How to Realize More of Your Goals in 2020

As we draw to a close on this year and enjoy the holiday season it’s usually a tradition to begin focusing on the year to come and what we hope to accomplish or change in the New Year.

But for many, the hopes are quickly dashed or those resolutions pass in the night like a lonely car in the night on one of those deep Montana Roads.


I’d like to share

7 suggestions that
I have used religiously

To make the last days more meaningful and the New Year something to look forward I go through 7 steps to improve my next year. I’d like to share them because too many can find themselves frustrated with their hope deferred and depressed as they peer into the future.

1) Make Plans NOT Resolutions

Resolutions are fun and all during the New Years’ festivities and make for great conversation, but long after the champagne is gone and the music stops our level of commitment rapidly dies and by Feb many find themselves in the same grind of their lives if not worse off.

Plans can keep you going forward even if you did not reach them within the year. You can simply adjust your plans and keep pressing on.

As I teach in my Strategic Freedom 2.0 program is that it is better to design plans than it is Resolutions.


Because plans are concrete where resolutions are whimsical.

When you craft a well laid out plan, as many do for their vacations, the likely hood that you follow through and execute on those plans goes up more than 50 fold.

Plans are intentions set into stone if you will. They are no longer wishes but actual steps of ratified commitment placed into blueprints ready to be executed on.

2) Write your plans.

Write your plans down into a journal or 3 ring binder.

There is something powerful that happens when we write our desires down.

BUT Something even more powerful happens when we take the time to actually come up with a strategy on how to reach those goals. When we flesh out a plan into small chunks that our minds can actually believe we can achieve.

If you do it right you can become like a child on Christmas morning as your future becomes believable.

So many people are discouraged and have lost their hope because they don’t truly believe they can have their dreams. Much of that is because the dream is so big they don’t know where to begin or even how to start.

Writing your plans down will begin to solidify your desires and you’ll begin to see what you can do to achieve the goal/desire step by step.

3) Plan, Do, Review

When I traveled with Jim Rohn he taught me to plan the year, months, weeks and days and at the end of each, take time to review my activity…my do…and see what changes I needed to make to improve the results.

If I can get at least 10% better each year in all the areas of my life, then you can craft an incredible life.

Take time the last week of the year to review your year.

What you did right?

What you did wrong?

What you could have done to do better?

What you learned, what were your biggest lessons and blessings.

This will help you in what changes to implement for the year coming up.

4) Declare

Declare your plans to your peers. Share with them what you’re doing. It will compel you to follow through. I would show my peers what I was working on and ask if I could include them. Those that said yes would compel me to ensure I delivered and with excellence.

5) Accountability Partners

Having accountability is one of the best and hardest things we can do because we have not yet become the person we don’t want to let down. We have let ourselves down so many times that it becomes almost second nature. We resolve to lose weight and get back into shape and the next day we don’t even do the 10 push-ups we need to begin the process.

We promise ourselves to save money and pay off our bills and when the next paycheck comes we fail to employ the “Pay Yourself 1st” principle and instead of setting aside 10% into charity, 10% into savings, 10% into an income generator we end up paying our bills 1st and take care of immediate needs with nothing left to save.
So, we can’t trust ourselves.

We need someone we respect to hold us accountable to our goals. To ensure we follow through.

This next year choose 1 to 3 people you respect that you would not want to let down and share with them your desire to work your plan this year better than last year and ask them to hold you accountable.

I had a client that needed help to follow through so we made an arrangement; that if he did not follow through I would charge his card an extra $1,000 each day he did not accomplish his goal.

He never missed a goal.

So, come up with some creative ways to hold yourself accountable for your promises.

6) Do something different.

Often we keep getting the same results because we don’t change what we do and we keep making the same kinds of decisions that produced the results we have already gotten.

To get better results you must make better decisions and take better actions.

May times deciding to work with a coach is the best thing you can do to get the results you’re looking for. A coach can give you insights you could not get on your own. They can provide you with a fresh perspective you may have been lacking. Like looking at the world from 30,000 feet instead of 50 feet up.

7) Ask GOD for HIS Help and guidance.

Too often we go about our ways without seeking divine guidance. Then we wonder why our lives are a mess.

The book of antiquity reveals that if we delight ourselves in the LORD that HE gives us the desire of our hearts and that if we commit our plans to the LORD that HE would establish them.

It goes onto say that if we will seek the LORD that HE would give us the wisdom we need.

By asking the LORD for direction, and guidance you’re more certain to succeed at your plans.

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Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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