The Hardest Truth To Accept

What would you do if you found out everything you knew was a lie? That you had been deceived and were living in a darkened understanding?

Would you want to know or would you just continue to live in darkness?

As hard as it may be to believe, and receive, we all live in a level of darkened understanding due to the system that is in place and our own character flaws of pride, arrogance, fear, lust and greed.

Most people don’t want the light of truth because they have come to trust and love their darkened world of understanding. To complicate matters the pride of life does not want to accept the possibility that the life & lifestyle created is built on shaky ground. We would not dare build a hotel on unstable ground but when it comes to our lives we don’t use the same wisdom. It’s not untill the ground is radically shifted that we wake up.

I’ll never forget the day part of my own darkened understanding was enlightened to real truth. I was both grateful that I could see and still have the opportunity to learn, while at the same time I was grieved that I had deceived my own self for so long.

I was at a hotel getting ready to shoot a commercial the next day. I was reading this 500 year old book that a friend gave me. With it’s direct and powerful words it gently pulled the veil back and exposed my own darkness. I literally had no idea I was blind. It revealed how most all my decisions were being made to protect my own selfishness and to gratify my own desires for self gratification & greed. I even hid behind a lie that I wanted to help people. When push came to shove I really wanted financial provision.

It was a moment of new freedom. In this freshly found liberty I could finally see more clearly and make a new choice. To move into the light and let it expose all the darkness in me so I could be purged. It was that or stay in the darkness and continue down the path of misery and ultimate failure . I was shocked to see that a part of me was not wanting to let go of my habitual ways and thoughts.

Of course my decision was to step into the light as much as I possibly could. It has been both a joyous decision as well as a heart breaking decison as all my faults were being revealed.  I wanted to live the ideal lifestyle and have lots of money, to live in a nice home and enjoy my work. Every thing came under scrutiny. I discovered it’s not about your job, about money, lifestyle. No it’s infinitely more valuable and precious than that.

Now I’d like to pass this torch of light to you for free so that you too can be transformed for the better.

Enclosed is a link to this profound little book that has been the most read spiritual devotional of all time. It has transformed more lives than any other devotional. Please do you and your loved ones a favor and read it several times. When you finish the First section of 5, email me your thoughts and share how it’s impacted your life as we continue this journey to fulfilling your purpose.

Fulfilling your real dream your real purpose you first have to step out of darkness and in to the light. That’s what that tug in your heart is. You know that there is something more, you know that you have a greater purpose but you can’t seem to put your finger on it. That pull or tug is the love of the creator wooing you to come up higher and deeper in life.

Make the decision to step into the light. Don’t worry about the darkness that will be exposed. Think of it as a liberating of the spirit. There is forgiveness and love in the light but you have to say yes and take that first step.

Just download this free copy of the most profound book that has radically transformed so many others and share with me the impact it is having on your own life.

Until next time remember to always fly right.

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Roger G -aka- Your Inflight Motivater

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