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Get Ready for An Amazing Adventure! Congratulations

You have taken one of the most significant steps of your life that when you look back upon it, you will attest it was a pivotal moment.

It truly is my honor to welcome you to this most noble of journeys.

To ensure you get the best possible experience please make sure you follow the on-boarding steps below. Otherwise you may miss important information to get the most from powerful challenge.

I look forward to meeting you on day 1 of our journey together.

Follow The 8 Steps Below Carefully

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    Watch the On-boarding Video

    Below is your "On Boarding" video to help you actually see what you need to do so you are more confident that everything is going smoothly.

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    Join The Private Facebook Group

    To really get the most out of this challenge we want to make sure you get registered in our John 11:44 Private Facebook group. During our 5 Day Challenge we'll be using Facebook's platform to connect with one another, encourage each other, challenge and hold each other accountable and make sure you can gain access to the resources that will be foundation in your journey towards real freedom. Just click on the register button below.

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    Enroll in THE John 11:44 Notification System Below

    In order to ensure you get all of your support materials, important updates and event notifications as well as the email support journey, make sure you provide your primary email in the opt-in box below. Upon completion, you will be automatically redirected here to the welcome page for step 4.

THE JOHN 11:44 Notification System

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    Make Sure to White List Us...

    Whitelisting is a process you can use in your email account to ensure emails do not get sent into the spam folder. You'll want to make sure you whitelist our email so that you are made aware of special announcements, updates and when the next training is going to take place. Just follow the link below to the instruction page to make sure you never miss a critical email from us.

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    Download Your Top Secret Dossier...

    This is your Top Secret Dossier that contain all your important files to gain the upper hand on the enemies of darkness. Click on the download link and save it to your HardDrive in a folder you label for this challenge.


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    Invite Those You Love to Join You...

    We want to encourage you to invite those you love to join you on this amazing journey towards real freedom. We're not asking you to do this so we make more money. As a matter of fact we don't make anything on this. The only thing the $8 goes to is to pay for the advertising and to contribute to the ministry that helped me get free. What we desire is to see GOD's Children, our brothers and sisters get free so they can worship the LORD with all their heart mind soul and strength so they can experience the fullness and goodness of GOD, and also so they can carry out the vision that the LORD asked them to steward. In doing so, the full impact of GOD's love will be revealed in the earth and the LORD will get the full glory for HIS GOODNESS. So please use the link below and help those you love get free. Help stop the suffering in their lives, just as my freind share this with me and ended my suffering. Link to share: http://bit.ly/j1144challengeinfo

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    Schedule These Video's...

    As you being this journey you'll be asked to schedule these video's into your training calendar over the course of the next 5 weeks, 1 video a week for the next 5 weeks. Make sure to bookmark the training in your YouTube Channel. Just click on the link below.

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    Get Registered To Join The 1st Webinar

    Over the next 5 days you're going to get a series of video's that will be Broadcast during this 5 Day Challenge and you'll want to make sure you register for each one so that you get notified of the time and if there are any changes in the schedule. Hit the Webinar Button Below for Day 1

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If you have any other questions search our FAQ's or reach out to us.


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