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The role of a CEO really is to lead and ensure that each division in a company is working together towards the ultimate goal or vision of the company.

They work to make sure the team is optimizing each division, if you will, so the vision can be achieved.

And that is the way I tell my coaching clients to run their lives.

There are only 4 departments or divisions you have to oversee and ensure they are operating smoothly.

These 4 divisions must be optimized and run well to ensure that your life’s dream is achieved.

Now there are many ways you can run it. You could run it like a military commander, a dictator a strong visionary like Steve Jobs, or any number of ways. But the best way is to have fun, create joy and really learn to lead by example.

I am sharing this now because as we unpacked the first few emails you began to be influenced in such a way that your thoughts and feelings may have been affected.

You made some new decisions right or wrong, good or bad, but they will have a ripple effect over the other areas of your life.

With the CEO mindset, you can look at things in a new way and know that your decisions are going to impact the other aspects of your life and family.

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So from this moment on I’d like to challenge you to develop your leadership skills and begin to run your life as a CEO.

Use the mind-maps I’ve included in this post to understand the 4 areas that you have to gain solid control over and to optimize so that you can improve your chances of realizing your dreams in your life and your business.

You’ll be able to see how each division unfolds and each area you have to govern well.

Now it is not important that you become an expert in each of these areas.

A Good CEO does not have to know how to do everything. Henry Ford had a 3rd-grade education. hey took him to court because they wanted to prove that he was too stupid to make that kind of money.

After hours of drilling him on history and science, he finally put a stop to it and basically said that on his desk he had a panel that had buttons on it. All he really needed to know was which button to push to have the expert he needed to be summoned to his office.

What is important is not that you know everything but rather where to find the expert advice you need on your dream team to optimize each division.

That is my goal with the Entrepreneurs Pit Stop. It was to assemble the experts that people could trust to help them build
their lives and businesses.

So from this moment forward see your life from the perspective of a CEO. Begin learning the leadership skills that inspire you.

Now in the next few days I’ll send you an invitation to a webinar where we are going to unpack these things a little bit better and help you catch the vision and see just how powerful this area can be when done correctly because you life is more important than the biggest companies out there.

It’s more important than Disney, Microsoft, Mc. Donalds.

Once you believe that and begin taking the right actions, you are going to start seeing significant changes.

So until we connect again remember to always Fly Right!

Upward & Onward;