Who’s Depending On Your Dream

Welcome To Who’s Depending On Your Dream!


I am so excited that you are joining us in this campaign to reach over 100 Million people in the months and years to come and pass along the vision, wisdom and resources to help them reach their goals. If you have not already done so view the powerful presentaion that we released on the 15th and will “Officially” kick of on Jan. 21st., 2008 “What’s Your Dream” Movie located at http://www.whosdependingonyourdream.com


The stories have already begun to pour in as 23,000 people in the last 72 hours have view this touching presentation that asks you one of lifes most importnat questions. Feel free to come back and read the additional stories that will begin to pour in from this film as it reaches more and more people. Then forward the movie and be a part of history. As you reach out to help another fellow neighbor get back up again to cary on in their journey to fulfill the dream they have been given, you help all of us.


I look forward to hearing your own story or even reading your comments about how we can do better and help you reach your goals. We have some pretty big plans but what will make it even more fun is if we come together and work as a team helping each other where we see critical issues that must be addressed so that we can all do better.


So let me just say, welcome aboard!





Roger Gauthier
CEO, Tri-Vision Global, Inc.
Launching You To Xtreme Success!