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You're About To Embark On An Amazing Adventure! Welcome...

Welcome to the Heaven's Dream Builders 5 Day Challenge. You are about to embark on an amazing journey of discover and hope. Amidst all the challenges and the chaos today something incredible is about to happen. It may not seem like it but it's true.

Below you'll find the steps you need to take to make sure you get access to the Facebook group and the resources you need to optimize your results.

Here is a little key to accelerate your your results in realizing your dream.

It's best to open your mind. Like a parachute they work best when open. And allow the soil of your heart to be fertile so that you may receive the seeds that will blossom into a beautiful crop. If the soil is hardened or frozen you will not get as much from this challenge.

If you ordered your enhancement upgrade you can use the pass code you were given and download the .pdf If you passed, you can take advantage of it one more time while here.

You'll want to to make sure you join us on the "live broadcasts" because we open up at the end for your burning questions. So if you want it answered join us live.

I look forward to meeting you on Day 1 of our Challenge coming up here shortly.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me personally.

In your service;


Roger Gauthier
CEO Tri-Vision Global

Follow The 4 Steps Below Carefully

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    Make Sure to White List Us...

    Over the course of the next few days I'll be sending you some helpful emails with some tips on how you can get the most out of the 5 Day Challenge, and remind you when we're about to go live in the FaceBook group.
    Just follow the Next Step link below to the instruction page to make sure you never miss a critical email from us.

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    Download Your Journey Upgrade - PDF Laser Focus Journal

    If you purchased the experience enhancement upgrade, the PDF Journal for this 5 Day Dream Builders Challenge, and the "Frequency Based" Therapeutic Music, you can download it here using the pass word sent to you in your PayPal receipt. If you have not purchased it and would like to use the link below that says I Want The PDF Journal so you to can upgrade your experience.

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I Want The 5 Day Challenge PDF Journal and the Special "Frequency Based" Therapeutic Music

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    Sign Into The Heaven's Dream Builder's 5 Day Facebook Challenge.

    Make sure to sign into the Heaven's Dream Builders 5 Day Facebook Challenge as soon as possible, so that there is time to approve you into the group before the challenge begins.

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    Invite Those You Love to Join You...

    We want to encourage you to invite those you love to join you on this amazing journey you're about to embark on. We're not asking you to do this so we make more money. As a matter of fact we don't make anything on this. The only thing the $8 goes to is to pay for the advertising and to contribute to the ministry that sowed so deeply in my life when I lost everything. What we desire is to see GOD's Children, our brothers and sisters get the understanding they need to accomplish Heaven's Dream for their lives. In doing so, the full impact of GOD's love will be revealed in the earth and the LORD will get the full glory for HIS GOODNESS. So please use the link below and help those you love navigate the current chaos and discover how to realize Heaven's Dream for them. Bring Peace to their lives as someone did for me. Link to share: https://bit.ly/hdb5dfbc

If you have any other questions search our FAQ's or reach out to us.


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