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LEGO Societies & Start-ups

So what do LEGO’s & Start-ups have to do with each other? The other day I was watching a movie my wife got from Netflix for my middle son called A LEGO Brickumentory. It was the fascinating story of the history of those colored bricks many of us grew up with that have come so […]


Demystifying Internet Marketing

So here is a scenario that seems to come across my desk rather frequently. A client comes to me who is struggling to make their marketing work and they have abandoned traditional marketing because of cost and are looking for a more effective form of marketing that is more cost effective. In other words they want to optimize their online […]


The Right Mindset Makes It Easy To Make Blogs Work For Your Business

The Right Mindset Makes It Easy To Make Blogs Work For Your Business Blogging has been around for a while and is still taking off like a wildfire. People are blogging about just about anything you can think of. From the daily routine of their cat, to technology reviews, to politics. Until the blogosphere sorts […]

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Talking Donkeys Saved 50,000 People From Dying!

I have one quick question to ask you that I hope will arrest your attention! What if I told you that more than 50,000+ people died today that could have been spared if that one idea you have been stalling on or not moving forward with was the single idea that would have saved them? […]


An Unconventional Approach!

An Unconventional Approach! “More Enslaved than the Hebrews, more oppressed than the Persians, more scattered than the Athenians; without head, without order, beaten, despoiled, pillaged, and torn, and overrun by foreign powers…The situation is critical, but the opportunity is ripe. [The People] are willing to follow a banner if only someone will raise it!” – […]


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