Fulfilling Your Destiny

Do you ever get the sense that there is more to life, more than entertainment, making money, achieving fame or power, traveling the world, reaching goals, experiencing the best or worst life has to offer?


Well if you do, you’re right! YOUR LIFE has a purpose that goes beyond time, that reaches into the divine books of history and future. But it does not come without a fight!


Just like the video game Destiny you are engaged in a real war, a battle for the soul of man. Your soul. For the hopes of thwarting your divine destiny that was written before you even came to earth.


If the powers of darkness can capture your mind and emotions and keep you distracted then they can in effect keep you from making the impact you were born to create.


So the battle is about learning to deny the flesh and with focused purpose direct your mind and energies on growing stronger in the spiritual domain and then learning the way to true freedom and helping others get free form the system in place as well.


It’s not a war directed at other people and overcoming them. It’s an internal war within your soul that is played out daily, moment by moment for your attention in hopes of creating habits. Habits that will either lead you to eternal life, or destruction. The choice is yours to make. You can choose to grow in unselfish love, kindness, gentleness,  self control, patience, endurance, long-suffering or you can choose to seek your own selfish desires and continue to become darkened in mind and emotion, weighted down with the cares of life until the moment of choice is stolen form you.


So today allow me to extend to you the choice to real life. the path of truly fulfilling your true divine destiny. An invitation to become a warrior of the spirit realm. You do this be opening your heart to the truth. Asking for and seeking the truth. You can go it the quick way or the harder way but in the end you will be face with only one truth. That truth is that JESUS CHRIST came and died for you. HE gave HIS life that you might have life. HE took the punishment for our errors in judgement, poor behaviors and all that offends the greatest LOVE known to man so that you could enter into an eternal relationship with the most beautiful CREATOR of all life, of LOVE HIMSELF.


All you have to do is bow your heart, and just acknowledge the error of your way, of the fact that we fall forever short of being righteous. And then accept the GIFT of JESUS CHRIST. Ask HIM to enter your heart, to be your leader, your guide, your friend, your CEO, your LORD and you will be back on track to the most glorious adventure ever known to man.


You will be on the journey to discover that your Destiny is found in HIM and HIM alone. That is where you will find the life you long for. The peace that escapes you, the rest for your soul. (Mind, will and emotions) this is where your joy will be made complete.


So are you ready for an adventure?


Let me know in the comments below.


Upward & Onward my friend.


Your Brother in CHRSIT:


Test The Truth

It’s hard to believe for many, but what we often have been told is true, is now being discovered has been a lie. A deception of the mind to keep people thinking there is no grand plan, no CREATOR.


That we are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. That the world we live on is but a small spec in a grand cosmos.


With that mindset we find living our lives in a way that just can’t seem to fulfill us. No matter how hard we try to stay happy when we finally just settle down and try and be still we sense a gnawing deep in our souls. If we are honest we can articulate what it is that is bothering us. We may not be able to place our finger on it exactly but we know there is something more. More to life.


The truth is the world is not what we have been told. And to make it even more interesting, we have actually been created with 7 Specific needs that must be met the right way or else we go about the wrong ways to have them fulfilled and when we do, we begin to create a mess in our lives. When we do we find peace, contentment, joy, happiness no matter what is going on in our lives.


That truth is that there is a MASTER Builder, and that you were created for a specific purpose and plan. But until you open your heart to want to know and you cry out for the truth of that plan you will forever wander and never be able to quench that yearning. You’ll be compelled by greed and lust and be consumed by it. If you ever saw the Pirates of the Caribbean you will know exactly what I am talking about.


How do I know this? Because I too was once compelled by the illusions of the world to satisfy a yearning deep in my soul. One driven by acceptance, approval, and greed for success.


Does this look familiar?


This is the second part completes the story all too well.


So we must test the truth because it won’t fail. Winston Churchill said it well. “The truth is incontrovertible, Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it but in the end, there it is”


Begin a new journey. A journey of discovering the real truth.


Reach out and let’s have a discussion. Schedule a time to talk, or take a look at our products and see if we can’t help you capture the meaning of life again and help you meet those 7 core needs the right way and find peace once again.


Until we meet in person my your journey continue Upward & Onward;




Ever been shot out of the sky? If not then get ready because almost every great entrepreneur, leader, or vision quest will eventually lead to a big crash that has the power to transform you….