Your Decisions Are Robbing Your Freedom!

Grab your favorite motion potion and sit somewhere where you can read this without distraction because I’m about to do something that is going to completely change your life in a significant way for the better and when you get to the end you’re going to have a once in a lifetime opportunity.

But I’m going to do something risky that could derail you UNLESS you read through to the end, watch the videos and take the final step.

Good Luck!



If you’re a Gen X, Baby Boomer or older you probably remember the day when all we had was like 3 choices of Ice Cream. Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry. And our TV channels only had ABC, NBC, and CBS oh yea and the PBS.


It was easy to decide.


BUT then Baskin Robbins came along with its 31 Flavors and eventually satellite Direct TV hit the market with hundreds of channels.


We see the same thing playing out in smartphone, laptops and other gadgets.


Health and life insurance providers, auto insurance, investment houses, appliances, automobiles, undergarments, preachers and teachers, online courses, books, magazines, coffee and on and on and on.


It can get so overwhelming that science has proven we just shut down and make no choice at all.


But in reality that is a choice as well.


Making a decision today has become overwhelming and sometimes downright fearful.


Fearful that we’ll make the wrong decision.


So today I wanted to share a tip with you to help you in your decision-making processes because one of the key differences from those walking in their dream for freedom from those who are not, is the decisions they make based on the beliefs they have.


I see countless people making the wrong decision over and over because they have decided to CONTINUE thinking the way they do which causes them to make the same decision that keeps them stuck.


Sure they justify and disguise it with all kinds of toppings like “I’m waiting on GOD, I don’t have the money, I lost my job, I will launch my dream when I have more experience, I don’t have the time, and on and on and on.


The problem is they are using the same kind of decision-making process that has caused the problems in the first place. It’s that kind of Decision-making process that is robbing you of the freedom you desire.


Einstein said it well “You can’t think yourself out of a problem you thought yourself into.”


Jim Rohn shared that “for things to change YOU must change, for things to get better YOU must get better.”


The LORD HIMSELF declared to “renew our minds to the mind of CHRIST”


HE also gave us instructions to meditate on HIS word that we might have good success.


So what’s the problem then, why do we keep going around the mountain over and over?


Because we use the same kind of thinking over and over to make all our decisions.


Decisions of what to put our focus and attention on, decisions of what to spend our money on. Decisions of what to buy or not buy. Decisions of what to spend our time on, decisions of what to eat, where to go, who to hang out with, what time we wake up or go to bed, what to read or watch, where to live and on and on.


What is really sad is that when someone comes along that may have the answer for helping you get unstuck, you use the same decision-making habits of fear and worry that prevent you from trusting them.


Sure, you will decide right now, while reading this email, as to what I just said, with the reason of “Well I’ve been burned before”.  To which I respond, that is a decision based on fear, a fear that holds you back.


Funny thing is, you never had that kind of thinking when you successfully learned to walk, did you? How many times did you fall and get hurt? Plenty Right? Of course.


Then why not decide to use that same approach right now?


You see if you keep using the decision-making process you have always used, you’ll keep getting the same results.


The key is to go back to what you did as a child and say “I’m going to do it and if I fail or it’s the wrong choice I’ll learn from it again and try it again and I’ll keep trying UNTIL I get it.


I see this happen when someone signs up for one of my courses. Instead of making the decision that I’m going to learn this no matter what, a warriors mentality, they come in and think “well I’ll try it and if it does not work I’ll ask for my money back”.


In other words a poverty mentality or defeatist attitude.


You see the beautiful thing about making a decision is that you gain experience, wisdom and a new perspective you did not have before. You take another step up the hill. You expand your circle of comfort. (I’ll explain that on one of the upcoming webinar)


Even if it was the wrong decision you learn something and still expand your circle.


When you choose to not decide you only stay in your circle of comfort and nothing changes. Other than maybe the circumstances you’re in now grow worse than before.


You see winners, warriors and champions decide quickly so they can fail quickly and learn quickly.


Cowards, laggards, and losers wallow in indecision and are tossed to and fro by every opinion and do not inherit the Kingdom of peace and joy because they can’t make a solid decision.


Rather they get confused and procrastinate and eventually lose out on the valuable experience.


How do I know?


Because I lived that way for years. I pontificated till I was blue in the face. I called everyone for their opinion, I wallowed back and forth trying to decide and used all kinds of reasons.


“What if I’m wrong, how will I pay the bill? What if it does not work? What will my family and friends think now? What if I get rejected? What if she does not like me, should I go to this seminar or not, and on and on and on.


I remember one time I turned my car around 4 times before I finally decided to go.


I did it for everything. In my life, dating, purchases or goods, classes. It was horrible.


In the end, it exhausted me and left me no better off than before, if not worse.


Until I learned the secrets I share in my Dream Builders course and soon in my Wealth Building Academy.


You see when you can’t decide it’s like going around the mountain over and over again never entering your promise land of peace and victory.


Sure there are the giants of worry, fear, doubt that you have to overcome. But by pressing on and learning and gaining as much experience from your decision as you can, you expand your wisdom and your circle of comfort.


Plus you discover a whole new world flowing with milk and honey.


This movie clip from Moana tells it best.



Here she is first being taught not to move out of her comfort zone.


You see her tribe was seeing the life they knew around them, their circle of comfort. But someone who knew who she really was began to encourage her. Why? Because things would change.

Their circle began to erode away. Their way of comfort was being destroyed.


They were in fear and did not know what to do.


But Moana discovered who they really were



It took a young girl to help them remember they were “Way Finders.”


When she reminded them, they set out on a new journey of adventure to their new promised land.


Of course, she ran into opposition and doubt. She questioned what was in her heart. But someone who loved her reminded her.



Thus I want to help you remember who you REALLY are.


A child of the KING with HIS SPIRIT in you and HIS power in you to conquer the biggest Goliath’s that try and intimidate you into inactivity and indecision so you stay oppressed and in submission to less of a life than GOD intended you…


So in a couple of weeks, we are launching a new membership program called The “Wealth Builders Academy”.


I know the word Wealth can trigger lots of emotions and thoughts that are negative because that’s the way the enemy has programmed us.


What we failed to understand is that GOD HIMSELF said in Deuteronomy 8:18 “But remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your ancestors, as it is today.”


But why have so many then struggled and suffered in their lives? It’s because how they think and make decisions.


That’s why I’ve studied this topic for more than 30 years.


I’ve always wanted to develop a program where people could learn the skills of wealth so they could make the impact in the world they are called to.


I’ve been frustrated to see good men and women lose hope or delay their dream because of bad habits, poor thinking processes and lack of skills.


But I’ve wanted to do it at a price people could afford and that would engage them in really applying themselves.


People might ask “why don’t you do it for free?”


The answer is that free does not work. Look at the public library system. It’s free.


All the answers are there as well but people don’t have the time to flesh it out, nor the discipline.


But charge for it and magically people apply themselves. They show up, do the homework and learn and grow.


Same thing with college. People who pay themselves, show up to class and apply themselves. Those whose parents pay, skip class and party.


So I’m going to launch it for a nominal investment for our founding members.


They will get the opportunity to have it at a steep discount for the rest of their lives.


After our founder’s membership closes the investment will go up to create the systems of support they will need.


On top of that, I am going to offer the opportunity to partner with us and become an affiliate where you can share this powerful resource with others to help them break free from the shackles that are keeping them stuck in life.


When you do and they subscribe, you get paid.


My mission here is to empower the masses with the wisdom to gain wealth.




Because when people have money they contribute to the economy more and make bigger impacts in the lives of others.


Because the LORD says I have given thee power to gain wealth, that we might establish HIS kingdom and too many people are stuck doing nothing.


So I’m going to open the doors to a limited private group as a test market to help us refine the system for the others who will be coming on board later.


Your only requirement is that you have to share your thoughts when asked.


Here is what will happen.


Once a month you’ll get a short, easy to digest, principle. It will be sent in video, pdf and maybe even mailed to you.


These principles will begin to shape your thinking so you can get real results.


Thinking like a King thinks, not a pauper thinks. Like a wealth builder, not a wealth consumer.


You’ll also learn the skills of wealth building that you can apply to your life, marriage, business, ministry, health, finances, and relationships.


You’ll discover how to legally buy back your time (the time the locus has devoured), how to leverage your time, how I 5X my own wealth using simple concepts of leveraged focus and much, much more.


Plus you’ll learn the skills you need to develop to be a global impact on a much bigger scale than you have before.


The only limit to what you can do will be in your own mind and we’re going to teach you how to take out all the stops.


All for a simple $29.97 per month.


BUT because I want to empower the masses with this wisdom, if you will join in the cause and help me by sharing this with at least two people who pay their monthly subscription, your subscription, and lifetime membership, into the Wealth Builders Academy is FREE.


Of course, if you share it with more than two, then you can actually be earning income.


Share it with hundreds and you can make thousands because I am going to pay out 50% of the membership to those people you share it with, who stay subscribed, to you.


So if you want 1st mover access when this opens, register your name on my waiting list and when we open to the public you will get a 7-minute head start before anyone else.


Once we reach that magic number I’ll close the doors and we’ll work together to refine the system.


When we open again it will be slightly more but you stay at the founder’s investment, but you’ll be paid the 50% of the new subscription amount when people sign up that you referred.


Of course, if you share this now and have those you care about register, then when we go live, you could not only get your membership for free but you could turn this into a real business.


The business of helping people get free by helping them to learn how to think and decide like a wealth builder instead of a wealth spender.


The opportunity to decide is now at your fingertips. http://bit.ly/wealthbuildersacademywl


Will you use the old decision-making skills that fails to see the true value here or will you decide that you want to learn how to think and decide differently?


The decision is yours. Will You Fight For Your Better Future, or will you succumb to the voices of fear, doubt and discouragement?


Hope to see you on the other side.



Upward & Onward;




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