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We're Under Attack, Our Freedoms Are Being Removed & We're Becoming Economic Slaves To A Broken System

Let's be real shall we!

The entire world has been under attack to remove our GOD given freedoms and enslave us to an economic way of life that is designed to keep us oppressed, barley making enough to pay the bills, and leave us with little to nothing for our future, and hardly enough to give significantly to those causes that matter most to us.

And because of our lack of understanding of both money and the laws that were put in place to protect us and defend our GOD ordained rights, our freedoms for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, are being taken away without a word or a shot fired. In short we have been suckered.

And the dreams that GOD has placed into our hearts are slowly being lost to despair and hopelessness as we can't seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel as we become economic slaves to a system that only prospers those who run it.

I know first hand what it's like to not have the income you need and to not be able to provide for my family. To have to borrow from my in-laws cupboard and to have others pay for my expenses. It sucks. And it's only going to get worse as the second phase of this covid insanity kicks in here in at the end of September.

But the good LORD has led me to a solution...

I've invested more than 30 years of my life trying to help others learn the skills to become financially free and to bring the dream that GOD has asked each of to steward to pass so that as many people as possible can be ushered into heaven.

But to realize any dream takes cash flow, and that's where most people get stuck. They have been trained in a very specific way to imprison them so they can't think out of the box. This causes them to be afraid to invest in themselves because they either just don't have the money, or they are afraid if they invest it they will fail and loose everything because they just don't know the laws of return on effort.

Well today the LORD has finally solved that problem.

We want to help you fund your purpose, become financially independent, and the same time, support others to help them become financially free as well.

How are we going to do that?

Our recent partnership with World Mission Church and their funding vehicle  Community Support Network is launching phase one of "Strategy 2020".  

It's a simple Biblical based strategy that equips individuals with the resources they need to raise funds for the things that matter most to them and to earn a very comfortable full time income, to the tune of 15,000 a month in 12 months or less. If you do the work. Now I can't promise you will make it because I don't know how disciplined you are, how well you follow directions, and what bad habits you have, but I can promise if you learn grow and try you'll make progress towards your dream life.

This independent Pier to Pier gifting program is helping individuals, organizations, and groups with their income and funding needs.

It's simple, easy to do, and can quickly help you get to where you can earn a very comfortable income, no matter what the economy does, if you simply follow the steps. But time is running out so we have to run while we still have time.

It's time we rise up, stop the enemy in his tracks and play these last days full out, leaving nothing on the field. I know many are tired, they have given their all and that is good. And now we have one last chance to give our last full measure of devotion. We can earn a great income, and help others in the process.

Join hands with a team that wants to help you fund your dream when you step out and fund our dream of seeing people free to serve GOD with all their hearts, learn the skills to make the dream GOD has asked them to steward, and finally usher in the last harvest before the game is over.

Plus as a limited time bonus you can receive a free membership to the Lighthouse Law Club, when you refer 2 qualified people, who refer two to the the Community Support Network.  A membership worth nearly $2,000. 

The Lighthouse Law Club will help educate you on the laws that guarantee your freedom, while the Community Support Network can help you generate the resources you need to fund your dream dream in 12 months or less  when your 2 referrals each refer two.

All for a single one time out of pocket donation of only $25.00.

Imagine being able to have the passive income to invest and grow and support causes that are dear to you. 

This is not a scam, it's a real program that works on a biblical gifting model. 

Remember the movie "It's A Wonderful Life" when at the end the town shares their funds to help George Baily?

Well that's what we're talking about but only better.

And now I'm able to give you the entire Heaven's Dream Builders Academy, a $997 yearly membership, for Freeunder 1 condition.

You must help us to empower other believers who are stuck in life and want the freedom GOD has given them, and help those who want to help others.

On this page you'll need to watch all three video's, then pray and as the LORD to confirm if this is right for you. You have to first decide, and then check with HIM. If yes your spirit will leap inside and say "Oh Yes, Oh Yes", followed by the peace in your heart.

And if so, then follow the steps below.

I think you will find as I did that this is one cause we can really get behind because what good is freedom if we don't have the resources to fight for it, enjoy it and give it to others right?

I hope you'll invest just a little time to discover how you can finally generate the cash-flow you need, learn how to defend your freedom with the Law behind you, develop your skills to bring that dream to pass, and help others get and stay free as well for a one time donation of only $25.

That's less than a $2.10 per day for 12 Days or 1 cup of coffee per day over the course of 12 Days.

I look forward to joining hands with you and finally be able to make the impact we have all longed to make.



Video # 2: It's Game Time - Let's Use the Law

Video # 3: Building A Better World By Extending
The Love of GOD & HIS Kingdom

How It Works

When you partner with the Community Support Network and donate a one time $25  donation and you enter into a partner gifting program where other like minded individuals will begin to sow into your life as revealed in the chart below.

You can just follow the one time donation and share this with others who need a blessing, or you can accelerate your giving as you will see.

And as the word of GOD reveals, "Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full—pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back." Luke 6:38.

This biblical giving system is how the church used to take care of it's people and when we align with GOD's principles a little can go a long way as the chart below reveals. And just like the young man with a two loves and two fishes feed thousands, you'll align yourself with an ancient  model of provision.

But it does not stop there. Your donation blesses the World Wide Church as shown below just as you're blessed by the program. If you choose to place your church into the gifting program, you in turn would have "poured into your churches lap."

Plus I Want To Give You Two Books
How Money Works & Escaping Economic Slavery!

Plus when you donate, I'm also going to sow two book into your life. The first, as a limited time incentive to join, you will receive the book "How Money Works - Stop Being a Sucker" so you can learn the principles that have been used against you to keep you down, make you a sucker and hold you in debt. By learning these principles you can finally free yourself financially. The second "Escaping Economic Freedom - A Journey From Scarcity to Abundance Through Sharing Capitalism" so you can  get free from the 5 giants keeping you in economic slavery and learn the Dream Equation of Life. Then together we can help others get free from this insidious form of slavery once and for all.

For a 1 time donation your can finally learn how to escape this economic slavery we have been in, develop a solid plan to get out, and finally see the vision you have held onto in your heart finally come to pass. 

Isn't it time you Fund Your Dreams, & Stop Being A Sucker? 

All you have to do is Just Helping One Other Person!

Success Is Easy - Steps To Get Started!

Step 1 - Sign Up.

Fill out the simple registration form and you're on your way to success.

Step 2 - Follow The Directions

The System is full proof. All you have to do is to do exactly as they share. When you do you'll be on your way to seeing the dream GOD gave you come to pass.

Step 3 - Share with others

Think of all those you know who could use $15,000 and have a dream to make a difference and share this with them with your own personal link.

Step 4 - Begin Your Free Training

Now just follow the email training that will come to your inbox.

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I've seen a lot of programs out there but nothing that blesses the church and others like this program. This is a cause I can really get behind.

Roger Gauthier - Entrepreneur & CEO

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