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Understand the The KING'S Table is for a specific kind of individual who can believe for the financial resources to invest in themselves and in the vision GOD has asked them to steward for a minimum of 6 to 12 months. So to be part of the KING'S Table, as part of our Gideon Sift, you must be willing to invest in yourself and the vision the LORD has given you. While your Welcome Kit Renea fee of $200 is going to be waived you must be able to maintain a $5 a month investment for up to 12 months maximum, or at least 6 months minimum?


KING'S Table Mastermind

$5 Per Month x 12

The KING'S Table is about growth. The Bible tells us a story of the master who went away and gave his servants talents who each were instructed to multiply them while he was gone. As a member of the KING'S Table, you must be willing to do what it takes grow you and progress in the execution of your vision by at least 30%


CHRIST is returning and every leader who's heart beats for GOD knows that time is short and to make an impact we must work together. I understand that to have a strongĀ  mastermind with other Individuals, Business & Ministry leaders, requires me to be faithful to them, give my best to the group and be there for them. Thus I agree to attend every call, participate in all events including the yearly gathering which will be announced later in the year and complete all the assignments given to me.


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