I Want To Be Your Accountability Partner!

Ah accountability! The one thing many of us may hate, but it is the one thing we all need to get where we want to go. Being able to hold ourselves accountable when no one is looking is a skill all its own but when we get tired and are downtrodden, we all need that team that is there in the game with us to help us pull through.

This page is were the magic is going to happen. Those of you who are serious about building your dream, and want some powerful accountability, can come and post what you will do each month.  If it’s confidential then disguise it with something like Secret 1, Project_X.1. Share with us one for each category of your life. Spiritual, mental, emotional, social, financial, relational est.. Then come back and give us a report. Tell us if you made it or not. The we can praise you or we can encourage you and as I said in an earlier post, kick you where you need it and give you a reality check! So Come on…post a project! I double dog dare you. 🙂