Champions of Adversity – From Ordinary Into The Extraordinary

Life can have it’s ups and it’s downs but one thing is for certain you will have both. But what many people don’t know is that there is a way you can make even the downs an up thereby shortening the amount of time you stay in a down period! It’s relatively simple and understanding this key can change everything.

When you  learn the valuable skills that I am getting ready to teach inside our Entrepreneur Pit Stop you can not only transition through valleys very quickly but you can actually learn a great deal and even have fun in many situations. What you come to discover is that you can find solutions even in the toughest of times because you place your mind in a position to see opportunities and act in new and better ways. You basically turn off the auto pilot and take back conscious control of your mind. Instead of letting circumstances drive you…You can direct your mind to get the results you want. If you want to be happy, overjoyed, or even have more money and prosper in a depression it’s all on HOW you use your mind and what you believe and act upon. If you come up against an obstacle you simply use this process and now the obstacle becomes a stepping stone to take you higher than you could go without it.

These so called skills, often called soft skills, are over looked and often neglected in economic down turns because people allow fear to cause them to stop spending on important skill sets and instead spend money on the wrong things. Instead of realizing “Hey if I forgo my coffee and pastry each day”, or what ever else catches your fancy, “and invest it in getting a better more valuable skills” they make the decision to not invest in life changing critical skill sets that can actually generate more revenue.

While we have been going through this depression/recession there are people who have actually made money and they don’t feel the pinch. That’s right for them there is no recession or depression. Why? Is it what they do? In a sense yes but it is also how they use their brain to make decisions. But more than that is HOW they use their mind to make the TYPES of decisions they make.

The really exciting thing is that you can learn to make the same TYPES of decisions as well and those decisions will take you to the land that flows with milk and honey. But first you have to fight the giants.

So to help you I have designed a 3 month course to help you learn HOW to fight the giants and how to take back conscious control of your thinking while also learning how to monetize your dream.

This weekly course will focus on the exact skill sets you need to achieve what ever dream you desire. If it’s to land a new career or it’s to make more money or to find a sense of purpose or secure your future this will be the foundational skills you need to reach that dream.

In this 3 month weekly course called Champions Of Adversity you’ll learn…

How your brain actually works from input to output and how you make decisions with it
that actually produce more life.

How to take back conscious control of your mind and direct it properly yourself instead
of others directing it for you. (Marketers spend billions learning how to control your attention)

How to overcome the fear that holds you back and build your faith to keep moving forward.

How to discover your true purpose so you don’t waist time going in directions that will not benefit you.  (You’ll never be happy and prosper without knowing this.)

How to turn your passions into profits

The power of belief.

How faith is created and how to use it.

The importance of Hope and why we need it

And Much More

You’ll get 4 weeks worth of valuable training for a total of 3 months for only $27.97/month. That’s over 12 total weeks of power packed concepts that are sure to transform every aspect of your life. From thinking to wallet stuffing concepts you can use to put cash into your bank, you will begin building the life that you know deep down inside is supposed to be a reality! For less than a $1 a day you can learn these powerful life transforming concepts and completely revolutionize your life.

Each week you will be sent a link to your new lesson where you can either download it to your MP3 player or print it out and take it where ever you go. If you wish for an extra $19.97 per month you can have one email each week answered by me for any questions you may have or additional support you might like.

Now this is not for everyone. For those who just want to remain status quo and keep trucking along like nothing is wrong with my life and the world around me. You will not benefit from this course because your too comfortable. This is for those who are tired of feeling like they do and tired of living the same old life day in and day out.

An interesting note is that during the first great depression many survived and made it through by subscribing to Earl Nightingale’s  $.50 tapes and listened to them over and over again. Likewise today you have the opportunity to do like wise. Listen to each course as often as you want, download it into your mp3 player or print out the text and take it to where you want to go.

So if you are ready to step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary, to take your life to the next level and begin to experience the reality of a dream being fulfilled, then register for this 3 month journey into a life of adventure and fulfillment like nothing you have ever imagined. Just click on the link below and begin your new life now!  

Until next time may you learn to Fly Right!

Upward & Onward;

Roger aka “Your In-flight Motivator! 

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