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What Would It Feel Like To Be Aligned With Heaven's Dream? To know You're Not Only Accomplishing GOD's Plan For Your Life and That You'll Thrive Now & Beyond...While Making a Global Impact Possible, and Earn Income Doing It?



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  • Instant access to your Academy Training Vault from anywhere
  • Step-By Step Customed Guided Training
  • Downloadable manuals, worksheets, diagnostics, assessments, and action guides
  • Just enough time between each online gathering to implement your training.
  • Accountability to follow through on your executable tasks.
  • Accelerated Training Resources for Those Ready to Fly
  • Personal Hands On, Do it with you assistance - You're never left on your own!
  • Pre "vetted" access to up & coming opportunities
  • Dedicated Angel Community Manager. You’re Never More Than 24 Hours Away From The Answers You Need
  • An instant growing global network of Spirit led, heart driven, like minded Individuals

What's In The Heaven's Dream Builders Academy

As we continue to scale and hear what you need to help you realize GOD's Dream for your life, we'll continue to add outstanding value and trusted partnerships to you and your family. Here is what we have assembled so far.

  • Community Support

    Realizing Heaven’s Dream for your life is going to require support, prayer, encouragement, accountability, and guidance from people who you can trust and that truly care about you and will love you. The Heaven’s Dream Builder community will provide that and much more. You’ll finally be a part of a tribe who in on the same path as you.

  • Online Training

    To realize any dream requires the development of the right skills, and in many programs participants are overwhelmed with the quantity of training and have no idea on how to begin and what to stack. Our training begins with an Assessment to determine where you are, what’s in place, and what to do next. Then our continually growing online training programs, that you can take at your own pace and life situation, help you shore up your foundation to then get the stacked training and skills you need to thrive. Our partnerships provide you with the best in class training that are presently being used in the trenches to accelerate your results.

  • Consulting

    Sometime the hardest thing to do, especially when you are in the depths of the forest, is to see where you are and where to go. With our assessment we’ll go over your life & business, what you have in place, what skills you have, who’s on your team, what tools you have, what you have built out, and then sketch out your plan and advise you on how to move forward.

  • Group Coaching

    Our objective is to help you get up on your feet as fast as possible and bringing in the resources you need for your family and your future. That only happens when you’re in line with Heaven’s objectives for your life. Our group coaching helps you to make those small little tweaks, like the control tower tells pilots how to adjust their flight path to stay on the path for approach, so that you can stay in line with Heaven’s plans. It will save you time, money, and energy so you can realize that dream so much faster.

  • 1-On-1 Coaching

    For those who are ready and want to go big quickly my 1-on-1 coaching is designed to push you past your comfort zone so you can grow to the next level much more quickly than going around the mountain for 40 years. This is what helped me to really grow myself. We just can’t see what were doing wrong and our hearts trick us so we need someone that won’t let us get away with our excuses and crap. If you’re really ready to grow this will be an option available to you.

  • Weekend Intensives

    Our weekend intensive will be happening once a year. This is where your GPS can get corrected and you can ensure you’re on the best pathway for seeing Heaven’s Dream to be created in your life. We bring in the experts that can help you best, shut out all the distractions, clear our calendars, and focus on accomplishing the most vital priorities that will move that dream forward. This is one of the best ways to get stuff done.

  • E-PitStop Resource Depot

    Our “Full Stack” resource Depot will give you access to the best in class resources you need to to build, grow, & steward the dream Heaven has given you. You’ll no longer need to wonder if you can trust the company that is making those tools available because we have done all the vetting for you. You’ll save time and money and feel secured you are access the best tools and resources for the best investment possible.

  • Hybrid Masterminds

    Masterminds are some of the best ways to access those needed insights to take your game to a whole new level. The accountability, the camaraderie, the connections, and the growth are exponential. As part of the Heaven’s Dream Builders Program, you’ll be given the opportunity to apply when you are ready to elevate your GOD given dream to that next level. And when you add the elements of coaching & consulting you create a hybrid that is more powerful than a stand alone mastermind program.

  • Income Opportunity

    In today’s world we can’t rely any longer on one source of income from a traditional employer. As we can see in today’s environment all you need is one little virus and everyone is out of work. By learning about how to create multiple sources of revenue, when one source runs dry for a season, you can rely on another. That’s what trees do. They have a tap root, and many off shoots in-case something happens to the tap root. The Heaven’s Dream Builder Income Opportunity will be able to help you earn real income while you learn.

Full Stack Training Programs & Drip Fed Online Courses.

The Heaven's Dream Builders Academy gives you access to more that $20,000+ in full stack online training, coaching & consulting services. Here is just a small sampling of what you get when you become a Founding Member and Join The Heaven's Dream Builders Academy Today.


Value $897.00

The Life of Freedom & Lifestyle Does Not Happen By Accident! It Takes Careful Strategic Planning, Consistent & Disciplined Action, and A System You Can Follow.

Strategic Freedom is a Full Stack Planning System that incorporates the most advanced strategies available today while combining elite productivity & creativity hacks, and breakthrough insights to overcome your biggest obstacles & challenges so you can Become The Hero You've Always Wanted to Be! Turn your frustrations from a lack of direction & progress into clear, reliable, results producing strategies you can feel confident about.

28 Days to Freedom is Your 12 Week Online, Interactive Course That Reveals the Forces that Are Holding You Back, Give You the Skills to Break Through Them, and How To Walk in The Dream You've have held onto for so long. Plus you'll learn some powerful time management hacks that will ensure you execute on those mission critical tasks that seemed to slip from your fingers so that you can finally make serious progress towards realizing your GOD given vision.

Value $1997.00


The 90 Day Game Plan: Behind every winning plan there is a condensed laser-focused 90 day objective that keeps you on track and winning in business. Like each quarter in an ice hockey game, there is a unique specially prepared plan that is drawn out in the locker room to take the team one step closer to winning the game. If you remember the movie Miracle when the US Hockey Team beat the undefeated Russians at the  the Olympic games? It was that ever flowing and moving plan that enabled them to accomplish the impossible.

Value $197.00

Escape The Alcatraz Mind Alcatraz was designed to be the perfect prison. No way to escape and any attempt ended in death. Likewise we were born into a system designed to imprison our mind and keep us from rising up and threaten the powers that be. Escape the Alcatraz mind is designed to expose how that prison was created, then how to get free in each sector of your life so that you can be a blessing to others and thereby offering the world your greatest gift you were created to bring.

Value $247.00

Value $4,497.00

90 Days to Profit is our 12 Week Online, Interactive Course that guides you step by step on: How to ensure your online business is set up right for maximum growth, What are the best tools for the best investment, What platforms you should be using to communicate and manage your digital projects, What are the skills you need to develop and which ones to outsource, How to hire the right outsources and not get taken for a song and dance, What the fastest path to profits are, What you should really be focusing on, Who the best people are to learn from to sharpen your skills. The inside insights on how to really use social media that almost no one talks about, How to identify what your customers really want and Much Much More

Our goal is to get you up and running and get you into a position to have cash flow coming in as quickly as possible.

The Sacred Warriors Boot Camp: To thrive in today's market requires us to rapidly adapt to changing dynamics almost overnight. Our weekend boot camp is for serious entrepreneurs that want a no frills, give it to me straight, power packed, hands on, short 2 1/2 intensive that enables them to quickly implement present day working strategies into their businesses to make the biggest impact possible in the shortest possible time. Not only do participants develop new skills and strategies quickly but they connect with other like minded owners and establish life long friendships


Value $3,497.00 / $1748.50

Just in the present training alone right now
the investment would be over $11,000



YOU'LL Save Time, Money, & Heart Ache

Working from home in the digital space has never been more critical than it is today, but it opens up a Pandora's box of issues. From which tools to use, who to trust, what is a fair price, how much should you charge, and so on.

Having a trusted advisor, to help you navigate the seemingly endless choices and in what sequence to add them to your business, has never been more important and is incredibly valuable.

When you become a member of the Heaven's Dream Builder Movement, we'll take you by the hand and guide you to...

  • Best In Class Resources

    As part of your membership you’ll discover the best in class tools, software, & outsourcers, for the best price and when to bring them into your business.

  • Alliances & Partnerships

    As part of the Heaven’s Dream Builders Community you’ll discover one of the most important elements of a community. Partnerships & Alliances. One can accomplish much but an alliance/ Partnership can accomplish more that one ever could. You’re only one relationship away from seeing the dream Heaven has for you manifesting more quickly. Heaven’s Dream Builders is committed to cultivating a tribe that truly has your best interests at heart.

  • Accelerte Your Learning Curve

    Mistakes online can be costly in may ways. Not only do you loose time and hard earned money, but you can also quickly destroy your reputation. One wrong tweet can cause you to loose millions in minutes. As a member of the Heaven’s Dream Builder Academy, you’ll save the time, money, and heart ache that costly mistakes can bring and accelerate your learning curve so you go from inception to cash flow more quickly.

On Top of all this, None of this requires time away from your business, family, or obligations. You won't have to worry about trekking through traffic to wait in a long security line at the airport, sitting in an overcrowded terminal, squished in some airplane for a couple of hours in order to get to some conference room where you have to book a hotel room for several nights to gain the insights and wisdom the Online Digital Academy will impart. That alone will save you so much time and hassle.

You'll have 24/7/365 on-demand, Access on any device, anywhere in the world.

PLUS When You Join...

You'll Have "Discounted VIP Access" to Additional Training & Resources.

As part of the Heaven's Dream Builders Movement, I'm going to be dipping into my own pocket to ensure you get special discounted pricing and VIP access to additional communities and training.

Complementary Gifts When You Become a
Founding Member Today

As part of our initial launch not only are you going to get access to some incredible best in class BONUS training for free, but when you join you're going to get some additional discounts and rapidly equipped wealth accelerators that will enable you to put additional income in your pocket in as little as 30 days.

TOTAL VALUE $11,326.00

$1497 $199.97
Or 12 EASY PAYMENTS of $24.97

PLUS You Can Get Your Membership 4 FREE!

As a pre enrolled member your yearly membership will always remain at $199.97 or $24.97 but when the pre-enrollment offer is over and members join at the full value, you'll earn 40% commissions on the full enrollment. That's more than $79.00 per person you help with this opportunity. Enroll three (3) and your investment is free. Enroll more and you can create a long term income opportunity. But you must  Act Quickly

It's Time To Decide!

Make no mistake about it, we are in the last of the last days and that's why we need a new breed of warriors. People who are done with living their own lives and their own dreams apart from the KING of Kings.

It's time we get serious and focus ONLY on what Heaven is calling us to do. There is no longer time to waste playing games or playing "Church".

To Thrive we must be a part of a community of people who will pray for us, encourage us, and help adjust our GPS while holding us accountable...

and a team behind us that can help us develop the needed skills in these last hours to make the final impact before GOD returns.

But you must  Act Quickly

We are told in scripture to redeem the time so we have to invest our energy and efforts on what GOD wants because HE is under no obligation to support your kingdom.

So it's time you take your stand and make your decision.

Are you going to continue to focus on having your own wants, wishes, desires and plans, or are you ready to let go of what you want and focus fully on what the KING of Kings is asking of you?

There really is no other choice.

One will be blessed, the other... well let's just say, that kingdom will fall.

The choice is yours.

I hope you will choose wisely and ensure your continued journey.


money back logo

30 Day Heavenly Gurantee

It’s understandable that you want to make sure we are legitimate and that what we’re saying will really help you, especially in today’s environment so we want to extend to you our Heavenly Guarantee. If you feel that at the end of module 4, that’s week 4 or 30 days, that you’re not getting the training you need, then just ask for a refund and we’ll give you your money back, no fuss, no shenanigan’s, no questions.

Insure Your Journey Today!

Isn't It Time You Have A Tribe That's Backing You Up?

Frequently Asked Questions

How is The HEAVEN'S DREAM BUILDERS ACADEMY different from other programs out there?

Look, what you have been taught about life, business, success & achievement is DEAD wrong. It might have looked like it was life ten years ago, but now it’s hindering you significantly. Am I right? Of course, or you wouldn’t be here in search of new answers.

To move forward and experience the "New Wine" of life, you have to let go of "old wine-skin" ways. The truth concerning the accomplishment of your purpose is completely polar opposite and those who walk in that sphere live a very different way.

You need to return to the original way that was first brought to humanity in order to thrive in the days ahead. It’s why being a member of the HEAVEN'S DREAM BUILDER ACADEMY will give you ta divine strategy that will enable you to shine and prosper while others crumble and fail.

You will so shine before your peers, friends, family, and colleagues that they will want to know what it is about you and ask to join you.

Is this program right for me?

Well, I'm not one for putting pressure. What I do know is that your inner being will jump up and say "Oh yes, Oh Yes" followed by the peace in your heart if it is for you...

In the end, only you know for sure. Allow me to suggest asking yourself these questions…

  • Do I desire to accomplish Heaven's Plan For Me? Do I sense that I just might be off slightly but I can't put my finger on it?
  • Do I want end my struggle with frustration and finally get in alignment with the power of heaven to back me?
  • Do I want the peace of mind of knowing that I'm following Heaven's plan and knowing exactly what to do to protect my family spiritually, mentally, emotionally & financially as well as to pass along the wisdom that will provide an advantage for their future? Do I seek freedom? Freedom from emotional turmoil, mental anguish, time and money burdens? The freedom to make my heaven's choices in life without constraints?
  • Do I wish to feel empowered, passionate, and fully engaged in my work and life again?
  • Do I really want the best shot at positioning myself to see GOD's Plan for my life realized 2020?

If the answer is ‘yes’ any of these questions, then absolutely this program is for you!

Will I have support while in the academy?

Yes! Not only will you have lifetime access to the material so you can continually access the tools, systems and go back through curriculum over and over again, but you will also have regular online gatherings, access to our private Facebook group our private online forum group where you can connect with other heart centered and like minded HDB alumni. There you can ask for help when you need it and share your wins with the group, be assigned a battle buddy. you'll be part of a tribe and associations of like-minded Spirit Led members you have been looking for. Welcome home!

What if I can’t start the program right away or complete the modules each week?

No problemo.

This Academy was built for those dealing with the challenges of every day life. Let's face it challenges come to us all. Be it a family interruption, unexpected event, change in schedules. The live training calls are recorded, and made available for re-play, the training modules will be deposited into your HDB Training Vault each week and can be watched at any time once they go online.  They'll accumulate week over week. The great news is they will be there available and waiting for you when you are ready. You can access them on your schedule and complete them at your own pace. You have lifetime access to the program (with no further fees or subscriptions!), so you can repeat the modules over and over.

How does the income opportunity work?

Times are challenging for many and so we wanted to have an opportunity where people could earn income sharing our Heaven's Dream Builders Academy from home, while they learn the skills they need to accomplish the vision GOD has for you while at the same time, accelerating this powerful movement. We use a two tiered affiliate program where you earn 40% commission when someone enrolls in the Academy form your link, and an additional 10% when someone they refer enrolls in the Academy.

When you help others realize their dreams, you sow the seeds for you to have your dreams funded. By helping us accelerate this movement we can help fund your dreams.