The Power of Concentration

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So you know the story…

You are focused on a powerful life changing outcome, your working hard to learn, develop skills, and do whatever it takes to change the course and direction of your life or business.

But then it happens.

Something comes along in life and pulls you off track. Maybe it was a family illness, or an unexpected trip you had to take for work. Maybe it was the IRS letter you got in the mail that informed you that they think you have falsely reported on your taxes and now they want to do a 3-year tax audit. Maybe you come home from vacation to find your 1/3 of your home flooded.

Whatever it was, the situation pulled you off your objectives, and off course.

So let me ask you…

Where has your mind gone since I last communicated with you???

Have you continued your strategic journey toward Freedom? Or have you allowed circumstances and other influences convince you that you need their help instead?

What has shifted the power of your concentration?

The Power of Concentration by is one of the few books that addresses and trains our ability to focus. The scriptures tell us to Meditate on GOD’s word day and night and we shall have good success. To meditate is to ponder and mutter over and over to still our minds and seek wisdom and revelation. To gain impitus and power to move.

We see that if we can control the focus of the mind, we can have good success where ever we direct it. That is why advertisers spent billions researching the mind and how to direct it. They know that if they can hold a mind for 30 seconds then they can influence a person to make a purchase.

The power of ones concentration has the ability to take you where you desire to go because that is how GOD designed us. Even the LORD HIMSELF, hovered over the face of the waters. What was HE doing? Some of it was envisioning, planning, pondering. CONCENTRATING on HIS Desire.

When you ponder you direct your mind to act, the vision becomes real and infused with energy that then prompts you to act.

Want proof?

Think of the last time you were attracted to someone? Did not the mind begin to ponder, to imagine? Did you not feel feeling arise in you? Did you not imagin yourself acting? Maybe it was seeing yourself going up and talking to them? Maybe smiling at them?

You get the idea.

The power of concentration, if maintained and held, will direct your actions. Maintain and hold your concentration consistently and you will consistently act. Consistently act, and you will eventually end up where you imagined or believed.

In fact those who control your concentration are those who will determine your destiny….

So, what does this have to do with today’s post?

Why Have I remained quiet for so long???


quietI’ve remained quiet for two reasons.

Reason 1 was to allow you to experience 1st hand what happens to the direction of your mind in attaining freedom when those who want to help you are not there to direct and focus your mind.

When we don’t have our dream team, our mentors and partners, our minds will be influenced by someone or something else.

The statistics reveal that we will become the average of the 5 people we invest the most time with. That is spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.

My mentor Jim Rohn used to tell me that you must NOT ask yourself, where ever you work, “what am I getting from here?”, but rather “what am I becoming here?”

The influences of people and media will affect you whether you believe it or not. Everything you see and hear affects and influences the unconscious mind.

If you want to lose weight or wake up and 5a then watch at least 10 YouTube videos and see what that will do for your motivation.

When you watch 10 or so hours of TV it is no wonder people are depressed, overweight, broke, insecure and frustrated.

That is the vision the media elites want you to have. That is why they call it Tell A Vision (TV) It is their vision for you. The vision THEY have.

If you want to reach a specific goal you surround yourself with those who have and they will rub off on you.

So you see I have remained quiet so you could experience 1st hand what has happened to your mind and heart since I have been quiet.

The question you must ask is “Who’s Directing Your Concentration?”

Most likely you have been led now down the road to someone else’s vision for you.

So let me ask….Is it really taking you where you desire to go or are you still frustrated?

If so…

Let’s get back on track to your true freedom.

The second reason I drew quiet is that there has been a shift in the spiritual realm. I liken it to your smart phone when you need an update.

Ever notice how after a while your phone just begins to bog or have these little glitches? It is usually because it needs the update. Once done the phone works better than it did before or it has new and better features.

We’ll likewise there has been an update in the spiritual realm after the Presidential election. After Inauguration day, I was seeking what the update was and how we were supposed to shift our efforts to help you experience true freedom.

Where on the spiritual timeline are we now on? Where should you focus your mind and energies? What shift in priorities should occur.

It was grueling because everything was quiet. It was as if Heaven was waiting for us to just let go of our old agendas and surrender to the update.

And so we stopped everything.

We let go of all our clients and closed our doors and waited, and waited, and waited and waited again.

For 7 months, we waited and examined the cry of our hearts.

We prayed and sought GOD. We were led to people and YouTube videos, Phone conversations and a specific conference.

Many people failed to just be still.

There were prayers and subtle thoughts that came to me with and a hint of direction.

And then the answers began to come.

Things are certainly going to get harder and those who do things the old ways are going to suffer tremendously financially, emotionally, mentally physically and spiritually.

But this is not a fear tactic and I don’t want you to lose heart.

Rather be encouraged because if you will shut out the competing voices for your attention, your focus, and pay close attention and follow through with what we will be sharing, you will have a freedom and peace of mind that will shine like a lighthouse during the night in a hurricane.

So to begin with I will be sending you step by step emails on how to properly align with the times and seasons we are entering so that you can move from where you are to where real life, freedom, and peace.

If you want to experience that and all that freedom entails you must carefully follow the steps I’ve included below.

If you’re ready then begin by:

1) Stop checking email and social media throughout the day. It is robbing you of critical time to make progress on your freedom.

Seriously how many emails and social media tweets and posts enabled you to grow spiritually and earn more income?

How many of them have really brought you closer to GOD and have peace?


Instead, schedule a time in the day that you will check those accounts.

Dan Kennedy a renowned marketing guru only has his important emails sent to him once a week via FedEx.

He guards his focus and attention like a hawk going after its prey.

And so should you!

Where you direct your attention will determine your destiny and believe me, 90% of the people out in the world have little concern about your destiny.

I love this quote “If you don’t have a schedule for how your day is going to go, People will recruit you unconsciously into theirs”.

So you must schedule your emails to guard, protect and preserve your time so you can focus on that which is mission critical.

2) Shut down all other emails but that which is truly mission critical.

Remember the quote? “If you don’t have a schedule for how your day is going to go. People will recruit you unconsciously into theirs.”

Many of the emails and social media posts are designed to get your attention onto them.

And that is such a distraction for your freedom and spiritual growth.

Yes, there are specific skills you need to succeed and tasks to accomplish but you have to be strategic.

When you have a specific plan for your growth and the tasks that need to be accomplished it is easier to see what you need and when instead of just being pulled to buy the latest course or software, or meme, or “look at how great my life is” post on Facebook.

So shut down all the voices, the different subscriptions, the different e-zines, all the different ministries & causes.

We’ll share with you a better strategy in upcoming emails BUT for now…

The best and easiest thing to do is create a new email account and have your key contacts and mission critical mail go there.

Only go to the old inbox when you are searching for something specific.

It may be hard in the beginning because let’s face it, we are creatures of addiction and if you are not addicted to being still and peace, then you’re addicted to adrenaline.

It has been shown that the mobile devices stimulate the mind and creates the same chemicals as heroin.

Shocking yes?

You bet it is!

So if you want to be free badly enough you’ll do steps one and two.

How do I know?

Because I went through those withdraws.

My heart was screaming in pain and hurt and just wanted to get closer to GOD and have HIS LOVE heart as well as the peace of mind that I was on the right path.

But I had too many voices pulling me off track. To many distractions.

My pastor said, “You need to learn the voice of the FATHER, so listen to only those with the heart of the FATHER”

At that point, I shut off all the different ministries.

He even told me if I want to be a motivational preacher then listen to those kinds of people but if I want to be close to the FATHER then I had to shut the motivational people out.

Same with the money pastors, the authority bunch, the miracle folks, the doom, and gloom folks.

Shut down all those that were itching my ears with what I wanted to hear.

It has not been easy, to say the least, but I did the steps I am telling you, and can attest if you want the experience the freedom that has been divinely paid for then take those first two steps.

Your life and your freedom depend on it.

Now my next communication is going to reveal how to tie everything together that we have discussed up until now.

We will also introduce you to a special guest webinar that you will want to block out your calendar and camp out days before to get a seat.

It is going to be life altering.

Until then,

Upward & Onward;


Roger Gauthier
Founder & CEO
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