I Told You So Syndrome (Don’t Let It Happen To You)

Have you ever wondered why it is that nobody listens to your advice when you actually do have the answer? You could tell some one 20 times and they still don’t listen or act on what you have been sharing with them. That is until their life get’s into a place where they become desperate.

That’s exactly what happened when I was working at a major airline. I was sharing with dozen and dozens of flight attendants how to start their own home based business to earn extra income and no body would listen to me or take my advice UNTIL they lost a major portion of their income when the airline industry took it’s nose dive.

I decided to call this common occurrence the “I told you so syndrome”

If you are fortunate to be a parent you know what I am talking about. You can tell your children something 20 to 30 times or more and they never seem to listen until one day some one they respect comes along and tells them the exact same thing and all of a sudden the lights go on. And what do you end up saying? “I’ve told you that 100 times and now you get it?” Or they now come to you when their lives are in shambles and they say as they did to me in the airlines business “Hey aren’t you that entrepreneur guy that has all those business ideas?” Now all of a sudden they are ready to listen. At least a little better. When before they had no interest even when I warned them of impending troubles ahead. It’s a matter of respect vs. trust. They may trust you but unfortunately they don’t respect you because of your own life walk.

Unfortunately because of our prideful human nature we are doomed to repeat mistakes over and over unless we get to that point that we say “Enough is enough, I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired” and we decide to change at all costs. We get into that mindset that takes extreme measures to change the circumstances and finally our mind and heart is open for real answers.

But why is it that so many just don’t want to change? Why is it that they just barley exist and struggle from pay check to pay check with too much month at the end of the money?

It’s because they are asleep spiritually.

They have been lulled into a state of existence that says “My life is not that bad” or “my life is ok” and they just deal with the painful state or empty state they are in by drugging themselves with activity that keeps them from feeling the pain or they convince them selves that it’s too hard to change.

They have bought into the lie that this lower existence they find themselves in is less painful than the discipline it will take to change. So they end up becoming lazy on almost every level and just medicate themselves with the endless activity of work, entertainment, or drugs and drinking, or other forms of escapism to escape their present state. Then it takes something extremely traumatic to wake them up our of their stupor and help them realize that life is more than what they have been experiencing. For the first time they may live with their eyes wide open and do something about it, unless however they fall back into the same medicated trap that their habits had been established on.

That’s where we find ourselves today. A society medicated on selfish pursuits and taking care of itself instead of sacrificing our lives for the benefit of another and helping our fellow man break free from the shackles of a suffering life. (Sharing The Gospel) We are relationally, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually trapped in a way of thinking and feeling that keeps us from opening our eyes and hearts to the real life that exists outside our perceptions of reality.

Our very ideas of what life is and what it is supposed to be have become skewed because of the system we are in. As a result we have built our entire society and it’s systems on a flawed foundation that is crumbling.

Everything we hope for or dream about is not properly lined up with the real principles of life so rather than experiencing the divine life, we end up suffering or struggling through life.

Instead we literally need to have our own minds transformed and enlightened by a the CREATOR HIMSELF, or through one of HIS appointed representatives, that truly has our best interests at heart otherwise we will forever stay in our present state or worse, we will experience further decline.

That’s why I am about to do something very special. If you recall last week I told you about a course I assembled for three months called Champions of Adversity. In it I was  going to teach you for 12 weeks a way of moving through these adversities and help you change your thinking for $27.97.

Instead I have decided to do this for a simple love offering. At the end of each lesson, you will have the opportunity to contribute what you feel you can to help me continue the work, to help you break free from this self imposed prison. If you can give $1, $5, $10, $20 or more then feel free to do so. If you you can not no worries just pay it forward to some one else some how or contribute on a latter lesson.

The lessons are too important to miss because of money being tight.


This will be one of the most important series this year because it’s going to tell you like it is so you can slowly transform your thinking into a mindset that can carry the light of GOD to a darkened world around you. You will in a sense become a light bearer to those in desperate need around you.

At the end of the three months we’ll begin the next level that I’ll share with you when we get to that point.

So in the mean time come on over and enroll in the course free of charge and give what you can each lesson to help shoulder some of the time, labor and expense to make this course available to you.

Until next week make sure you learn to Fly Right!

Roger – A.K.A. Your In-Flight Success Advisor!

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