Do You Have A Joseph Calling???

My life came to a screeching halt. Everything that I had worked so hard for, in an instant was gone. A simple part in my toilet near my office broke off while I was away on a road trip allowing ? of my house to be destroyed by water.

But the impact was huge because my entire business relied on the computers that were in that office and when the economy crashed I could not help my clients pivot. And because I had worked so hard I was too exhausted to put in the effort to do to what was necessary to recover.

When the dust settled we lost it all. Our online revenue went from $45,500 a week to nothing overnight. All my clients jumped shipped when I could not be there for them, and several large clients shifted gears causing us to lose those accounts as well. Our home went upside down and we were more than $80,000 in credit card debt. If you threw in the mortgage that became $295,000+ in the hole.

Our home went upside down and we were more than $80,000 in credit card debt. If you threw in the mortgage that became $295,000+ in the hole.

But is was not just a financial loss.

My health had been completely compromised since I was running the internet marketing departments for 13 of my clients. I no longer had days of the week I had what we called sprints. I would work straight for 48 to 72 hours, then rest for 8 hours, then work another sprint of 48 hours. There were no days off because the pressure was immense.

This took a toll on my marriage and family. My wife was planning on leaving me, my children were losing their daddy. That’s why we took a 30 day vacation around the country to get away. But when we came home we got hit with a mess.

Then shortly after the IRS hit us up with a $40,000 unlawful judgement. But because the house flooded all my records were destroyed so we had no way to prove our expenses. As a result I had to hire attorneys with money we did not have to defend us.

And that was just a fraction of what happened.

Between the IRS, the creditors, a failed seminar launch and the loss of all my dreams I was devastated. It felt like I got hit in the spiritual gut and the wind being knocked out of me.

I prayed and sought the LORD. “LORD I don’t understand, I thought I was doing YOUR will, why has this happened? What did I do wrong?” And I heard nothing back. I felt alone and in the dark. Everyone near to me was angry and told me that I was a dreamer and it crashed. That I was crazy.

Everyone near to me was angry and told me that I was a dreamer and it crashed. That I was crazy.

Life became bleak to say the least. I had to go to work for a small company making $15/hr. I thought to myself “How am I ever going to provide for my family now? I was completly depressed. I was now past 40 and throught life was over.

But then there was a speck of light. Several books came across my path that began to shed light on the process I was going through.

What I read began to bring life back into my devastated heart. It was a process that I later began to learn was called “The Joseph Calling”


So let me ask…

Do you feel alone in your efforts to live for Christ?

Are you fulfilling the larger story of your life?

Do you have dreams that are yet to be fulfilled?

Do you feel stuck in life?

Are you struggling financially?

Are you walking through a difficult time in your life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you might have what is referred to as a “Joseph Calling” on your life.

You see GOD has a plan for every human being on earth. However, sometimes we get stuck. Sometimes our dreams seem like they are in a holding pattern. Sometimes a disruption in life attempts to derail our life. We need help to understand what GOD is doing in our life and how to take the next step.

That’s why I want to share this with you. Recently the LORD allowed me to connect with the author of that book that touched my heart and brought light and life back into my soul. And he told me of a new class that he is launching. After reviewing the course and signing up for myself I wanted to invite you on an adventure with me.

I want to invite you to a special web class he just completed on how to discover the larger story of your life and how to turn disappointments into opportunities.

Even if you have heard past messages from him on the Joseph Calling, you will want to join me for this special web class.

He just completed a new book on the life of Joseph and the relevance of Joseph’s story to modern day leaders. It reveals the 6 stages to discover, navigate and fulfill your purpose.

On this free web class He will share some in-depth lessons he have learned about Joseph and what it has to do with your own life.

You see, He taught me that I have a Joseph Calling on my life. And chances are since you are a part of my community, You may have one too.

This web class will reveal if you have a Joseph Calling and what to do if you do. It will help you help others who are going through a difficult season in their life too.

He will share how He turned a failed marriage, a loss of wealth, and a failed business into a whole new calling and career. And how you can do the same!

I know because it has happened to me. If it was not for the LORD bringing this person across my path I would have never made it.


Because we need others who understand this process to coach us through this season.

I had someone help me. Now I want to help you.  That is why HeI created this course and why I am partnering with Him.

You don’t have to walk through this season alone.

We want to help you navigate this time in your life. What you will learn will be valuable for yourself, but also for other Josephs you will encounter.

Believe me, I’ve been there and I have learned a great deal from my own 7-year Joseph period that I like to refer to as My Sacred Journey.

He’s equipped workplace leaders in 26 countries over the last 25 years and He’s going to share what He’s learned with you so you can be all God intends for you to be.

I know He can help you fulfill your God-given purpose and realize your dreams.

So keep a sharp eye out for your inbox because on Tuesday I am going to send out an email with the details on how to subscribe for this life changing event. Because when you join us everything you have been going through will make so much sense.

If you are not part of my community then register here so you can be notified

Now enjoy the weekend and be encouraged that there is a deep purpose for what you have been going through and when you see it you will have a joy rise up in your heart that is indescribable. You just have to experience it to understand what I am sharing.

Until Tuesday!

Upward & Onward;


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