Unuckle Your Seat Belt and…

Again Welcome Success Traveler

Now that we have reached our cruising altitude, I’d like to inform you that it is now safe to unbuckle your seat belt and move about the cabin. Keep in mind that occasionally, as in life we may encounter some unexpected turbulence, but remember that it is perfectly safe as long as you keep your focus on the right things. Mainly that seat belt! It’s a good idea to do as we do up here in the cockpit to keep it fastened at all times unless it’s absolutely necessary. Our flight today should be relatively smooth and the views from 30,000 feet are incredible today!

Enclosed you will find session three of the series “Success Basics”, Ground School for Life & Business. You will discover how we were positioned to earn a multi-million dollar contract. You’ll also have a free video to the Millionaire Mind Series. If your in a hurry just click on the link for session three and print it out. But please scan this brief note to hear about your FREE CD.


We hope that you have found the first two sessions valuable thus far and would like you to know that as we progress you will find the insights becoming more valuable and helpful. If there is something specific you’d like to hear about let us know and will make sure we include it after the success basics sessions are over.

We have been working with an incredible gentleman who has agreed to give of his time and effort in helping those who are a part of our newsletter to build their businesses. He has worked with the Russian Government, started his own airline, and so much more. His name is Doctor Larry Pate and he will be joining us in the next week or so to share some tips with our Non-Stop, subscribers.

Remember “Non-Stop Service to Success” is more than just a free e-Zine with nice little seminar sessions. It’s a one stop shop for all your goals. We make sure you don’t waist your time & money as well to help you avoid the weather that could delay, or worse cancel, your trip to success.

As a member you have access to the best experts, coaches, and trainers in the world for every area of your life & business. They will share valuable insights that take years to learn on your own.

You’re going to hear from Billionaires like Richard Branson, and Red Bull CEO. You’ll learn from mom and pop home based businesses that made it and will share with you how to do the same. You will also be able to learn those small distinctions or “Insider Secrets” from Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins and many more that will take you from average to fortune. You’ll also get a rare look inside the world of success as I reveal insights big gurus seldom share in our upcomming articles.

As mentioned. these principles, once understood, will spare you from learning the hard way that success is not just learning some inside secrets, it’s a complete approach to life and business.

Finally, because of our relationships in the industry, you will also get special discounts to training events, classes, and coaching, which will accelerate your growth, your success and enable you to get the results you knew were possible all along.

So if your looking to improve your life or business, stick around because you’ll find your answers here.

Despite what those around you may say, the right & ability to achieve massive success in every area of life was given to you for a reason so do not, I repeat, DO NOT let anyone, including yourself, stop you from the success you were created to enjoy.

But remember this is not for the faint at heart because were going to tell you the things you need to hear. If we didn’t we would not care. Imagine if you went to your dentist and you had a rotting tooth that he did not want to take out because he did not want to hurt you. Would you stay? Of course not! Same goes with us. We really want to see you succeed so you won’t find motivational candy that leaves you worse off than you were before. Your going to get the real stuff here.


Now if you’ll look out the windo you’ll see session #3


We’ll see you in session 4 where we’ll have a special guest for you.


Upward & Onward!

Roger Gauthier

Your In-flight Success Trainer!

P.S. Hopefully in the next three weeks were going to have the CD ready for you. Our merchant account has really created some challenges and so we finally found one that understands our industry and we should be ready to get those CD’s to you.

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