Welcome to the John 11:44...
"Your Journey is Being Specially Prepared"

The 5 Day Challenge Begins on Nov: 18th - 22nd

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Hope You'll Join Us On An Amazing Adventure! Thank-You

Thanks for your interest in wanting to learn more about the John 11:44 Challenge and opening your heart and mind to the possibility that,  like me, you may have been deceived along your life's journey.

Below you'll find your spiritual assessment checklist to begin to explore where those so called "Dark Forces" may be operating in your life.

Here is a little key to begin the steps towards freedom.

It's best to just assume you are deceived. You can't get free until you admit the possibility that you have been deceived. An honestly, we all have.

But that can stop today if you begin this journey with us.

So download your assessment check list and be honest with yourself and allow HOLY SPIRIT to convict and reveal to you where the darkness may be hiding.

We go through this in much more detail in our 5 day challenge and how to not only root out this insidious culprit but also how to get and stay free.

If you have not already done so, register for the 5 Day Challenge so you can get completely free and finally experience the progress and results you know you are capable of.

I look forward to hopefully meeting you on Day 1 of our Challenge coming up here shortly.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me personally.

In your service;


Roger Gauthier
CEO Tri-Vision Global

Follow The 4 Steps Below Carefully

  • 1

    Download Your Spiritual Assessment Checklist

    This is the first step in getting free. Admitting you have these forces at work in your life allows you to open your heart to the possibility you have been deceived and that allows you to begin to seek freedom.

get the free pdf
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    Make Sure to White List Us...

    Over the course of the next few days I'll be sending you some helpful emails with some tips on how you can prevent these "Dark Forces" from robbing you of your destiny. You'll want to make sure you white list us so you get these valuable insights that I paid a dear price to get.
    White-listing is a process you can use in your email account to ensure emails do not get sent into the spam folder. You'll also want to make sure you white-list our email so that you are made aware of special announcements, updates and when the next training is going to take place. Just follow the Next Step link below to the instruction page to make sure you never miss a critical email from us.

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    Register for the Powerful 5 Day Facebook Challenge.

    If you have not already done so make sure to register for the 5 Day Facebook Challenge. It's here we dive in deeper to flush out the dark forces/negative influences in your life holding you back form the results you want in your business and life and really begin to identify them and more importantly how to root them out. It's less than the cost of lunch but the results are far better. Just Click on the Yes I'm in Button Below. Hope to see you in the Challenge.

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    Invite Those You Love to Join You...

    We want to encourage you to invite those you love to join you on this amazing journey towards real freedom. We're not asking you to do this so we make more money. As a matter of fact we don't make anything on this. The only thing the $8 goes to is to pay for the advertising and to contribute to the ministry that helped me get free. What we desire is to see GOD's Children, our brothers and sisters get free so they can worship the LORD with all their heart mind soul and strength so they can experience the fullness and goodness of GOD, and also so they can carry out the vision that the LORD asked them to steward. In doing so, the full impact of GOD's love will be revealed in the earth and the LORD will get the full glory for HIS GOODNESS. So please use the link below and help those you love get free. Help stop the suffering in their lives, just as my friend share this with me and ended my suffering. Link to share: http://bit.ly/j1144challengeinfo

If you have any other questions search our FAQ's or reach out to us.


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