Taking Your Life To The Moon!

I was sitting at my computer today working on a major project when my business partner sent this over to me. It was so on target I had to send it out to every one I knew. As you know this Blogg is dedicated to helping you through life’s journey. Well here is a journey out of this world from the second man to walk on the moon. He talks about his past and he talks about the future. And what a future it is. But what’s really interesting is that he has had some difficult blows as we all have. But what separates him from most is the skill he developed in handling challenges. One year before he walked on the moon his mother committed suicide. What a feat. What devastated me for so long years he conquered in one. This is a man to learn from. His vision is inspiring and a must watch. As his wife sated so well “Your trip to the stars is just about to begin!”