Frustrated With Your Business…Life?

Hey everyone!

So okay I know I have been very quiet lately and have not posted to the blog for like 8 months now… I think. But there really is a good reason.

Have you ever wondered why your business is not growing faster? Could you be doing something wrong? Maybe there is something you don’t know? Maybe you think you can’t focus or you are doing too many other things???

Well don’t throw in the towel yet. In today’s post I’m going to share a little insight that just might explain what’s really going on…

You see…We’ve been behind the scenes building and getting ready to launch to new products. One for entrepreneurs called and the other one is called to help people over burdened with debt. The amount of work is enormous from setting up websites, creating membership portals, integrating e-commerce platforms, shooting video, being the spokes person….yeah you get it. We’ll for all intensive purposes some might wonder if we are building a company or not since there does not seem to be much activity on the blog…

Well today I thought I’d share a little encouragement for those of you still plugging away at your business and wondering what is going on and maybe why your not seeing the results you want. Well in this short little video, like I said, I share a way of understanding what may be going on.

Frustrated With Your Business Growth?


Hopefully you can step back and take a breather now and realize that there is something bigger going on behind the scenes. But remember to stay at peace and just keep moving forward because when the time is right the next piece will come into play when you are ready.

For example. Back in 2009 we lost everything as I shared in my Dark Night Of Love Post. Well we have come a long way since then but one of the things that happened is that we lost all of our subscribers and followers and are slowly beginning to get traction. And would you guess? When the student was ready the teacher appeared. Who was that? Adrienne Smith who is the Engagement Superstar whose blog went from NO visitors to HUNDREDS of comments on each post. She teaches How to go from your blog being a ghost town to having a loyal and engaging community…

Soooo guess what?

You’re going to see a-lot more action around here that is for sure. as our own foundation goes deeper for our own building to rise up but in the mean time please share if this little video encouraged you and if you would like… drop me a line and let me know where you are stuck and how we can help you build your dream.

Oh yeah…make sure you check out Adrienne’s post for yourself.

Until we come together again remember to keep moving Upward & Onward;


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  • Thank you Adrienne. You too. The thing about loss is that we can all handle it. It helps us realize that we are more than just our stuff, business, family and homes or whatever we identify ourselves with. We come to find out there is something bigger and higher than our own lives and that becomes exciting. When you let go of the end of your rope you come to discover something greater. Thanks for sharing your wonderful post and I do so look forward to working with you. May your weekend be full of advnture and new frontiers.

    ~ Roger