The Bonsai Master

Life…with all of it’s up’s and downs, it’s joy and sorrows, it’s pain and healing can sometimes leave us confused and lost. Many times we feel broken, alone, angry, sad, depressed, hurting and often misunderstood.


If that’s you perhaps this little article may provide comfort and solace to know someone cares and that there is a higher purpose being worked out in your life and that by understanding the process, you may find peace from the struggle.


I hope to hear your thoughts at the end of this little insight into the mysteries of creation…

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Walking in HIS garden sanctuary the MASTER quietly gazed upon HIS collection of trees. Each one was special to HIM in a unique way.

They each had a personal story rich with experience. And each had a song or sound that emanated from them.


From a distance, it sounded like a beautiful symphony and yet up close they each had a unique sound.

Every tree also had a special hue of color that emanated from the tree creating a beautiful halo of light around the tree.


As THE MASTER walked by, each tree glowed more brightly and their sound became more powerful.


Then THE MASTER turned and entered a work room to the side of the sanctuary. In this room were HIS tools and young new saplings were here. They had been gathered from the dark forest of the Valley of Gull were many horrible storms and dark events that would break and tear away many of the trees while leaving a wake of destruction in their path.


The young sapling branches were gathered by THE MASTER’S workers at HIS request. HE had a gentle and tender compassion for those that were broken. HE would invest much to ensure each would be properly cared for.


Slowly, as THE MASTER approached the work bench, HIS Presence brought a deep peace to all the young saplings.


As HE drew near and began to give HIS attention the tree saplings began to radiate or glow more brightly and their sound became more energetic. It was as if the tree was elated, delighted and happy that THE MASTER was there taking time to work with with the tree today.


But today the MASTER choose a new sapling that had just been brought in from the storm-ravaged forest.


This particular tree was young and in the presence of THE MASTER the tree began to tremble in fear. There was no light from this sapling. THE MASTER spoke softly and said in the most gentle voice “What is wrong oh little one?”


When THE MASTER spoke those words a thick wave of love flooded the room.


The sapling spoke and said “I am broken and hurt. I feel so afraid. I don’t know where I am and am so confused. I feel so alone and abandoned. My heart aches in pain and I feel so depressed.”


“Fear not little one, for I am THE BONSAI MASTER and I am here to restore you to life” Once again the room flooded with more love as THE MASTER’S words came out of HIS mouth.


The little sapling had heard stories of A Bonsai Master, but he had never believed it because the young sapling had never seen HIS work.


Then the sapling spoke with less trembling now and fewer tears.


“What are you going to do with me now?”


THE MASTER smiled and said I AM going to make you into a beautiful bonsai tree and place you in MY sanctuary where you will reveal the mysteries of MY universe.


A beautiful peace began to fill the heart of this little sapling, and a rest came over him as the young branch began to trust THE MASTER. It seemed so easy to do because there was so much love coming from THE MASTER.


Now the little tree had more questions. “How long is it going to take, how will YOU do it, where am I going to be planted, can I be a bonsai master???


“Now now little one,” said THE BONSAI MASTER. “In due time you will have all these questions answered.”


Slowly THE MASTER began to look over the little sapling and as HIS gentle hands touched the sapling to lift the sapling up. As HE did the saplings heart grew warm.


THE MASTER gently blew on the sapling to blow away the dirt and when THE MASTER blew the sapling filled with a radiant color that was unique unto him.


Suddenly a sound began to emanate from the sapling. The sapling felt a new and encouraged life flow into its being and a hope was rising within the saplings heart.


As THE MASTER continued HIS work HE began to speak again as if HE was talking to both the sapling and to all the other ones in the room.


The other young saplings; now planted in their own custom made pots had heard this story before but hearing it again brought such peace, comfort and joy.




“It takes years of patience and attention to develop a fine bonsai. It takes at least as long to become a master practitioner. There is no such thing as an “instant bonsai” – nor a “one-minute master.”


A skilled and practiced eye is required to recognize promising bonsai material – backing-off or squinting in order to obtain proper perspective is often required.


You must learn to identify the fundamental structure and form of a potential bonsai, selectively ignoring tangles or sparseness.


Order can be brought to tangle – and sparseness can be used to advantage – but the tree itself has within it an optimum style it was created with.


You must know and use the rules of style but how to use them as guidelines only.


Rigid adherence often leads to disappointing results. So I direct my efforts toward enhancing – not fighting – a tree’s natural tendencies.


Training is a process of refinement.


First consideration must be given to the trunk. It may take several years to obtain the appropriate taper.


Next, the main branches are refined to provide the general shape of the canopy. This too may require several growing seasons to accomplish.


Finally, the branchlets are tended and the bonsai is fully revealed.


I must give as much – or even more – attention to the back of a tree as one does to its front.


I do this because it is the back which provides the depth required for a beautiful and dramatic frontal view.


Throughout the training, the roots of the tree are cared for. I must slowly reduce the Root mass over time.


Large roots, in particular, must be removed gradually, in stages, to allow new feeder roots to form and take over supply needs.


During training, wire and other appliances are used sparingly and as unobtrusively as possible, allowing for pleasant viewing even while the tree is being trained.


Appliances or circumstances are left in place only long enough to accomplish their purpose and are removed before scaring or any other damage occurs.


Shaping takes place in stages with consideration given to the maturity of the tree.


A young tree or branch has the suppleness of youth.


More patience is required however to bend a mature branch.


If one is too aggressive, an important branch can be damaged or lost causing a general loss of balance or form.


The nature of the tree will dictate its needs in terms of environment and nutrition.


I know that the pines like good drainage provided by sand but the bald-cypress will flourish in bog.


I know that a quince can stand freezing temperatures that would normally kill a black-olive.


I design a custom feeding schedule for each tree individually. There is a great reward for such individual attention.


I also carefully use controlled stress as part of your training.


I know when to withhold water. When root-pruning will lead to leaf size reduction. When to withhold feeding to enhance flowering.


I know just how much stress MY tree can stand, and when and how to remove stress when its work is done without damaging the tree.


In selecting the component pieces of a forest planting, I use MY nature as a guide.


The role, scale, placement and species of each tree is carefully planned and executed.


The result is a harmonious and accurate reflection of a natural forest with its dark places, sunny meadows, shaded glens, and root-broken paths.



Courtesy Micah Sheldon

I am very careful in the selection of the pot that will serve as a home for MY bonsai.


The pot must enhance the beauty of your form and coordinate with your size.


It should provide correct contrast to your new color, blending subtly with you to form a pleasing whole.


Pruning will be performed throughout your lifetime, but only as necessary to maintain proper form.


Balance is maintained between root and canopy, and trunk and branch.


Pruning is performed in a manner that strengthens you.


I also know that pruning too much or too often can weaken or even kill a tree.


At times, it is beneficial to allow periods of wild, unrestrained growth. Wild branches are often left in place for several seasons to strengthen and thicken the trunk.


Later, these can be removed and rooted to form new trees. Many a fine bonsai began life as cuttings.


Training of a bonsai is never really finished for it is a living and ever-changing thing.


Over the years, with practiced observation, and close attention one can learn the nature and the cycles of MY trees.


I know their seasons, their spring and fall colors, their summer canopies, and their winter forms.


I know when branch and bud swell will occur; how much mid-summer heat and sun can be tolerated and when each is flourishing and when one is suffering.


I AM tireless in MY attention. I can be found daily, out among MY trees, both reveling in – and wondering at – their ability to reflect the majesty, strength, and mystery of creation.


Those that I allow to be Bonsai masters are ever grateful for their chance to participate.


Should a fine old bonsai reach the end of its life, I will show MY concern to the end.


No trash heap awaits a favored companion. Each is  brought to the eternal sanctuary for safe keeping.


Courtesy Minnesota Bonsai Society


And finally, when a master reaches the end of his season, he will pass his charges on to another…perhaps student…perhaps teacher…with knowledge that MY care which I taught him will continue through other hands. And then He will join me in the great sanctuary”


When HE had finished speaking the young new sapling was radiating and full of peace.


The sapling found itself planted in a new pot and was content to be in the care of someone who would protect and care for her/him.


The sapling could rest now knowing that there was a process in place that would be used ever carefully to shape this sapling into a fine bonsai tree that would one day be placed into the display of life’s gallery.


Not that the circumstances would be much easier to endure, and sometimes impatience would sprout, but it brought a security that could no longer be shaken by circumstances.


Finally, the bonsai knew who he was and what his life would be all about.


Likewise, if you have not yet had the revelation… you are the bonsai tree.


So the next time you are feeling down or wondering why things are not where you would like them to be, know that THE GRAND BONSAI MASTER is at work in your life and that the people in your life, and circumstances around your life, are being used to shape you.


They are the wiring.


Your trunk represents your spiritual, mental, emotional and financial character.


If it is not strong you cannot grow tall.


Your branches are how you reach out into the world to provide your fruit to those who are interested.


Your fruit is what people experience when they engage you and how you provide your services.


Do you work from a place of love, integrity and true concern for your fellow man, or just so you can make a quick buck or as much money as you can? Do you find yourself impatient, rude, irritable? Those are the traits The Bonsai Master will be working out of you.


The pot you have been planted into, the work you do, the business you are in, and life in which you live, is custom made for you so when it is all done and said you will shine a new so…when things seem to be going roughly…


Just look up, smile, and proclaim “I Trust YOU. Though I don’t understand I trust YOU.” And sooner than you realize, but longer than you want, you will be placed in public, or private, display for all to gaze upon and see the mystery of THE GRAND BONSAI MASTER.


That is how we approach each one of our clients.


We realize that every client has their own personal journey to walk out and that each requires specific and tailored care because each is being made into a beautiful display of talent and service.


Our job is to be the hands of The Bonsai Master to each… However, we are just an instrument for THE GRAND BONSAI MASTER and by learning to listen we can properly help each one of our clients in whatever way they come to us.


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Until we meet face to face


Yutakana Seikatsu or Abundant Life


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