How to STOP The Biggest Killer of Your Dreams & Life That’s Going Undetected.

Did you know that there is a killer on the loose and it’s hunting you down to destroy your very dreams?
P.S. It’s more than Information Overload…

Let’s flush this killer out and put a stop to it before it takes another life.


The Mystery Begins

Okay so does this sound familiar?

You wake up in the morning and you quickly check your smart phone for emails and social media responses. Then you find yourself hurrying to get ready now, since you discovered 20 min slipped through your fingers.

Ask me how I know…:-)

You get to your office and discover a flood of emails into our inbox from a half dozen or more of subscriptions you thought would help us.

Maybe you manage them well and invest say 30 minuted programing your system to filter them into appropriate folders.

Then you throw in the countless text’s tweets and Face Book posts and another half dozen social media outlets we subscribe to and watch and, if your honest with yourself, you’ll agree that something just does not feel right.

Part of it is that your focus is now diffused and that you are also behind on your most critical projects. (At least what YOU think is critical)

Of course we justify it thinking I made some great connections or expanded my communication platform on, or what ever, even though it was not really on the schedule today.

But you still feel a bit uneasy…kinda feeling like your off target or something. You just can’t seem to put your finger on it but deep down you just know something is wrong.

Well there is and in today’s post I’m going to present something to you that will help expose what the real issue is and how to prevent it from happening any more.

BUT to successfully combat this problem is going to require you do something that has been difficult for all of us to do because it is something that happens at a deep core level in our emotions and when someone get’s near it we defend it violently at times.


Time To Slam On The Brakes!

SO let me challenge you to do something super special for YOU today and finish today’s post no matter what you have to do.

slambrakesJust put your feet down for a second and slam on the breaks just for a bit. I promise you that you will be glad you did because the reward will be totally awesome…

The issue boils down to 1 major issue and 3 major tactic or plans to try and stop you from seeing your dreams and plans come to pass in your life and business.

Now to see this it’s is going to require you to make a decision to be brutally honest with yourself no matter how tough it may be to hear.

I can almost hear you saying “oh this isn’t for me…or okay no problem”..oh wait I hear another “I don’t have time for this right now I’ll read it later (Which you won’t if your honest) ” But when I share this your brain is going to fight it I guarantee it because it is deeply tied into your emotional core.

This applies to both your business and your life but almost no one talks about it this way because we have not been able to connect the dots due to miss understanding it and are AFRAID of it’s implications…

If you will understand it, accept it and embrace it you will come to enjoy a whole new level of success and enjoyment of life.

BUT it goes contrary to everything we have been taught so you may have to hold onto something so you don’t run away…

NOW I’ll share with you some of the symptoms of this ailment in this post but before I do I want you to PROMISE YOURSELF TO READ THIS TODAY if you truly can’t get to this right now. PUT IT IN YOUR CALENDAR RIGHT NOW AS THE MOST IMPORTANT APPOINTMENT OF YOUR LIFE” Seriously… 🙂

So let us begin.


“By Golly Winston I Believe I’ve
Found Some Clues” ~ Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

The core need here that I am addressing when not met will show up in a myriad of symptoms some of which are as follows…

  • Not being able to stay focused,
  • Easily sidetracked,
  • (what ever word you put here…work, entertainment, money ect) aholic,
  • Unable to really set or finish goals.
  • Unpreparedness
  • Inability to honor your commitments to yourself or others.
  • Not able to get off your smart phone or computer or taking sneak peaks in the bathroom or closet.
  • Checking your smart phone at least once every hour (sure I hear you now…but my business requires me to do so…more on this later)
  • Not looking at the people around you and instead bury yourself in texting, tweeting, FBing, Email responding.
  • Stretching the truth or only sharing the half that makes you look good.

Need I say more?

The one thing that is driving all this and what most of our society is built on is…

Ready for it???



More specifically FEAR of REJECTION…which is rooted in the FEAR OF DEATH


“But wait” you may be saying “how does all this have to do with my life and business???”

Okay now before you drop off the post remember you promised yourself you would read to the end…

To see the correlation you must come to realize and understand that within every human being is a core program that is running to have one major need fulfilled and 6 other sub-needs that tie into the first.

That need is a DEEP Unconditional LOVE.

We felt it briefly at birth and periodically at brief moments throughout our life be it a compliment, an award, or while making love, but none the less it showed up.

But the main problem is that when this need is not met in the proper way we go about trying to get it in all kinds of dysfunctional patterns or ways.

And worse yet their is a line of thinking that is being propagated to keep you from truly discovering this because if you did, it would so radically change you and those around you that this entire fear based system would fall apart.

Don’t believe me?

Well think for yourself for a quick moment. Let’s look briefly at most of our advertising today and some of today’s biggest campaigns.

Health care. FEAR is the number one driver. It sounds something like this.

  • If you get sick you wont have money to pay for it
  • What if you get cancer or some other major illness or accident?
  • What if you loose your business or income stream?
  • What if I can’t go to the doctor of my choosing

You can look at almost every industry. Insurance, financial planning, the news, terrorism need I go on.

All these are so called solutions that are not the proper solutions.

Don’t get me wrong here…there is nothing wrong with setting aside money for a rainy day but as you will discover there is a better way which I’ll discuss in another post.

BUT…If you will dig you will see almost everything feeds off of FEAR OF DEATH & REJECTION and it offers you solution that deep, deep, down you KNOW won’t permanently satisfy.


We all know horror stories of people who put their trust in those systems only to be abandoned.

The real issue your facing is that you are getting misled and the killer is using many different sources and voices> It’s trying to deluded into thinking what you are doing is helping you in some way.

It’s easy to thwart your best efforts  because FEAR has taken root in your heart and the last thing anyone want’s to do is realize a FEAR so they do everything to avoid it.

And of course you sell yourself or justify that this is the right path because if it’s not you don’t want to feel the FEAR of it being wrong.

So before we proceed let me give you the best words of wisdom I can right now even if you may not feel it right yet based on what is going on in your life right now.



You are DEEPLY LOVED beyond anything you can comprehend in your entire lifetime on this earth right now. That love will become more and more realized over time and that is what your journey on earth is really all about, if you will open yourself up to it. BUT unless you accept it and allow a sliver of that truth into your heart you will forever run around and be misled from it. Yeah I know there have been so many people who have said that and then later done something to dissuade you… but stop looking at people because the kind of love were talking about transcends people and circumstances and as soon as you realize this internally you see what I am talking about.

And the longer you go without accepting this truth the more pain and suffering you go through and the more you will find yourself dealing with this killer that we want to expose. This killer uses your fear to it’s advantage. It’s like the fuel it needs to grow stronger and stronger.

So what is this killer if you have not figured it out by now???




Fear based distractions. Distraction from the true path to experiencing your true dreams and goals from being accomplished.


This killer is so malicious that it tries to and slip in like a thief in the night..  it’s so subtle because you can easily justify it which is what makes this thief so insidious.

This Thief  Called Distractions is stalking you and looking for any way it can get into your emotional life.

It has delayed and killed more dreams than all the world wide wars combined since the beginning of time.

What makes it so insidious is the subtly with which it enters your life.

The greatest laid plans can be brought to not from this wicked little fox.

It starts little by little by presenting something that looks or seems important, but it preys on your fears.

Maybe it is an email from a long tine friend, maybe a pressing bill or an envelop sitting on your desk. Maybe it’s the little voice that says you have to keep working hard to provide for your family and so you let work distract you from being still long enough to hear the cries of your children, your spouse or your body saying…we need you. Maybe the voice says you can take a break when you know you should not, or a good show is on TV.

You think you can divert your attention just for a moment to address is and next thing you know 45min to 2:30 or more has slipped through your fingers.

Of all the distractions none is worse than the piling up of emails that have hit your inbox. Each with their own pressing agenda. Created and targeted marketing emails designed to get you to purchase their course before tine runs out.

So today I’d like to share some optimization Strategies from our Time Management Optimization System to help you conquer this most heinous creature called DISTRACTION.

But first you must open your heart and allow TRUE Divine Love enter in otherwise these little tips will only create a void of free time that will open the door to further distractions to fill that void.


Causes of Distraction

When it comes down to it, there is really only 2 kind (s) of distraction. But it uses multiple ways to distract you. “People & Projects”
Emails written by people
Phone calls by people
Walk in’s by people
Drifting thoughts, ( placed there by people)
Personal errands (For people or projects)
Circumstances, (Usually caused by you or other people)
Emergencies, (Caused by you or other people.)
Events, (for or by people.)

Tools of distraction
Cell phone & Tablets
Other people
News Papers


The Solution!!!

But what is distraction really distracting you from? It’s actually the answer to your problems…the solution.

Is it in accomplishing your business or goals or tasks or results your hoping to accomplish or achieve?

NOPE…like we said distraction is hoping to distract you from the real truth that YOU ARE DEEPLY LOVED and cared for even if circumstances and people are trying to convince you otherwise, and that there is a better way to do things than the way you are doing them now.

The reason is because if you truly open up to that truth everything you do from that moment on will be to open you up further and further to experience that reality. And when that happens you change and those around you see the undeniable peace, the laser focus and the incredible love and care you have for others.

You will no longer seek answers from countless people because you’ll discover a wisdom that lets you see through their self directed efforts at trying to quench their own fear of death and rejections.

You’ll come to find habit patterns falling away as you no longer need to strive for the approval and live of others or to build yourself up as the best and greatest.

Everything you will do will come from a pure motive of helping others because you truly care. You will find love naturally pouring through you to those along your life’s journey.

It won’t matter anymore if a client or business partner screws you over or some one stole your business idea or squeezed you out of an opportunity.

What will matter is that you will be able to stay focused on the main objective you have and see straight through anything that will try and keep you distracted.

It may take some time but in the end…

You will come to see and know the real truth…THAT YOU ARE DEEPLY DEEPLY LOVED…and that will set you free from everything that tries to keep you down, stopped, or distracted from your true purpose and your  ultimate destiny. That my friend is why GOD sent HIS SON JESUS to give HIS life for you. So that you would be set free from the mental, emotional, spiritual prison we have been locked in that tells us every day that we are going to be rejected and unloved.

So again open you heart and accept the truth you are loved. Then begin taking the steps needed to draw closer to the ONE WHO LOVES you and watch what will happen.

As a matter of fact here is a love letter just for you.


Share your thoughts here about some of the distractions you have faced and how you over came them or how this article has helped you.

Until Next Time remember to “Always Fly Right”

Upward & Onward;


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