The Struggles of Life

life-is-a-struggleYou know the story!

You wake up in the morning and struggle to get out of bed.

Maybe you slept in too late and now your scrambling to try to get into your routine.

If your a person of faith you may fire off a few bullet prayers, maybe try and have a devotional and then it’s off an running to try and get everything done before time runs out.

From home schooling the children to taking them to school,  or getting off to work and all the activities that need to be attended to.

Maybe it’s a parent who is ill or having to live at home with all the many distractions.

But the day gets away before we know it and we did not do that dream that is in our heart. All we know is that we are frustrated and we are exhausted.

Maybe we fall into the couch to watch a little TV. Then when we can’t take any more stimuli we slip off to bed discouraged as to where our life is and hope that tomorrow may be better.

We may go to bed with more determination that tomorrow will be better, or we may be closer to giving up.

Your story may not be exactly like this, but we all have some kind of challenges that we must deal with.

Well I thought you might like to see the results of the survey so you can gain greater clarity on what is going on in the world and how we can come together and help each other.

We’re going to assemble the help you have asked for in webinar form and online course material to help address each of these areas and begin an email series to help you overcome and manage your challenges.

If you would not mind sharing what way you learn best in the comments below that would also help us.

In the mean time I’ll begin to address each area that you so kindly shared so that you can gain victory in each area of your life.

Thank you so much for trusting me to share your heart and how I can help you.

If you have not taken the survey yet and would like to help shape the support we can provide then just follow this link and answer the 4 questions. http://bit.ly/MyVictoryPlan2

If your ready to connect with a group of passionate people who are determined to live their dream and are seeking the best way to achieve it and to get the help and support they need to realize it then join us over at our online Dream Builders Portal called Strategic Freedom http://bit.ly/StratFreedom

I look forward to seeing you walk in the big dream that GOD has for you.

Upward & Onward;










So you see all the areas we can struggle with? You’re not alone. And if we come together as a family we can help each other overcome our struggles because that is how we are supposed to do it. GOD helps one person and then they are blessed with the wisdom on how to seek GOD so they can then share with someone else how to overcome their challenge.

So allow me to help you.

Register for my inBox Ministry resource called Strategic Freedom http://bit.ly/StratFreedom and get on an accelerated Journey to not only wholeness but to realizing your dream!

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  • Thanks for sharing Ardythe. Looks like that one slipped through the cracks majorly. Appreciate you call it to my attention. We are undergoing upgrades to all pages and sites to mobile platforms so this page is in the Que to be updated shortly. Thnks for sharing and I totally agree.