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Champions of Adversity – From Ordinary Into The Extraordinary

Life can have it’s ups and it’s downs but one thing is for certain you will have both. But what many people don’t know is that there is a way you can make even the downs an up thereby shortening the amount of time you stay in a down period! It’s relatively simple and understanding […]

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My Left Foot!

Hello again fellow Success Traveler! If you are like many people today who are tapped for time and maybe even energy and money stick around as I share with you how a guy who only had one good foot changed the world during a dark period in history! I’ll try and get right to the […]


Faith, Trust & Pixy Dust?

Faith, Trust & Pixy Dust! The Magic Of Life! Part 1 of 3 I wanted to really write deeper from the heart today and see if by the Grace of GOD the words that come forth could impact your heart and encourage you in these tough times. Over the last several months we too have […]