How Can Boeing Take Your Dream To Flight?

Greetings again Fellow Freedom Warrior!

We just got back from taking my family up to Seattle this last weekend to tour the Boeing factory on their Future of Flight tour to inspire my children to new heights.

The site was beyond amazing.


To see how Mr. Boeing took an experience that inspired him to dream a dream, and then turn that dream into an international empire that brings the dreams of the world to market, from one destination to another, is such a testimate to doing things right.

Because they did things right people’s lives are saved, dreams and visions are transported all over the world, revenue is there to support the team, and extra resources are available to fund new research as well as to provide opportunities for others around the world through their multiple charitable projects.

We got to see the huge buildings that the Queen of the Sky’s was being built in, the infamous 747, as well as the 767, the 777, and the new 787 and the incredible Dream Lifter.

Boeing Dream Lifter

It was amazing to see how the operation was run and how organized and systematic they are in order to be productive.

From the drawing board to the assembly line, to how parts were organized, labeled and installed and the system in plae to ensure it all ran smoothly.

They were masters of focus and productivity.


What really caught my attention was how making a simple adjustment to the assembly process, from their traditional way to a u-shape approach, enabled them to save hundreds of millions of dollars and dramatically speeded up the assembly process.

By doing so they were able to increase the delivery speed of their airplanes while enabling them to make more planes for more people faster and safer.

A simple change in productivity enabled them to earn billions and help more people take their dreams to flight than ever before.

It was an eye opener that really hammered home that one of the biggest reasons most people never fully realize their vision, why their dreams never take flight, is they get caught up in activities that are not productive in moving their dream forward.

It may be failing to delegate, getting caught up in time wasting tasks that are not essential. Sometimes it’s lack of clarity, fear that holds them back, uncertainty, lack of understanding, or lack of skill.

Either way, learning the skills of focus and improving productivity are essential.

Whether you are

  • a mother who home schools her children,
  • a professor who teaches at multiple universities online,
  • an author who is trying to get their book out to your audience,
  • a musician wanting your music to quickly reach your raving fans and fund your dream,
  • an entrepreneur looking to launch a dream, or
  • you’re a minister who desires to bring the vision that GOD has for you to the world,

Focused productivity is crucial.

No matter what your dream is, your ability to focus on the mission critical tasks that make the dream a reality is paramount.

The things is…your Productivity can always be improved so that you can discover more time to focus on what matters most.

If Boeing looks to improve its productivity and doing so makes them billions of dollars, wouldn’t it make sense we do likewise for our dreams of Freedom?

Of course it would. Because our dreams, just like Mr. Boeing’s, over time, are going to touch the world if we do things right.

So if your serious about making your dream a reality, and you’re willing to become a productivity warrior, then learn from what Beoing Does to make make a dream come to flight…  sure you jump on this opportunity before it closes.

And while your at it…make sure you jump on this opportunity before it closes.

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if you want freedom from…

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Free to Focus teaches a better way. A way to succeed at work, without sacrificing margin to invest in relationships and rest.

If you’re ready to see your vision and dream take flight and reach around the globe then board now while there is still time, before the doors close and they push away from the gate this year.

Upward & Onward;


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