You’re Our First Test Pilots

Hello Success Traveler

For those of you who have just joined us we wanted to quickly let you know that you are the trail blazers. Our Test Pilots!

We recently put up “Non-Stop Service to Success”a FREE e-zine created to give individulas both the insights & the resources necessary for them to meet success without delay. The response has been outstanding.

But despite the success we have come up against some incredible challenges. Editing problems, staffing issues, training issues, intense travel demands, are just a few of the problems we have faced. However we keep doing whatever we need to do to move forward.

So many people never move forward because they wait for their idea or dream to be perfect, missing out on the incredible advantage of getting feedback from the market place. They fail to act like a test pilot.

Test Pilots are rare because despite the technical glitches like a wing being shot off, or the ejection seat catching on fire, test pilots can handle it. Matter of fact, seems no matter how challenging a day, they seem to have a great attitude.

Colonel Mock was one of the first pilots to test the missiles on the wing of an aircraft. First time he fired the missile he shot his plane down behind the enemy lines during Vietnam. To escape the enemy, he had to crawl through bushes at night that had thorns close to three inches long. As the thorns pushed through his face and body, he could hear the enemy behind him. He had a choice. Stop to be killed or taken hostage and tortured, or keep pressing on. Well he kept pressing on because he lived to tell me this story.

Many I’m sure would quit after that ordeal, but not Colonel Mock. He went up again after getting out of the hospital. And guess what. By the time he climbed in the cock pit again, they still had not perfected the missile system yet and again he shot himself down. Fortunately this time it was not quite as difficult.

When you speak with him you can see the scars on his face, but you know what you can see that is even more incredible. When you look into his eyes, you see a man who has a passion for life and an attitude that says I will never give in, I will never quit.

Chuck Yeager, the first human to ever break the sound barrier, used to always say “Any Landing You Walk Away From Is A Good Landing”

So taking their philosophy to heart say out loud…

Any attempt you make is a great attempt & I will never quit!!

Think about this during the hard & difficult times in your life and the next time you look up and see a plane in the sky, remember this story.

Have a great Holiday Season everyone!

Upward & Onward;
Roger Gauthier,
Your In-flight Success Coach

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