In-Flight Inspiration

Life can be like flying in many ways.
We have periods of smooth sailing and clear sky and at other times we can have extremely
adverse weather that throws us around like a rag doll. There are even days that appear to
be beautiful when suddenly we hit clear air turbulence out of no where.

So we oftern need to have alittle boost of inspiration along the way to help us get through
the ruff spots and that is what you will find here.

Today I have a tid bit for you that should encourage you no matter where you are in your own flight plan.

So enjoy this and hang on till the ruff weather passes!

Upward & Onward;

Roger Gauthier
Your In-Flight Motivator and Success Coach.


Have you ever flown on a day that was so clear that
you could look out the window and see for miles and

Have you ever noticed that when you’re up so high you
can clearly see where you are going, where you have
been, and where you presently are?

On days like that I have often felt like nothing
is impossible because I could clearly see how to
get it done no matter what it was I was attempting
to accomplish.

But then there are those days that are a complete

You have no clue as to what you need to do.

Seems nothing goes the way you think it should
and nothing was accomplished that day or that

Worse yet is that many feel that way all the time and
when that happens it is easy to give up.

Well here is a video clip for you that should help you
believe that anything is possible again and also help
you walk away with the reality that if he can do it then
I have NO EXCUSE! I can do it as well

This one will shock you!

Ben Underwood plays killer foosball and is an absolute
master of video games. But so are a lot of 14-year-olds.

So what makes Ben so special?

Find out by watching this clip below!

Over and out!