Read This If  You Are Ready To
Accelerate Your
Results & Finally
Realize Your Vision
Without Stress
Or Overwhelm

Dear Friend!

Let's be real with each other shall we?

The fact that you came upon this page is not by mere accident but rather a divine appointment.

It reveals that you have reached a sticking point in your life and or business and are looking for the wisdom and solutions to break through.

So shut out the distractions and focus intensely for the next few moments because you are about to discover one of the most important truths that will enable you to step into a greater reality than you have know up until now.

Life & Business
Are Challenging!

I know I'm stating the obvious but I'm sure that you can agree that Life & Business are challenging.

There are many variables that we are not aware of when we first begin and then as we embark on our hearts dream and the adventurous journey to realize it, we come face to face with our limitations, our ignorance and our weaknesses.

We come to discover there are elements that we just don't have control over, unseen forces at work in our lives, factors that are affected by others, knowledge that we lack, flags we ignore, traps & roadblocks along the way and circumstances that impact the speed of our progress.

While we can take great pride in doing and learning things our-self, in this so called "DIY" industry, the reality is, as you already know, that to make reasonable progress in reasonable time, as well as make an extraordinary impact, we must enroll the help of others.

The quote by Sir Isaac Newton says it best "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."

To realize our dreams, or vision, it's going to require the help of many people along the way who have both gone before us, as well as those who have that higher clearer perspective and can see what we cannot,  and finally others who can help shoulder the many tasks that are required.

This is true regardless of how much you have already accomplished, or earned.

As a matter of fact it's even more critical if you have have built something significant because being unaware of things, at the higher levels can not only cause the fall to be harder, but it can cost us significantly more in terms of money, time, reputation, and relationships.

And the sooner you can grasp the power of this truth the more quickly you can experience "Acceleration".

That being said...

If you're reading this then that means you're

  1. Already soaring high and are about to encounter a massive shift and need the additional eyes, ears and skills of a truthful objective coach & or team, or
  2. Finally ready to experience massive results and growth in your life and business and
  3. Interested in finding out more about becoming a member of my Private Client Accelerator.

I guess this is where I'm supposed to "sell" you on the idea, but truthfully, ...

This Isn't For Everyone!

Yeah I know what you may be thinking "sounds like some sort of attempt at 'takeaway' selling" right?

Well that's not my motive here at all...

The real reason I say it is because truthfully to build your vision or dream to where it is supposed to be is really, hard work.

It takes growing, learning, overcoming challenges, fighting the giants in your space, the monsters and demons in your head, overcoming the doubts, fears & insecurities in your heart, allowing the light of truth to shine so you can stare into the darkness of your own soul, pivoting, failing, and yes investing money...lot's of it.

It's not for the timid, the weak, the fearful, the lazy, the get rich quick minded, the skeptical, the critical, the doubters, the stubborn, the prideful, the "I'm too busy" and those who operate in any kind of lack at all, in any area of their lives.

It's not for those who have neglected to cultivate the soil of their heart with the activities and disciplines that make their hearts open, humble, pliable and ready to receive the seeds of wisdom that will grow into their "beautiful gardens" of results.

Truthfully, you cannot enter in the "Kingdom of Heaven" that awaits you if your are going to continue to operate the way you have been, in the thinking you have used up until now...

To paraphrase Einstein, You cannot think your way out of your present situation with the thinking that got you here in the first place.

Much like an airplane you cannot soar to new heights with the power and fuel that brought you to your present altitude.

So to experience acceleration and to go higher and faster in your life & business it's going to require more...more power, more fuel, more knowledge, more understanding, more skill more guidance, more wisdom, more resources, and more help.

And frankly many just don't understand this and are not ready for that kind of work, thus they don't take the steps that are required....

But that's not you, that's why you are still here reading this...

So let's get down to the real heart of the matter...

What You Don't Know, Can Hurt You…

The aphorism "What you don't know, can hurt you" is more true today than it ever has been.

Our society, and the culture around us, has grown increasingly complex and sophisticated and in order to truly thrive we must not only surround ourselves with people who really know what they are doing, but also skilled experts in ALL critical aspects that will have the most impact in both life & business.

There is just too much we must know and if we try and go it alone it will hurt our lives, business, and even our destiny.

This idea of trying to do it all ourselves "DIY", is an era that is now by gone. And those who continue to try and realize their dream or accomplish their goals in this manner are doomed to experience frustration, stress and continual overwhelm.

All the while loosing more and more money and forever going around the mountain of lack because they keep neglecting important areas of their lives and business in hopes of making that "BIG" win.

We can no longer neglect and sacrifice "other" areas so that we can enjoy that "BIG" win that will increase profit and revenues solely for "profits" sake.

Sure we make up all kinds of reason to sell ourselves on why. Reasons such as to secure our and our famlies futures, to satisfy our egos, to please our board of directors, and or to satisfy the greed of share & stake holders.

No, today, more than ever we must have...

The Right Team...

In today's hyper distracted, overwhelmingly busy world we must have the right team that "Sees".

A team that can truthfully "see" into the future, what is really coming, where the present pitfalls are, where we are blinded by our own deceptions, what is really needed and how to navigate them with the right skills & wisdom.

That requires a team who, not only understands that the system around us has been built to accomplish a specific purpose but, can also "see" the forces that are work behind the scenes and how to both be bold enough to call it out and how to properly deal with them.

This so called "System" keeps us going after "things" that we believe will satisfy our deepest needs and wants, and it blinds us to the truth of what really needs to be done.

But worse is the reality that we often believe, with all our hearts, that our goals and vision we so desperately want will satisfy our deepest desires, and calm our nagging fears.

This is true for every person, in every field, and every endeavor from business, to sports, to charity & religion, to medicine & science, to recreation & entertainment, to marriage & relationships.

We All Have Been Blinded!

But the truth is that we all have been blinded and in order to get free and see the "Real" truth, we have to come to the end of ourselves. Our self effort, our self drive, our self determination, our self will, our self knowledge, our experiences and the world of truth "we" created in our own minds.

And this is NOT easy because admitting we are wrong, and dying to that pride is hard, but in doing so we will encounter a truth and reality that is so beautiful that the accumulation of the entire world and all it contains cannot even compare to the true life that awaits those who have the courage to face these internal giants.

That's why we need the right team to help us "see" what we either cannot or refuse to "see". Someone to help pull the blinders off and hold us accountable to the activities that will take us to the glorious destination that has been birthed in our hearts.

Are You Ready?

So the question I have for you at this point in our journey together is Are You Ready to give an all out radical, intense, focused & concentrated effort to live in and experience the TRUE Kingdom of Life that awaits you in the accomplishment of your Dream & Vision?

Are you ready to get a team who can "See" what you need to see and help you make the tough changes to take the dream to the next higher level?

If your answer is no then let us part here with no hard feelings and my prayer and greatest hope is that you will come into the realization of your dream in GOD speed.

But if  your answer is YES,  then continue on to learn about some of our requirements, and look at the different ways we can partners with you so you can determine which one makes the most sense for your present situation and the time line for your Dream/Vision.

Just Remember...

The dream you have in your heart is only a partial one because we are only given enough understanding to inspire us to press on. To realize the fullness of that vision you're going to need to...

  • Join hands with a team that has been on this journey as well and...
  • Can help you lay out a clear and definitive plan
  • Can help guide you through the treacherous lands filled with many a pitfall and monsters similar to the Hobbits "Mirkwood" forest
  • Has the strength & skill to partner with you to help shoulder & execute many of the projects & tasks that will be required to step into your dream.

Oh and of course, who are both willing and capable to stand side by side with you to battle when the enemies of life come rushing in to try and stop you...

Now that being said...

The Big Question Is...

"Who is this guy to help me?" Let's get real shall we? I'm nobody to tell you anything. Nor is anyone else for that matter. In truth, all I really can do is share my experience and how I’ve been able to help others like you. It’s your job to figure out if we might be a good fit.

Chief Steward Of Destines

My name is Roger Gauthier and for the last 30 years I've been stewarding the safe passage of people's destines from all walks of life.

Presently I serve as the CEO (Chief Excitement Officer) of Tri-Vision Global that has been empowering individuals and companies alike to discover and realize their true destiny.

My primary role now is to put my passion into being a loving husband and an awesome Dad. Looking back, the bulk of my life has been dedicated to improving the quality of life for others, contribute value to the world and doing my best to love those I've been blessed to have in my life.

As a passionate entrepreneur with more than 30 ventures under my belt it's not uncommon to find yourself advising and coaching individuals from all walks of life on what it takes to succeed in life and business.

My journey has allowed me to travel with and work for the legendary Jim Rohn, enabled me to built a multinational health organization that spanned all over the United States and reached into Greece & Italy, and to create the viral movie "Who's Depending On Your Dream" that reached 400,000 people in 29 countries within 7 minutes.

My online portfolio included more than 20 internet domains like Precision Life Coaching, Omar Periu Coaching, Sound Alignment, The Debt Healers, Liberty Financial Management, Hayward & Warwick China, Excellence Quest International, my current company, Tri-Vision Global and many more.

My client list has included celebrities, authors, speakers, coaches, and business owners alike that spanned industries from Wealth Building, Health & Beauty, Fine China, and Cookies, to Debt Settlement, App Development, Real-estate, and education, just to name a few.

My perspective of the online world has been shaped by more than 17 years of studying and working with the biggest names in the industry and given me the wisdom to build multiple ventures from coaching companies, online books sales, a private hosting company, to a "Full Stack" internet marketing and a software company.

In truth, most of this stuff is what Jonathan Fields says so well as "vanity metrics".

Looks hip on paper, stimulates the ego a touch, but in reality, let's be real, it’s only to to answer that nagging voice in your head that is asking, “is he for real?”

And that's a good question to ask because, if you’re like me, you want to put your trust in someone that you resonate with.

Someone who you feel can help you, who you can align with as a person, that you know in your heart they have integrity and know they’ve accomplished what you desire to achieve, ideally more than once, has helped others do likewise, and lastly that you feel can help you, too.

That being said…

Let Some My Clients Tell
The Story of Working With Me...

Barbara Stepp

Roger has been an absolute GOD send. He is an angel in disguise. He came at a time when all hell was breaking loose in my life and business. His patience and wisdom helped me through some tough periods and his knowledge helped me to better monetize my offerings and develop a continuity program that has provided real life sustaining income especially when I am no longer mobile.

Barbara Stepp, Excellence Quest Training International
Wally Amous

Roger came into my life and a time that I was moving through a rough time in my life. His love and compassion as well as his willingness to help has truly been a blessing. He gave me insights to be a better blogger and guided me in making some critical decisions with internet marketing and social media. His help has been truly invaluable.

Wally Amous, Cookie Kahuna
Omar Periu

Roger and I go back a long way. I met him in Arizona while he was promoting Jim Rohn and I was working with Tom Hopkins International. After loosing touch we came back together again in 2006 and we started working together. He helped me with my internet presence, helped me to better understand Social Media and he helped build a new coaching company from scratch to $45,000 a week in sales within 90 days.

Omar Periu, Omar Periu International

How We Partner With Our Clients

The successful completion of our Clients Destiny is both our sacred honor as well as our spiritual responsibility so we take working together very seriously.

Because much of the work also involves the heart, it takes time to open up and trust for the best work to be done, thus to ensure each of our clients can experience the most impact possible and the greatest ROE (Return on Effort) our partnership's range between 3 to 12 months at a time.

At the conclusion of our time together we evaluate the progress and determine the next best course of action. Sometimes it requires moving on in their journey, and many times they want to continue working with us.

Our Partnerships are structured to be either a whole team, 1-on-1, group, and or masterminds.

If the partnership programs we list still have slots available the link will be active, and if not, there is an opportunity to be placed on a waiting list to be notified when a position opens.

It's recommended to make sure you white list our email as when notifications go out, it is a first come first serve basis and slots do not remain open very long.

Each slot also requires an application which will be reviewed by myself personally to determine if we would be a good fit to work together and it makes sense for your situation.

I look forward to meeting you and learning how we can partner to help you realize your greatest destiny.

Upward & Onward;


Additional Requirements

Based on our previous experience in working with hundreds of clients over the years, we have identified specific factors that will ensure your success.

We are very strict with these because not only is the success of your destiny at stake but so is our reputation. If we wave any of these requirements we create an atmosphere where you won't get your results and we will look like the "bad guy" so...

To be accepted as a client here are some additional requirements that must be met.

  • You must have a passionate determination to do what ever it takes,
  • You MUST be willing to invest in your success. It's "key" to properly fund a project so as to empower those coming to help you. So our prices are NOT negotiable!
  • TANGIBLE results that you can provide for your dream client!
  • Have REAL results & revenue in your business right now
  • Disciplined to follow through on your part in a timely manner
  • Must be timely in any financial commitments
  • Show up on time & homework completed
  • Have disposable income that investing in your dream will not create undue hardship.
  • Generate more than $100,000 a year in revenue

Our Partnerships

Below are the different partnerships I make available to my clients to help accelerate their journey to success in their business or personal lives.

I normally only take 3 to 5 clients on a year on a personal 1-on-one basis and open my group coaching up to no more than 12 so that my clients can get my full focus and attention.

If after your review you would like to further customize the partnership just reach out to me personally to see what makes sense for you and your unique situation.


Uber CEO

Each year I open my schedule to help 1 to 2 serious individuals that we believe in and would like to partner with to help build their entire digital marketing division of their company.

We work in Sprints which last 90 days. We typically recommend two to three sprints depending on the scope of the project but do allow for shorter, 30 Day sprints upon approval.

As an Uber CEO you'll typically get my entire team to build your Digital Marketing Division from inception to completion.

That includes but is not limited to...

DDM - The Art of Conducting

Your Director Of Digital Marketing Is Like A Conductor To Your Masterpiece.

The Director Of Digital Marketing (DDM) is like a your conductor to ensure your masterpiece is played beautifully. With all the separate software's, vendors, graphics and tools they must work harmoniously together in order to reduce friction and provide a seamless user experience.

Normally we recommend you partner in 90 Day Increments to help you on specific projects and or to train your team on how to effectively build, run and grow your digital marketing division.

We provide guidance and consult you on the same tasks as the Uber CEO, but you run the show and steer the ship. We just help you manage & direct to create that beautiful symphony orchestra.

Apply NowTo Conduct Your Masterpiece

1-On-1 Coaching

Having the right coach can truly be the difference between winning and loosing so you really want to make sure you have the right one. If you are truly serious about reaching those heights you have imagined and are ready to really push yourself then click the continue button to learn more and fill out my application.

And then let's discuss if working together makes sense.


60 Min. Strategic Review

Optimizing Your Strategic Plan For Maximum Results

Likewise in business sometimes we just need a little sign, a little feedback that we are on target, or that sign that we need to turn off onto the next path on our journey a few miles up the road.

Maybe it's just a quick laser session to check our map.

Our 20 min Video Laser Sessions are just that. You leave your video message when it's convenient for you, and then I'll personally respond to your message within 24 hours.

There is no need to coordinate schedules, it's fast, easy and simple.

20 Min Laser Session

Along our journey it can kind of be like driving on one of those Highways that you're driving for a few hours and don't see any signs to ensure you are on the right road. And when you see that little mile marker on the side of the road it can create such peace of mind.

Choose Your Package

Strategic Web Review - Optimizing Your Site

How to tweak your pages for maximum conversions

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Choose Wisely...

It's not uncommon to see everything and think you need it all. It's recommended that the best way to choose wisely is to ask yourself, "in my progression, what is the next logical step in my journey that would best help me at this juncture?"

Try to not let fear influence your decision. Some times the steps we need to take can be fearful but if we tap into the courage that lies within, in the end we can see how needed these steps were.

And just remember we are here to join hands and partner with you to help you realize your destiny. That means we're going to roll up our sleeves and be in the trenches with you.

And all of our work comes with our Strategic Freedom Guarantee!

So remember...

The Life of Freedom Does
Not Happen By Accident!

It Takes Developing Specific Skills, Listening to a Different Voice, Focus, Careful Strategic Planning, Consistent Focused & Disciplined Action, Follow through, Accountability, Persistence, & Resilience. But Anyone Willing to Go Through the Process, With The Right Help & Team Behind Them, Can Experience Incredible Freedom.

So Would You Like Me To Personally Assist You in Walking in that Place...?