Born in Naples Italy and raised in the mountains of Lake Tahoe California I spent most of my days exploring the great outdoors and participating in all the varied winter & summer activities. I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug early on and it has affected much of my life's path. My life's journey with all its pains, sorrows and joys opened my eyes to personal development and the importance of spiritual growth and birthed a vision to change the world by helping others discover their purpose, become free from that which enchains them from seeing their dream come to pass, and learning the skills to make their dream a reality.  That journey included working with and traveling with Jim Rohn, helping launch a Satellite TV Company in personal improvement and more than 20+ ventures. After a complete life crash, my path veered to eventually lead me to where I am today. It is now a tremendous honor to share that journey with you in hopes you can avoid the suffering & prosper sooner. To learn more about the specifics of my journey, you can click on About Me.

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When changes within your business, create a need that can't be met with existing skills I can provide the expertise needed to overcome current challenges as well as an objective viewpoint that can help to effectively focus you. Learn More


Every star athlete understands the value and need for coaching. There is no way they could reach the top without it. Isn't your life worth it? Explore More..


There are many voices speaking today but few are sharing the truth that will help you truly discover and realize your vision. Discover More


Over the last 30 years I've been blessed to help countless people from all walks of life. From some public figures to mom & pop start-ups. Each had different goals and visions and required a carefully listening ear to design a custom strategy to help them reach their goals and realize their visions.

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I make it my life's goal to work with my clients like my family.

I want to see them succeed and I put all my heart & passion into seeing them win.

So if you would like to reach out to me to get to know me better or schedule a complimentary strategy session, just enter your details below, where you want help specifically and I'll personally reach out to you to schedule a strategic session where we can strategize to realize your vision.

I look forward to connecting with you.

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I fully understand that there are many voices crying out for our attentions. And to make matters worse, it becomes even harder as many have mastered the art of copywriting.

Not me.

It is my belief that we don't need to be manipulated. We just need time to learn who each of us are, process the information and then make a wise decision. And that takes time. But at the same time statistics reveal that failure to take action within 24 hours reduces follow through by 50% and after 24 hours followthrough drops to below 2%

So to help you decide if I am someone you can feel confident and safe enough to extend your trust allow me to encourage you to get to know me by at least taking action now.

First: Sign-Up for my newsletter Strategic Freedom as well as take the time to read some of my blog posts at Tri-Vision Global or The Entrepreneurs Pit Stop.

You may also enjoy getting together one-on-one for a round-table discussion.

We can either skype, call, or maybe even meet in person.

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I look forward to getting to know you and discovering your passions and what your vision is for your life and the world around you.

Until we meet in person, may your journey continue upward, onward & in joy.


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