Module #7 ~ Productivity Time Hacks

In this video we review what we have learned and then look at some more examples of other strategy sheets and allow you the opportunity to schedule a 15 min review of your strategy so you can fine tune your destiny plan and ensure victory.

Title: The Strategy
Speaker: Roger Gauthier
Panelist: Dr. Cheryl-Ann Needham
Facilitator: Laura Nieminen

In this session you will:

  • Receive a detailed process map that gives you laser like focus & understanding as to how to pull all this together
  • Walk through my own planning sheets so you can see how they have come together
  • Learn stealth productivity hacks that will ensure you get stuff done
  • Obtain planning templates so you can see how your vision, purpose, mission, goals, strategy, tasks all come together to create your CLEAR step-by-step plan

Call To Action – Be A Doer Of The Word!

2) Review and meditate on the outline (PDF)

3) Now, put it to work

  • Download, print, and complete the five Strategy Sheets below

Strategy Templates


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