An Unconventional Approach!

An Unconventional Approach!

“More Enslaved than the Hebrews, more oppressed than the Persians, more scattered than the Athenians; without head, without order, beaten, despoiled, pillaged, and torn, and overrun by foreign powers…The situation is critical, but the opportunity is ripe. [The People] are willing to follow a banner if only someone will raise it!”

– Machiavelli, The Prince

“We have not men fit for the times. We are deficient in Genius, in Education, in Gravity, in Fortune, in Everything. I feel unutterable anxiety. God grant us wisdom and fortitude.”

– John Adams, prior to the American Revolution, 1774

“Let your eyes look straight ahead, And your eyelids look right before you. ponder the path of your feet, and let your ways be established.”

– Proverbs 4:25-26

—> GET TO THE POINT: The season are changing so to weather the storms and come out ahead requires a better team, different thinking and more effective actions along with an unconventional approach. But all is clearly within your grasp and easier than you think! Do Something Different: So are you ready for the New Year yet? Are you praying, hoping, wishing, resolving or planning for a better more prosperous year this time around? Well I’m going to say something that might shock you and maybe even scare you…but let me make something very clear. I’m all for keeping positive and looking for the sun in every storm. It’s important because to much discouragement can really drain you and leave you feeling hopeless and with the New Year now upon us I certainly would like some great news as much as the next person, especially with everything going on around me and in the lives of my subscribers who have reached out to me to asking for help.Yet at the same time you don’t want to ignore the battles or storms that are right ahead of you moving your way at record speed. Hell no, instead you need to use evasive action, based in wisdom, so that you can avoid a potential calamity. You need to take clear quick steps.So what I am about to say is not going to be like anything you have read before. You probably are not going to hear this from others because they are of the type that place their head in the sand and ignore what’s coming or are too afraid to tell you for fear they may loose all their business. If you noticed I didn’t say the usual the Happy New Year slogan this year because I want to make a point that I know to be true with all my heart!If we, that’s me and you, are to see change in the New Year we must get seriously “real” here with one another and take real honest solid steps based on a trust worthy proven plan that ensures change and guarantees the outcomes we all want.

Bill Gouldd, a great Marketer used to say “if you want to succeed find out what every one else is doing and do the exact opposite.”

What’s every one doing right now?

Making resolution based on a perception that things are going to improve and that life will continue to progress as it already has. Well if you are going to be naive enough to buy into that Hollywood produced story then let’s go get my sticks and go skiing in Florida! Zigy bonWa!A Yahhhh you’re in need as my mentor Jim Rohn said “A Check up from the nexk up” basically a mental check up that’s for sure.

Really my heart truly breaks and I weep for you as you will encounter some tremendous hardships, however I will pray that something or some one will open your eyes in time before you crash into that 12 foot think concrete wall at the end of that road because…The seasons are changing and those who get caught up in the regular hoopla of the New Year, while exciting, and the same old same old way of daily living are going to be caught off guard when the weather changes in the next few years and I care about you too much to tell you what you want to hear just so I can make you feel good!

There for I cannot play “happy, pump you up with positive talk that you can be successful and be rich” that most are pumping out right now as if nothing has changed and it’s business as usual.

You know what I’m talking about right?

The guru’s are all using it right now. It’s that same success language of “new goals to achieving more.” “More money, more success, more sales” or more truthfully more results for themselves by selling you more stuff with the “illusion of success”! Instead I want you to be ready! Ready to tackle these challenges head on and prospering in every area of your life instead of running around in panic, like a chicken with their heads cut off when the axe comes down.

So as tough as this may be to read through as it’s long and not all happy shinny, please understand that the purpose of why I am taking this route is to truly help you as best as we can with the time we have left. It’s my hope that you will take New and RIGHT actions this year so that you can look upon this year and be grateful you made a better decision.

Let me warn you however that time IS short and to further challenge you DO NOT put off reading this post because you are already pressed for time. Instead invest the proper time to learn what’s being said here because by the end I think you will see what is really important and what is not so as to adjust your plan.

Let’s Get Down To Brass Tacks! Okay so get serious here as your very life may depend upon it. No Joke! You have seen my four videos and are probably wondering how do they all tie together and make sense. Well let me lay it out for you like this. We need to shift your thinking so that you can pull you out of the aromatic euphoria that mainstream media has been creating like perfume to seduce you to focus on them while they blind you to what’s coming.

Each video was selected to make several point.

Video 1: Control Your Focus & Your Thinking.
Your Going To Need It.



First you must learn how to control your own thinking because as the heat of the battle intensifies those who will prevail are those who have learned to control their own thinking. They don’t let circumstances direct how they think. Instead they guard their hearts and minds and keep the vision in their heart till they reach it.
Just like a pilot in an emergency. When something goes wrong they keep the desired objective clearly in their minds “A safe landing at the planned destination” and they take the appropriate action to insure it happens.

The world is going to change radically so don’t let the media or economy or anything else take you off course. Those are only as Jim Rohn shared “The winds of change” or as I like to say The Winds of life. If you keep your eyes on the truth and take steps of faith you will walk on water. If you focus on the negative and respond out of the fear it creates you will literally walk into the reality of that which you fear. The good news is that a positive hope filled focus in more powerful than one in fear.

VIDEO 2.1 Shifts No One Government Can Control


Technology is rapidly giving us access to massive amounts of new markets and people. Those same people have real needs hurts and wants that if you use integrity and honesty you can enjoy a completely new way of life while you provide the solutions that only you can provide and have the potential to earn an unrealistic income like nothing you have seen ever. I’m not talking about a few extra hundred dollars here but rather full time online incomes.This change is going to require new skills and people are going to need the gift inside you to help them. I can’t do what you can do and you may do something better than I can. My job instead is to help you see that truth and then to encourage you, motivate you and safely guide you to develop the proper skills to reach these people.I am also providing the platform for you to develop those new skills over at the Entrepreneurs Pit Stophttp://www.entrepreneurspitstop.com

VIDEO 2.2: Be The Teacher You Already Are & Understand How Technologies Are Changing The Playing Field


We all are teaching whether we like it or not. We are teaching people what to do or not do because the only way we really learn is through mimicking or modeling and practical application with proper feedback !So when people see you live, they can end up living according to you. When you change, if they are not ready to, they feel uncomfortable and try and pull you back down to live like them because they don’t want to rock the boat of their lives. Your job is to be stronger and stand tall and declare loudly by your actions, their is a storm coming to those who live lives of average. Instead, I’m not going to settle for average day in and day out livingI’m going to march onward to my own personal promise land. Care to follow?

VIDEO 3: Economies Are Unstable


While no economy is presently stable because of who is controlling it you can learn to read the signs and take evasive action to preserve protect and grow your wealth .By recognizing the facts and making appropriate changes in your investments and actions you can actually grow your wealth while you protect it from the unscrupulous wealth mongers that would love to control your wealth for their benefit. In the end it is your responsibility to take the right steps and to do so you have to get the real facts. The real fact is that the US economy is heading for a real correction and some even say a total collapse. Now I am not an expert in finance but I can say that if those in prominent positions are advising their wealthy clients to get as far away from the US investments as they can…don’t you think you should at least consider adjusting your own investment strategy? There is a way you can not only get out and preserve your wealth, which we are working at making available to our Entrepreneurial Pit Stop Members, but there is also a way you can prosper in every areas of life which you will learn shortly.




The 4th video was about getting out of a job you hate and taking what you love on line and leaning how to take it to your niche on line so you can kick it and make a fortune. With the internet poised to experience unprecedented growth in the coming years in excess of billions the market demand will be huge for those who understand how to get in front of all all those people. You and what you are good at is going to be in huge demand, so getting out there is more important than ever. By staying focused, not letting yourself get into fear with the changes coming, by getting online and in front of a rapidly growing market place, you can present your gifts and talents to a global market place that will gladly pay you for your information and enabling you to earn an unprecedented income if you do things correctly.


VIDEO 5: BONUS VIDEO – What Prospers When All ElseFails?


This last video is a bonus. It was done by one of my marketing partners that we took on board because of his incredible ability to get people to open their email and us remarkable talent at helping people connect at the heart level with him. When you see it you will understand because most people instantly like him. What he shares in this video is very important. While it has the sent of everything I just spoke about above it does one very powerful thing. That is what I want to convey to you. When you have seen it I think you will understand the importance of getting online and doing so quickly. If you are not a subscriber then enter your name and email below and I’ll send you your private link and secure pass code to see this powerful video that reveals what industry prospers during any economy and how you can get in on it with what you already know.Just Enter Your Name & Email right below.


Fire Proof Your Future! Discover How What You Already Know Can Create A Whole New Life 4 You.




ACTION TO TAKE: Take the unconventional path.

While everyone else is hustling to find a new job or scrambling to liquidate IRA’s & 401K’s do something different. Get a new and better team than the one that lead you into this mess and get your hands on better tools and strategies.

Start an Online business sharing your gifts that others need.

While there are many more challenges to going online I have worked hard to help make the transition easy by creating The Entrepreneurs Pit Stop. It’s one of the only places I know right now online that you can learn, work hard and get results you can be proud of. There are many online who actually earn a full time income while they learn the skills they need. Whether you can or not depends on how well you lear, do you apply what you learn and other habits. While I can’t promise you that you will earn a full time income what I can say is that the Entrepreneurs Pit Stop is a place you can get access to reliable teams and resources.

Please do yourself a favor and check it out for yourself as you will need a place to go that is safe in the times that are coming and that’s what we have endeavored to create for you. So go to The Entrepreneur Pit Stop http://www.entrepreneurspitstop.com and take a test drive to see for yourself. When you do I’ll give you my Strategic Planning System plus one night of coaching for free for you to set a new course for the Year.

If you decide this place is not for you you can keep the strategic planning system for free. That is a $197 Value!

I look forward to helping each of you navigate through the coming storm and get safely through to the other side so that you can look back at the year and say WOW what a life I lived this year!

Talk with you next time.Roger

AKA – Your In-Flight Motivator & Success Adviser

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