About Me

tvg_dad001_biggerBorn in Italy to an Italian, Dutch and Scottish family, my parents removed me from the loving care of a big Italian family and the beautiful warm and inviting Mediterranean seas to the cold Pacific side of the United States 6 months after making my debut.

There in the Bay Area, I lived and began to settle in with neighbors and friends until after 5 years I was once again extracted from the bonds of fellowship to the mountains of Lake Tahoe California where I would spend the next 15 years learning the ways of what I jokingly say “A Mountain Man”

I remember tromping around the woods to cut down trees and splitting wood for winter, hiking, camping, and 4 wheeling in the backwoods as we explored the great outdoors of the Sierra Mountains. Oh, and of course shoveling snow that had piled up to 5 feet in height in the course of the evening.

It was there that I began to learn that nothing was impossible to me as I explored the extreme lifestyle. From extreme skiing to windsurfing, biking, cliff jumping, rock climbing, tennis, beach volleyball. Outdoor sports seemed to captivate my life and whisk me away to a world where I was at peace and one with life.

But the compound effect of a family that was disintegrating, the stress of inner wounds of rejection being repeatedly played out in my life, to the ravaging effects of the traditional western style diet awakened an early childhood sickness that previously had me bedridden and hospitalized for 6 months with a 104-degree temperature.

After traditional medical approaches failed to identify the cause, and a profound spiritual encounter, my life was awakened to the reality that there was more to life and that there was an answer.  So my quest began as I embarked on what has now been a life long study.

The key I learned?

To take personal responsibility and choose to take control of my own healing journey.

That decision led me down the path of many modalities to find both “the more” and the answers to which would heal me.

That journey included Ayurvedic & Homeopathic medicine, raw foods, organic nutrition, juicing diets, iridology, essential oils, traditional and Network Chiropractic care, past regression therapy, Yoga, Transcendental Meditation, Massage therapy, Lomi Lomi, Aromatherapy, religion, and Body Building.

Some paths brought joy and others sorrow, but they all contributed to my learning.

Little did I know I was being thrust into the healing arts. First was a personal health and fitness business of 7 years with its many trials and tribulations and countless numbers of people seeking to have their bodies sculpted mostly for the opposite sex.

As my clients left for the weekend they would return with stories of how they had ruined all the progress we had made over the course of the previous week. Frustrated my heart cried out again and the next answer came.

My studies & research opened my understanding of the mind’s role in total health and the intricate framework of how beliefs, rules, and convictions affect our decisions, choices and ultimately our destiny. I was led to embrace Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) by Richard Bandler and John Grinder and the charismatic Tony Robbins with his version called NAC.

After being certified I combined my Personal Training Business with my new found skills in Personal Change. To which I began to see new results in my clients lives both short and long term.

But something deeper was gnawing at my heart. A Yearning for more. A desire for my broken heart to be mended. Perhaps the answer was to become the next Tony Robbins who had impacted my life. So my journey continued to eventually travel with Tony’s mentor the Legendary Jim Rohn as one of his top promoters in the area of Personal Development.

The experience would lead to another profound and deep spiritual encounter that caused me to relentlessly pursue the spiritual realm with its many twists and turns in hopes of finding the fulfillment I was longing for.

From the traditional to the less known, from Buddhism & Eckankar to Eastern Philosophies and Christianity. Again the path was met with suffering and sorrow, joy and peace. But once again understanding enlightened my heart and filled it with peace.

All the while I’d continue on my entrepreneurial adventures that resulted in more than 25 business ventures over the course of 30 years. They ran the gamut from Health & Fitness training, Body Fat Testing, Nutrition, Personal Improvement Television, Legal, Finance, Satellite Broadcasting, Business & Life Coaching, and Internet & Social Media Marketing.

That journey would include losing everything twice. My family, all my money, my businesses, my health, and almost my sanity.

The net results exposed the true source of my pain, the decisions I was making to have life’s 7 core needs met, and the path to total life healing.

It’s taken me the better part of 30 years to uncover how to live in harmony and lay a trustworthy foundation upon which to build life and business. It’s those 30 years that have tempered my relentless drive with patient persistence, gentle compassion, understanding, and a listening ear to others and the Divine to help guide the life of another along their journey.

And my own journey continues upward & onward as I let go of the lower levels of thinking (ego) and self-indulgence to embrace the more peaceful road that is often obscured and less traveled.

There are no accidents in life. You have come here because in your own life’s journey you desire answers. Answers that the rest of the world either does not have or is unwilling to share. Your heart is yearning to have those answers met… but done so correctly.

Allow me to welcome you and to encourage you…

When an individual crosses my path I realize that it is by Divine love that we have come together.

Therefore; I consider it a sacred honor and obligation to properly guide individuals who have been chosen to enter into my life.

My approach in helping someone is much akin to a combination of a Bonsai Master and a Lomi Lomi practitioner.

Each person is a unique creation and expression of the Divine. They have a certain bent or characteristic that has been hardwired into them that comprises their core and then softer qualities that makes up a part of their personality. Often their energies and results in life and business can be impinged or restricted by belief driven choices that were believed to satisfy their core needs, when in fact, those choices left them wounded and wanting.

The solutions thus are prayerfully considered and then gently implemented at the pace the individual is ready to accept or can handle. If at anytime the individual feels that the changes needed are too intense or too far for them to handle then we step back and give the individual time to process and continue at their present level of comfort until they are ready to climb upward in their journey.

The goals are to guide individuals along the best past pathways for their lives effortlessly and with minimal suffering so they can realize their dream and enjoy what I like to call Total Life Restoration or The Abundant Life.

My prayer is that this condensed version of my own life’s journey has given you a glimpse into who I am and provided you with a bridge of trust that will enable you to take the next step.

If that step is to partner with me, to help you on your own unique journey, then reach out to me through this contact form and let us begin the journey of discovery.

At the end of our discussion, I’ll share if and how we should proceed. If you feel confident and comfortable then upon your request we will embark on a most wondrous journey together.

If not then my prayer is that you will walk away with some new insights to make your own journey more enjoyable.

Until we meet may you continue your path Upward & Onward.