A Costly Mistake!

I recently got back from Ireland and while there I made a costly mistake.

I neglected to listen to my ipod for the entire week I was there.

I allowed my relatives belief to get inside my head that it was “rude to have my ipod in my ears while doing routine things in the morning.” Well all week long I heard their bickering, arguing, and just general talk that had absolutely no other purpose than to just engage in conversation.

While there are times you need to have down time, you must realize that a prolonged period can be just as detrimental.

When I got back, I felt defeated, stressed, angry, and just totally drained. The motivation to do what I do seemed to be let out of me like air out of a balloon.

Well when I got home I plugged into my sources of encouragement. I sat quiet, listened to Mastery TV, and read some pages from Joel Osteen who has a great book called “Your Best Life Now”! It is the best thing to read when you’re face down in the mud and do not feel like getting up. Well I listened to some of his stuff that I recorded, and then listened to Less Brown. When the day was over I felt like I was ready to go again.

That’s what you have to do when things get ruff and tough. You have to find an oasis when you are in the desert of failure, despair or discouragement.

So when things get tough. When you feel like quitting, pick up the phone and call your coach, or best positive friend, or any one who will believe in you more than you do yourself.

If you do not have any one then check us out at and enroll in our free newsletter “Non-Stop Service To Success” and you’ll soon pull out from that nose dive heading for the ground.

Your dreams are too important to let die or to lay by the way side. Pick them up and go find people who will help you live them.

See you at the top!

Upward & Onward;

Roger Gauthier,
Your In-flight Success Coach

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