Faith, Trust & Pixy Dust?

Faith, Trust & Pixy Dust! The Magic Of Life! Part 1 of 3 I wanted to really write deeper from the heart today and see if by the Grace of GOD the words that come forth could impact your heart and encourage you in these tough times. Over the last several months we too have […]


Global Shift Unveiled!

Greetings Fellow Success Travelers! How are you doing? Just wanted to let you know that the results are in for the Global Shifts seminar. Looks as if July will be the date! July 10th, 11th, and12th 2008! I have some great things lined up for this global shifts event and I am working with the […]


In-Flight Inspiration

Life can be like flying in many ways.We have periods of smooth sailing and clear sky and at other times we can have extremelyadverse weather that throws us around like a rag doll. There are even days that appear tobe beautiful when suddenly we hit clear airturbulence out of no where. So we oftern need […]