Plow through the digital jungle and

you'll discover that behind all the zeros

and ones, there's real human being

that deeply cares about you.

Where's Our Focus? We're Here For You

Going after your dream is no easy task. The journey is filled with a virtual jungle of challenges, obstacles, setbacks, disappointments, and failures that can slow you down and at times, even derail you.

Many times, you can be flooded with an array of emotions that overwhelm your senses with frustration, discouragement, worthlessness, failure, and more. You may even feel at times like throwing in the towel. 

This isn’t just true for the average person, but the high achiever or unicorn as well because the closer you get to the top, the harder and harder it becomes to find someone to confide in as a backboard or for sound wisdom, advice and properly guiding you, especially when the problems get bigger.

That’s where we come in.

We’re here to walk hand in hand with you and help you overcome your challenges and frustrations, so you can realize that big dream or vision in your heart.

The approach we use is a collaborative spiritual-centric model that uses spiritual architecture, strategic planning, and personal & business coaching and consulting that enables you to tap into the divine well of wisdom so you can get the insights you need to grow beyond your problems and solve them.

Our Mission “We transform individuals and entrepreneurs into enlightened entrepreneurs that impact the world.”

We do this by creating and cultivating an environment that allows for maximum heart transformation through specific and customized coaching, consulting, and training that guides you through a unique sacred journey of personal and business transformation that results in the greatest impact in you and eventually our global communities.

By combining what we call spiritual architecture, strategic envisioning, and entrepreneurial training, we can help you to realize that deep heart dream, that seems to elude your grasp, much more quickly.

We also train entrepreneurs how to handle all the different aspects of growing a business from business planning, strategy, outsourcing, marketing, fulfillment, digital, and traditional media, team building, business structuring like a symphony conductor who leads the orchestra so they can perform their masterpiece.

In a rapidly increasing jungle, we help you to navigate the chaos so you can thrive.


Our Manifesto Life is to be beautiful, full of peace, joy, happiness, and prosperity in every sense of the word, but somewhere along the road, fear was introduced and all the sorrows of life came flooding in.

We have a deep conviction that every problem can be solved, every hurt mended, every sorrow turned back into joy, when we take the higher road.

It won’t happen using the old model of education and knowledge transfer. It will occur when we open our hearts and minds to the higher truths of loving wisdom and executed through what we call enlightened entrepreneurship in the marketplace.

Entrepreneurs touch every aspect of society from relationships with bankers, vendors, service providers to customers, neighbors, and family members.

Entrepreneurs can make the greatest impact to society as they bring the resources and the answers to everyday problems.

Interestingly, those answers are buried in the rich mines of the heart found in everyday people.

Our manifesto is that if we can touch one million people at the heart level and empower and equip them to live their divine dream through entrepreneurship, then guide them to discover the real heart motive behind that dream, not only can we solve our greatest problems, but we can be equipped and empowered to reach out and help raise up of all of us, thereby creating a “Heaven on Earth” the way it was meant to be.

That’s why we believe that entrepreneurship is the greatest influence in changing the world for the better.

We’re a deeply caring and driven team that is fulfilling our founder’s vision of making our world the Heaven on Earth by waking up and empowering individuals to realize their big dream.

What's so special about us???

We’re able to tap into the divine well of wisdom to develop heart driven strategies that will produce the best results.

“Behind every successful quest, vision or achievement is a team who helps to carry you there.”

Our team has been selected for their expertise to empower and equip you in all the areas you’ll need to realize your dream vision, but more importantly, they are people who truly do care about you realizing your destiny.

John Wells
Spiritual Coach
Dr. Cheryl-Ann Needham
Prophetic Advisor and Strategist
Roger Gauthier
Chief Excitement Officer, Life & Business Advisor, and Strategist

There is an old adage that says “What you do speaks so loudly that I can’t hear what you say. So rather than lift ourselves up listen directly from our past clients.

People Who Place Their Trust in Us