What’s Your 4 Foot Wall?

So if you look at my website you can see a huge time laps between when I last posted and today’s post. Why?

I ran into a 4 foot wall….

What do I mean?

Well a while back and they talked about how how the African Impala can be contained in a zoo by a 4 foot concrete wall.

What is interesting is that the impala is an African antelope recognized for its incredible speed, these beautiful creatures are too fast for many predators, who become bored of chasing and decide to seek out different prey.

But here is the real kicker.

In a single leap forward, an impala can jump up to 10 m (33 ft) forward and up to 3 m (9 ft 8) high. It’s an impressive feat but yet a 4 foot wall can keep them from escaping the zoo.

So it got me thinking. there are many things we do to grow and get ahead and try to improve in hopes they give us the power to jump and overcome any obstacle that comes our way, and yet it seems these subtle 4 foot walls are in our minds and hearts containing us in our personal zoo’s.

They may be excuses, wrong beliefs, past hurts, pains or life traumas, or outright lies that we are believing.

That got me wondering, there is content that certainly breaks down those walls.

Is there anyone here who is dealing with the wall of thinking that says “maybe I’m not as good as…(place personal Hero’s name here…)” and if so how did you break down that wall?

So far as this seems to be the one lie I’m dealing with myself and would love to hear your strategy as to how you overcame it?

The question I pose it “What Is Your 4 Foot Wall?

Or what other wall have you struggled with that you want help to tear down?

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Continue Your Journey Upward & Onward and remember to fly right!


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