Welcome to the “What’s Your Dream” Blog.

You probably came here because you were either touched by the
What’s Your Dream” Movie or You have heard a lot of commotion
about this film.

Lives all around the world are being changed by this powerful little
presentation designed to help encourage you as well as motivate into
action so you actually start building your dream instead of dreaming it.
You see we all have been given a dream. That dream is for a reason
but many of us, myself included for over 10 years, dream about it, talk
about it and have gotten into a rut of thinking that says “I have to learn
more, or get some more success under my belt before I can actually go
out and do it.” or some other line of thinking like “who am I? What do I
 know?” “I’m just a…”. Then of course you have all those people going
no where around you saying things like “Your not ready” We’ll that’s
the lie that keeps you imprisoned in a cell of inactivity.

Remember It is better to get moving forward with what you know than
it is for all the conditions to be right. It is in the moving forward that the
conditions begin to change.

So share with us your story. Let me know how the “Who’s Depending
On Your Dreams Movie” touched you, how this film made a difference
and then come back and join us by sharing with us how you are going to
START Taking action!

Use our accountability board to tell us what your going to do each month
and then come back and post it back up so we can all see if you did it or not.
Then we can support you, encourage you, and if need be give you the kick
in the rear to get your head on straight and stop you from making excuses.

You see your dream is worthless if you do not act upon it. However; your
Dream is very important for the rest of us. You have been given
stewardship of that Dream, or Vision to help the rest of us out here trying
to make life a little bit more like the heaven it was intended to be. That’s
where we are heading.

Now come join the Dream Building Team in this mission to touch 100
Million people and give them what they need to bring their dreams to
pass. Remember if we each reach out to 3 people a day for 21 days, and
each one of them do like wise, and so on and so on, we will change the
world .

Don’t be shy. I’ll start off since it was I that first felt led to create
such a piece! BRB!