The Key To Experience Heaven on Earth: Discover the Ultimate Key to Abundance and Success in a Chaotic World!

As we look at what is happening in our world and in our lives, it can be difficult to think how can I have a good year with everything going on. A lot of people make the decision that the only way they can have a good year is if certain things transpire the way they want them to, according to their standards and hopes, and wishes. The problem with that is that when those things don’t happen, we make the decision that it hasn’t been a good year.

The truth of the matter is that if we realize and come to the understanding that the best way to have Your Best Year Ever is to completely put our hope, desires, wants, and wishes completely on just wanting God.

I understand it may sound easy to do or cliche but if we’ll learn how to allow ourselves to totally trust everything He said in His word and that He is who he says He is, a good Father, who will provide, take care of, who will protect. watch over, and comfort, then indeed this is what’s going to cause you to have your best year ever.

Your Best Year can only occur when you put your complete hope and trust in God and God alone.

Back in 2020, I lost my job from a wrongful termination due to the company looking to unload their highest-paid employees. Nothing seemed to work. Our business was not making any money, we had nothing coming in from the ministry. I had applied to 70+ jobs and nothing was working. It got to where I had given up on everything.

I didn’t feel loved by my wife or my kids. I didn’t feel that I had hope. I didn’t know why I was on the earth anymore. It seemed no one was interested in what wisdom had been bequeathed to me and so I really wanted to die and go home. I told God “why am I here, why not just take me home?”

I got up to go do the dishes and a scripture came to mind and so I put my focus on the scripture and just started saying it out loud. “The joy of the Lord is my strength.” The joy of the Lord is my strength. And I was emphasizing each word. The joy of the LORD is my strength, joy of the LORD.

I would focus on and emphasize one word at a time out loud like the word THE or focus on the word JOY or focus on the word STRENGTH I got to where I was yelling it out loud with passion since no one was around.I was doing this for about 15 to 20 minutes and another scripture came “Greater is He that is in me that he that it’s in the world”

I did this for about a half hour and the next thing I knew I had a total revival happen right inside of me. I was weeping with Joy, crying and I told the Lord and said “Lord, if I could have nothing else for the rest of my life, it would not matter where I lived, how much money I could make, whatever it was, if I could just experience this heaven on earth like I am right now every day of my life, I would be totally and completely content because this is the greatest thing that I could ever have.

The key to experiencing heaven on earth: to un-lock the abundance and success in a chaotic world is to embrace this understanding full-heartedly! That is what makes you have the greatest year ever, is getting to the place where you can completely trust and abandon yourself to the reality that God is who He says He is.

He does what he says He’ll do and He will completely fulfill every need desire, want, and wish by just learning to be IN HIM. It’s not in having the stuff or the results, but in having, and being in Him.

So for you to have Your Best Year Ever this year I want to encourage you to just let your mind and heart focus completely on Him.

Don’t worry about your problems, your situation or your circumstances, or how you’re going to have your income met or your needs met. Regardless of what’s going on just trust Him. And that’s the beauty.

You can even thank Him for all this going on. You can thank Him for inflation. You can thank Him for a government that has gone awry and has become twisted.

How can you do that?

Because guess what they’ve done?

The Lord has shown you how corrupt and unstable the world is. And He’s showing Himself strong to you as to how strong and capable and able He is.

So praise Him for the challenges that we’re going to experience. Just rejoice and know that He is here and He is manifesting Himself and He is bringing solutions and answers. Make sure you refrain from thinking “How am I going to get through this?” How am I going to pay?

You don’t have to suffer from that kind of thinking.

You’ve been delivered from being a slave. You have to choose to come out of Egypt, you have to really come to the understanding that God has a beautiful garden for you. He’s your provider. He’s your Sustainer, He’s your strengthened, He’s already paid the price for your freedom.

And so just rest in Him and trust Him the only thing that he said to labor at was to labor at to enter his rest.

What does that mean?

That means fixing your mind and your heart on him and his promises and trusting them and nothing else. And realizing that he’s going to show up and be who He is.

And that’s the greatest year you could ever have. And the greatest life you could ever have is that place of understanding that He is right here in your life. He’s not going anywhere and you could completely abandon yourself and trust him.

Because truly that’s what wealth is. It’s letting Him flourish in every area of your life.

So if you want to experience heaven on earth *|FNAME|*, I want to encourage you this weekend as you take time to rest just rest in that understanding that He is your all in the all. Speak out loud the promises and principles out loud emphasizing each word and suddenly heaven will manifest!

And while you do it, come take a look at The Warriors Wealth Network because we sense you’re going to find that this is going to be a digital ark of hope.

It’s going to provide the answers God’s wanting to get over to you to be a solution for you in these times, where you’re going to learn about the different ways that God is moving in the earth and take advantage of the solutions that He’s bringing to help his children thrive in these times.

We love you, God bless you.

Have a great weekend.

Continue Your Journey Upward & Oward and remember to “Always Fly Right!”


Roger Gauthier
Chief Steward
Warriors Wealth Network

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