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Roger Gauthier

Welcome to TVG

As an “Destiny Ambassador” and Strategic Adviser, I empower and equip individuals to overcome their challenges & frustrations and realize their “Big Dream”.  Why? Because there are serious problems in the world, and millions of people are relying on YOU to bring the answers that only you have.

To succeed requires you to become what we like to call an “Enlightened Entrepreneur”.

We help you to do that through DESTINY ARCHITECTURE, STRATEGIC PLANNING and WHOLE SKILL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING, CONSULTING & COACHING that empowers you to Walk in your Big Dream and finally realize your destiny.

Why Enlightened Entrepreneurs ??

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Journey Man:

Begin Your Own Journey

You know there's more to life and you have a desire to make a difference but just don't know where...

Vision Quest:

You’ve Been Given the Dream

On your journey, you caught a glimpse of a bigger picture, a vision, if you will. You now have a...

Wounded Eagle:

It’s Time to Heal

No matter how successful you’ve been, almost everyone, whether they admit it or not, has fallen from the sky in...

Destiny Master:

You’re Almost There

So you’ve reached your big dream, accomplished your quest for fame, money, power, love, and acceptance, but when you sit...


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The Longest journey begins with the first step. Why don’t we sit down with a cup of coffee and explore your situation to determine which path makes the most sense for you. Click the Get Started button and schedule a no obligation discovery assessment with Roger.

Your Pit Stop Article from the blog

Life moves fast and can leave you drained. Sometimes you just need a break, a fresh perspective & mission critical insights. That’s why we focus on bringing you mission critical updates & perspectives to helpyou stay on your journey.

Fulfilling Your Destiny

Do you ever get the sense that there is more to life, more than entertainment, making money, achieving fame or power, traveling the world, reaching...


Test The Truth

It's hard to believe for many, but what we often have been told is true, is now being discovered has been a lie. A deception...



Ever been shot out of the sky? If not then get ready because almost every great entrepreneur, leader, or vision quest will eventually lead to...


Roger Gauthier is a strategic treasure to the Body of Christ! In my 22 years of developing leaders, it's rare to know someone who combines the priestly elements of intimacy and purity with the kingly elements of strategy, focus, and stellar execution. Roger and I have spoken together and its always a blessing to hear his out-of-the-box strategies for success. You will be blessed by journeying with Roger and His Team at Tri-Vision Global! He is a unique sound to the Body of Christ.

Dr. Cheryl-Ann Needham
Thought leader, speaker, author of Sound Alignment 2.0, and strategic leadership advisor of over 20 years.


I have known Roger for many years, he and I met many years ago, and when I asked if he could help with our web site, he volunteered to do so, he worked very hard and diligently, he made sure everything was done right, and in the process of working together he showed a great deal of patience’s and kindness. Roger has assisted us to do live broadcast, marketed our newsletters.
I am so grateful for all his hard work and his dedication for us. He would be great asset to anyone who works with him.

Lu Luthra, A Dwelling Place
Gateway to Heaven Ministries


First reached to me last year after the release of my End Times song - Look Up.

From the outset he has shown support and encouragement. His expertise in his field became evident very quickly. His guidance has elevated my output. He has become a valued friend and brother. It is without hesitation I endorse his service to you.



Working with Roger has been a joy. He cares for His Clients and puts a lot of careful thought and consideration into his strategies and it shows. Roger helped me to better understand the online strategies for blogging and how to support my tribe. Anyone who chooses to work with Roger will certainly be blessed.

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Strategic Freedom 2.0

If you want to make sense of all your going through, how it plays into your overall destiny, and get on the path to your life’s purpose, then check out Strategic Freedom 2.0.