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Life Tip 1: How to Focus In Difficult Times

The times we find ourselves in are getting more and more challenging so being able to stay focused on the main thing is more important than ever. In today's tip I unpack my own life experience and the tools I've gathered along my own journey in hopes of helping you on yours. If you'd like to dig deeper then make sure to register for Darren Hardy's program using the special VIP access link I've made available below.

Community Support Network

The Economy is heading into a tail spin but GOD has an answer for you. Now you can see your vision funded as you help fund other people's dream. Join hands with us to impact the earth with GOD's Love.

Financial Needs Analysis

Becoming Economically Free begins with knowing where you are so that you can then develop a solid plan to where you would like to be. As part of the TVG, SSM family we've partnered with the best team in the industry to give you guidance.

Escaping Economic Slavery

Slavery is when the master provides you a house and food. Economic Slavery is when the master requires you to pay for your own house and food.We live in chaotic times. Capitalism and Socialism are failing as economic systems. The U.S. political system is in shambles as two extremes can’t seem to find much in common. As a result, our executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government are rendered almost ineffective. It’s time for a freedom revolution

Insane Productivity

Darren Hardy is the leading authority on how to get BIG things done. An in this leading edge training you'll never have to study another thing when it come to being highly productive

Completion Time

1 hr 34 min



Course Objectives

Develop a system to stay focused
How to shut out the distractions
Tools to focus on what's important

Your Course Instructor

Roger Gauthier

Roger serves as the Executive Director of Tri-Vision Global, SSM and it's his mission help people get free from habits that hold them back and empower them with the understanding and tools they need to accomplish GOD's Ultimate Vision.

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Freedom Begins When You Know Where You Are 7 Develop A Solid Plan To Get To Where You Want To Be

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