wrong people into their lives, to seeing them being tormented with thoughts of worry, doubt and fear.

They would go around and around with the same problems and mountains that I once had but never able to get free.

That's when it dawned on me that maybe my call to adventure, that scripture in John was the answer to help those I cared about to get free.

What if I took that booklet, turned it into a course, along with some other skills that came as a result of getting free, and begin sharing it with others???

And that's what I did.

We launched the course and on our first go around 150 people attended the webinar and 40+ people went through that beta course.

And the results were amazing.

Just look for yourself what some people said:

So the question I have to ask you is do you want to:

  • Discover what may be holding you back?
  • Uncover what "Negative" Influences have been hindering you unknowingly?
  • Remove the heavy weight of frustration off your shoulders once and for all?
  • Finally have the energy and passion to go after your dreams?
  • Have the confidence and clarity you're heading in the right direction?
  • Learn how to help those you love get free as well?


Then Join

The John 11:44 is the FIRST Full Disclosure & Equipping Program for those who REALLY want the truth AND to get FREE...

It's a Powerful 5 Day Facebook Challenge where you'll roll up your sleeves and go to work to get yourself free form those hidden negative influences that have been holding you back without you even realizing it.

During our time together you'll learn:

  • How to Identify the Negative Influences That Are At Work in Your Life
  • How To Demolish the Strongholds That Are Holding Your True Destiny Hostage
  • How To Walk in & Keep Your Freedom!
  • How to Help Your Loved Ones Get Free!
  • Much, Much More!
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It's Time to Answer Your Calling...

Now I know that was a lot about my story, but it was only to prepare you for YOUR STORY!

You see the reason you are here is that GOD has a BIG dream for you to accomplish, a vision HE is asking you to carry out...

a grand crusade if you will...

a jaunt across the galaxy to vanquish the evil empire sort of speak...

But you may not believe it...

It may have been hidden deep inside of you as those "negative influences" kept it suppressed with doubt and discouragement,

or maybe you once had a dream, but it died because life beat it out of you with all its demands...

Maybe you are beginning to sense that you have a message, you have an idea to impact the world but can't seem to really get the results you know in your heart you're supposed to have...

WELL TODAY is the day that dream of yours begins to push through the ground of your hardened wounded heart...so it can finally be realized!


Because there are generations of people who are depending on you to fulfill that dream...people who are desperate for the answers and life experiences that the LORD has brought you through...

GOD destined before eternity and created you for the exact purpose HE needed. HE created you for this purpose.

HIS Precious Son JESUS CHRIST had a specific purpose...

to bring the LIFE and the LOVE of GOD and Relational Intimacy to Humanity...

to live amongst us and in us...

to bring the FATHER'S vision, HIS dream, to humanity, and make it a better place...

And HE created you to steward and bring HIS Dream to the earth to make it a better place...

ALL that you have gone through, up until now, has been designed to shape you, to mold you, and to prepare you to do HIS work in the earth...

BUT the powers of darkness, those spiritual entities, have known you had a purpose...

so, they worked overtime to imprison you in bad habits, choices and behaviors, "STRONGHOLDS", that have kept you stuck, and enslaved to a life that has little to no impact.

BUT THAT STOPS TODAY If you are willing???

TODAY is the Day that you answer your New Call to Adventure...

My story has led me here today, in front of you, to extend my hand and invite you to go on an adventure of your own!


yes let me in

It' Time To Answer Your Calling...

The JOHN 11:44 Challenge is a 5 Day Intensive Training designed to make you aware of the forces at work in your life and begins to give you an understanding of how to root out and eliminate the powers of darkness that have been holding you back all these years.

It's a taste & see opportunity for our full immersive course 28 Days to Freedom but it gives you the working tools so you can being to get free beginning today!

When you register you'll get:



It's Time to Decide!

Are you ready to break free from the forces that seem to be holding your Dream & Destiny Hostage to a life of frustration and exhaustion?

Are you really ready to begin making serious progress to manifesting your vision?

Then Join us on the John 11:44 Challenge and finally get free from the forces holding you back once and for all!

Or you can stay stuck right where you are experiencing the life you know experience, hoping things will not get worse, praying the enemy will just leave you alone if you stay quiet.

The choice is in your hands.

But Be Warned...

The forces of darkness will do everything in their power to hold you back. They will not give up the ground they have easily so they will fight and try and stop you through doubt, fear, worry and distractions.

If you leave this page before making your commitment, it's about 92% likely you will never return.

So decide now my friend.

Hope to see you in the challenge.

GOD Speed!

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