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The Great Experiment

The Great Experiment pushes the borders of what we think the approach to happy successful living is. It re-examines and attempts a radically different approach to live. So here is the idea. There is this sense that we’ve got the whole success and work thing upside down and backwards. We think that we have to […]


4 Mission Critical Skills For 2016 & Beyond

Okay so before you click off this page, this really is a positive post about how to navigate the negativity that seems to be staring us all in the face. So let’s begin… It’s now evident to everyone that things are getting very challenging in today’s world. No matter what the media is saying we […]


The Power of Music ~ Don’t Give Up On Your Dream

Did you know that you have been given a divine purpose? It’s true. You were created for a reason bigger than yourself and bigger than your own life and satisfaction and when you are on the path to fulfilling your purpose you will find that you are not only at peace but your heart will […]


How to STOP The Biggest Killer of Your Dreams & Life That’s Going Undetected.

Did you know that there is a killer on the loose and it’s hunting you down to destroy your very dreams? P.S. It’s more than Information Overload… Let’s flush this killer out and put a stop to it before it takes another life.   The Mystery Begins Okay so does this sound familiar? You wake […]

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The True Worth Of Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving! It’s a holiday which mean so much to so many! For some it marks the holiday season, for others it the reuniting of family and friends to share a special meal. For others the memories are not so pleasant! This year I find myself wanting to do something unique in hopes of reawakening the […]