The Great Experiment

The Great Experiment pushes the borders of what we think the approach to happy successful living is. It re-examines and attempts a radically different approach to live.

So here is the idea.

There is this sense that we’ve got the whole success and work thing upside down and backwards. We think that we have to work hard to provide for our families and go after this so called success thing. We spend about 80 to 90% of our time going after it and leave the remaining 20-10% of the remaining time for spiritual and family.

But our world is a mess.

What if we flipped it?

What if we invested 80% of our time in the spiritual and family. Loving our children, being there for them, and raising them and investing time to get to know and walk with GOD as HE teaches and leads us, and then the remaining 10 to 20% of our time doing the work thing.

Would GOD show up and provide like HE shares in the Bible? (Trust in the LORD with all your heart…seek ye 1st the Kingdom of GOD and HIS way of doing things and all these things shall be added unto you.)

Now I’m not talking about abandoning our work responsibilities.

What I ‘m saying is reprioritizing and during our 20% window work smart and hard leveraging our time and talents to be satisfied with what we accomplish in our 20% window of time, no matter the results, can we trust the LORD to take care of us?

Because I think our society, which is comprised of our families and children need to be loved and taken care of. Those who are hurting need help and guidance from those who are wise in their years.

Those who are hurting need help and guidance from those who are wise in their years.

We are not going to turn things around the way we have been doing. The last 20 years have proven that. It’s going to take a radical approach that is totally opposite to what we have been doing.

So would you like to join the Great Experiment?

If you are tired of seeing the world spinning out of control an your own life becoming more disenchanting, hollow and aching for deeper meaning, then allow me to challenge you to slam on the breaks and take a step of faith and become part of the great experiment.

I’m going to be posting regular video logs and blog posts sharing with you what is happening here on my end as I reprioritize my day to embrace the 80 20% reverse approach. How my own family responds┬áto my new decision, what happens to our income and what is going on in me emotionally and mentally so that you can see for yourself and maybe take the same challenge.

If you want to be part of The Great Experiment then make a video and share it here.

So let us embark on this journey together.

Upward & Onward;


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